lg tv goes black randomly

LG TV screen goes black randomly every now and then? Well, stay with us to learn more!

When the LG TV display goes black it’s possible that the power supply has been interrupted, the HDMI source has failed or simply the TV is updating.

The problem can also be related to the power button of the remote control or due to failed hardware.

Let’s next unwrap some of the most frequent reasons why LG TV goes black at random!

Why LG TV Screen Goes Black Randomly No Sound?

why lg tv screen goes black randomly no sound

Here are the top 6 reasons why LG TV display randomly goes black:

  1. Faulty HDMI sources or input devices.
  2. Power-related wiring & Eco Mode settings.
  3. Malfunction in the LG TV remote control.
  4. Outdated LG TV operating system.
  5. Problematic HDMI device or input
  6. A faulty TV backlight or LED driver board.

These were all possibilities, presented as concisely as possible. There is much more to learn and in order to solve the issue in a matter of minutes, jump into the solution guide! 

How To Fix When LG TV Screen Goes Black Randomly?

Inspect The Power Supply!

inspect the power supply

The very first and most important step is to inspect the power income of the LG TV to identify any electrical fluctuations.

Those occur when the connection between the TV and power outlet is loose or after a power outage when the AC line of your home is impacted.

The power equipment of the LG TV consists of only the power adapter, which plugs one end into your TV and the other into an electrical outlet.

We recommend unplugging and reconnecting the power adapter tightly on the TV’s end.

Change The Power Outlet

The next step is to unplug your TV from the current power outlet and connect the adapter directly to another (proven) wall outlet. 

change the power outlet

It’s extremely important to avoid plugging the LG TV into a power strip or divider, which on the other hand, could be the culprit. With a new source of power, test the television now!

Tip: Alternatively, disconnect everything else from the power strip, and leave only the LG TV.

Inspect HDMI Cable & Source!

If you’re experiencing LG TV blackouts while streaming content from an HDMI-connected device, perhaps the issue comes from the source.

You’ve got three instances to inspect from this perspective, which is respectively – the TV Source, the HDMI cable, and the ports.

  • Check The TV Source:

The correct TV source has to be selected and on LG TV press Home > find the Input icon!

inspect hdmi cable & source
  • Inspect the HDMI Cable:

The HDMI cable has to be shorter when you’re streaming higher resolution content such as 4K (UHD), hence not more than 30 feet. Also, the cable shouldn’t be twisted or under pressure!

  • Clean The HDMI Ports:

The HDMI ports can be cleaned using a dry brush and dry cloth, and the HDMI cable has to be connected all the way in on both sides.

Important: If you have an alternative HDMI cable that you can use for testing, feel free to replace the cable now and observe the LG TV for blackouts.

Disable Energy Saving (Eco Mode)

Almost any TV nowadays has a sort of energy-saving feature or a “Sleep Timer” that has the capability of controlling the power state of the LG TV.

disable energy saving

Said simply, the TV can be turned off automatically after a short period of inactivity or simply at a predetermined hour!

Here’s how to reach into the settings on LG TV and disable those settings:

  1. Press the Menu / Settings button on the LG remote.
  2. From there go to General and then select System.
  3. Find and disable an option labeled “Timer” or “Timers”.
  4. Then, go back and find a feature called “Eco Mode”.
  5. Enter the settings and disable the power saving.
Note: If you can’t discover the energy-saving feature and timers on the LG TV, look in the user’s manual for the correct instructions!

Unplug All Connected Devices!

unplug all connected devices

Now that we’re fairly far into the guide, it’s time to completely exclude the possibility of another device interfering with the LG TV.

The best possible way to address input issues is by disconnecting all devices from the LG TV until the end of the guide.

Those include consoles, computers, laptops, streaming sticks, or anything that uses the HDMI ports on the LG TV.

Note: Try to identify if the LG TV will turn off when you’re idling in the menu!

Power Cycle The Remote Control

Even if that sounds odd, sometimes the power button on the remote control might be stuck or malfunctioning, which often leads to false signals.

power cycle the remote control

Here’s how to power cycle the LG TV remote control:

  1. Flip the LG TV remote upside down and open the cover.
  2. Use something sharp or your nails, to eject the batteries.
  3. Turn over the remote and press all buttons twice! (each)
  4. Insert the batteries by aligning them with the poles.
  5. Turn off and on the LG TV and test from blackouts.

The safest way to exclude your remote from the list of possibilities is by removing the batteries while testing for blackouts.

In case the source of the issue is still unclear, keep reading!

  1. Update The LG TV Firmware (OS)

The next and foremost recommended solution is to update the firmware.

Typically the LG TV updates automatically and you could have noticed that, but sometimes when our internet connection is down, updates are postponed. 

The updates later attempt to install as soon as the device is turned on and perhaps that’s why the LG OLED TV screen goes black randomly.

update the lg tv firmware

Follow the steps below to manually update the LG TV in easy steps:

  1. Ensure that the LG TV is connected to the WiFi.
  2. Press the Menu / Settings button on the remote.
  3. Heat to General > System > Software Update.
  4. The LG TV will now scan for updates.
  5. If a new update is available select “Yes”.
Note: The TV update might take time, based on the size of the files and internet speed.

Prevent LG TV Overheating!

The overheating on almost any TV is caused by the lack of maintenance and cleaning of the air vents plus the heat of the hot summer seasons.

This is why today we’ll learn how to clean the LG TV and prevent overheating to stop the random blackouts.

prevent lg tv overheating

Follow the steps below to prevent the LG TV from overheating:

  1. Turn off and unplug the LG TV from the power outlet.
  2. Using a vacuum cleaner, suck all dust from the television air vents.
  3. Feel free to use any dry brush to unclog any dirt accumulation.
  4. Remove any heat conductors from the surroundings of the LG TV.
  5. Prevent direct sunlight from shining on the from and back of the TV.
  6. Open a window or ventilate the room with the television.

Now when all the requirements are met, check whether the LG TV will continue to turn off at random and if yes, continue reading!

System Reset The LG Television!

The factory reset should always be the very last step when you’re troubleshooting since this method erases all apps, settings, and contents on the TV.

system reset the lg television

In case nothing else helped, perhaps starting from scratch will resolve the random LG TV blackouts!

Here’s how to easily factory reset the LG TV in easy steps:

  1. Go into Settings, using the Menu or Settings button.
  2. From there go into the General tab and choose System.
  3. Next, look and select Reset, and then Factory Reset.
  4. Select “Yes” when you’re prompted, to start the reset.
  5. Wait for the reset to complete without interacting.
Note: The LG TV will now be reset to the original factory settings and you would need to carry out the initial setup. 

LG TV Hardware Malfunction (info)

lg tv hardware malfunction

If you’re still here, things mean no good. The LG TV is either overheating or something with the internal components is out of order.

Those components include a defective screen (backlight), a faulty LED driver board, or blown capacitors on the main circuit board.

Some of these repairs might be cheaper, other most costly but it’s surely not impossible!

Tip: Check whether your warranty is intact and contact LG Customer Support!

Quick Recap:

Now that we’ve learned why LG TV screen goes black randomly we can conclude that a general inspection of the power equipment is mandatory.

In case that doesn’t help we should update the firmware, remove any HDMI sources and perform a Factory Reset.

For more LG TV content, check the other guides in our blog!

Nicole B