lg tv screen goes black randomly

Wondering why your LG TV screen goes black randomly? Luckily for you, in this post, we will describe where the issue could be coming from and help you resolve it at home.

If your LG TV screen is frequently going black, it is most likely due to a faulty HDMI cable, power failures, outdated OS, and the worst, a hardware problem. 

There is of course the possibility of improper connectors, outlets, ports, and other components responsible for your TV screen functionality.

We made sure to include everything in this post and by the end of it, your TV screen should no longer behave this way.

Before we jump right into the solutions let’s take a closer look at all possible causes.

Why Does LG TV Screen Goes Black Randomly?

We’ve briefly mentioned the possibilities above but we would like to provide you with clear illustrations so you can troubleshoot easier later.

  • Loose Connections – Cables aren’t plugged all the way in.
  • Damaged cables – HDMI cables, power cables, and other connections are damaged.
  • Faulty components – Not working ports, input issues, and inappropriate outlets.
  • Hardware failure – Internal issues with your LG TV.
  • Power issues – consequences after power outages and drastic power activity.
  • Outdated drivers/OS – Skipped several firmware updates.
  • Power saver/sleep mode – You have enabled decreased power usage mod.

Next, we’re going to start excluding each of the possibilities one-by-one until you’re left with the only possible cause.

Then you will learn how to effectively tackle the problem and hopefully solve the random black screens.

Troubleshooting Preparation

Your first step before approaching the issue is to identify whether your TV is working or not.

It is important to understand if your TV goes entirely off or simply the screen turns off.

Press any button on the remote during the issue occurrence and check if the standby light will be lit up.

If yes, it is the screen but if it is your TV that turns off occasionally, jump right to solution 6.

If it is just the screen, try to understand if the issue occurs on a specific source.

Go to Watch TV and check if the screen will go black when watching television. If the issue appears regardless of how you’re using your TV, skip solution 1.

Once ready with the preparation it is time to start troubleshooting.

How To Fix LG TV Screen Goes Black Randomly No Sound?

fix lg tv screen goes black randomly

Make sure to follow our solutions in the order they are listed to identify and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

If the black screens are frequent, test to find out if the issue is gone after each of the solutions below.

Solution #1 Check Cable Connections

The very first thing to check would be loose and improper cable connections.

Not only loose cable connections could cause black screens, but inactive power sources and damaged components could also contribute to the formation of disruption in your LG TV screen playout.

First, ensure that all of your LG TV cables have been plugged all the way into their ports.

If possible, disconnect everything and reconnect it from scratch. If you are using an HDMI connection, make sure to switch HDMI cable sides and if possible, test the cable on another TV.

Solution #2 Firmware Update

Sometimes black screens could be due to outdated firmware of your LG TV.

The LG manufacturers are known to be very productive at video improvement and firmware innovations in recent years, so keeping your TV up to date is a must-do thing.

To update your LG TV, head to the Settings tab and search for a shelf called Firmware Updates. After being redirected to the page, click on the check for Update button and wait for a few minutes.

If there is anything new to be applied to your firmware, make sure to download & install it as soon as possible.


Your LG TV should and WILL restart several times during the update. Do NOT plug the power off during the update process.

Solution #3 Check TV Mode

Sometimes your TV might be occasionally experiencing a black screen due to the power saving mode you might have accidentally enabled.

The power saver mode will automatically shut off the display of your TV if it has been left idling for not more than 5 minutes.

Here is how to enable/disable Power Saving mode on your LG TV:

  1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.
  2. Go to Settings and Choose Picture.
  3. From there select Energy Saving.
  4. Make sure that it is OFF.

If it is disabled, you can enable and then disable it, especially if the LG TV screen goes black about every 5 minutes.

Solution #4 Correct TV Input

You might experience black screens on your LG TV due to incorrect settings of the TV’s inputs.

The source device might not have been powered correctly and this will impact your TV’s display and cause some black screen flickering.

To fix this, press the source button using your remote and see all available inputs which should guide you to the inputs options tab.

From there you should ensure that all features have been established correctly and there are no malfunctions or input failures.

Try using another source in case you have hooked up an external device using HDMI.

Also make sure that that device has its firmware update to the latest possible.

It is also recommended to test your external device on another monitor to identify issues related to it.

Solution #5 Factory Reset LG TV

Be informed that a factory reset will revert your TV to default settings as it was when you took it out of the box.

It will permanently erase any configurations, network settings, and data so make sure to create a backup if there is something you would be looking for after.

Here is how to factory reset your LG TV:

  1. Go to your TV settings.
  2. Enter General Settings.
  3. Go to Initial Settings or Reset.
  4. Press or Reset and Confirm by entering your password.

You are now done, and the only thing left would be to wait until the reset is complete.

Once ready go through the setup process and observe the TV performance for a black screen.

Solution #5 General Troubleshooting

As a last resort, where only power and hardware issues are still not excluded, we’ve prepared a list of troubleshooting actions for you to apply.

  • Power cycle your LG TV – Unplug the power cable and wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Use a standalone wall outlet – Avoid using power strips or dividers.
  • Take the remote’s batteries out – Make sure that the remote’s power button is silently sending commands.

If absolutely nothing helps, the very last option you have got would be to reach out to LG customer service for additional assistance.

Make sure to include everything you have tried in this post to save both instances time and get the issue solved as soon as possible.

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Bottom Line

Now when you know why your LG TV screen is going black randomly, getting the hang of resolving the issue shall no longer be an obstacle for you.

Knowing all that you can now easily troubleshoot other model TVs and hopefully avoid similar issues from now on.

Nicole B