can you use amazon gift card anywhere

Can you use Amazon Gift Card anywhere? Learn everything in this guide!

Since many users want to know whether Amazon Gift Cards can be used anywhere and more specifically “where”, we decided to unwrap this topic and explain everything in this guide! 

Let’s start with answering the most important first!

Amazon gift cards cannot be used anywhere since Amazon issues them. In general, you can use your Amazon gift card on ALL online stores that accept Amazon Payments and you can also purchase Amazon Gift Cards on other websites.

Let’s find out more about the online stores that accept Amazon gift cards!

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards Anywhere In The World?

You cannot use your Amazon gift card anywhere in the world because every country has different amazon gift cards.

Also, the amazon web store is different for every region. 

You can only use your gift card at Amazon stores associated with your region.

can use anywhere in the world

If you want to make a purchase from Amazon in another region, you need to buy an Amazon gift card that’s accepted there.

You can also change gift card currency to another region’s currency because Amazon offers Currency Conversion. 

However, you cannot use your amazon gift card at every online store since only some of the online stores support Amazon Payments, therefore would accept the Gift Card.

Note: Only Amazon and its affiliates will accept Amazon gift cards!

How Can You Use Amazon Gift Card Anywhere?

how to use gift card anywhere

To be able to use Amazon Gift Cards everywhere, you’ll need the supported region gift card, therefore purchased from that particular country.

If you’re in the US, you can use your Amazon Gift Card from any state, on any affiliate Amazon partnership online store!

Let’s learn more!

Where To Use Amazon Gift Cards?

You can use the Amazon gift card to make purchases from Amazon and its affiliate stores.

But that’s not all the work of gift cards, it provides many other services to their users.

You can also sell your amazon gift card online and send it to another country as a present. 

  • You can buy cryptocurrency by using an Amazon gift card. 
Note: Gift cards from Amazon issued after October 2005 never expire. Fortunately, you can use your gift card for years and the money will always be available.

Let’s learn what you can buy with an Amazon Gift Card:

1. Buy A Prime Membership

buy prime membership

If you use your Amazon Gift Card to purchase a Prime Membership, you will receive the most benefit.

You can get free shipping on all of your orders, and you can receive your order as soon as possible.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of Prime Day, which is one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

2. Sell Items On eBay

Fortunately, you can get a profit by using your Amazon Gift Card.

Buy products from Amazon that are in demand, then sell them on eBay when they are unavailable to make a profit out of your Gift Cards.

However, the Gift Cards can only purchase items from Amazon and partners.

3. Amazon Kindle

use in amazon kindle

If you love reading books, then invest your Amazon Gift Card funds in purchasing new books.

You can acquire many books from Amazon for your Kindle Library by using an Amazon Gift Card and alternatively, you can also subscribe to Kindle Unlimited

In this way, you can get access to thousands of books every month!

4. Amazon Grocery Store

The Amazon Gift Card makes it easy for you to order groceries and have them delivered within two hours to your home.

You may also find any local store near you to get groceries and check out there without going to the checkout line.

One of the best ways to use an Amazon Gift Card.

There are many more ways to spend your Amazon Gift Card so keep exploring!

How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards For Another Country?

how buy gift card for another country

To make purchases all over the world from amazon, you need to buy Amazon Gift Cards from that specific region on Amazon’s website.

Because you cannot use one gift card anywhere in the world, we’re going to explain the steps to never make a mistake when buying a Gift Card.

Here is how to buy an Amazon Gift Card for another country:

  1. Go to the Amazon Website based on the location:
  • (US/EU)
  • (UK)
  • (Can)
  • (Mexico)
  1. From the Мenu, click on Gift Cards (You can select Language). 
  2. Click on any Amazon Gift Card of your choice. 
  3. You can also customize the gift card. 
  4. After that, select the amount for the gift card, and enter the email address. 
  5. You can also write a Customized Message on the Gift Card. 
  6. Select the delivery date of your Amazon Gift Card.
  7. Purchase the Amazon Gift Card.
  8. Then select the Payment Method and click on Continue.

When you’re ready a message will appear: “digital delivery will be after 5 minutes“. 

After 5 minutes, the Amazon Gift Card will be sent to the recipient’s email. Now you can confirm that a gift card is being received and can be used in another country on any supported shop.

Tip: Sometimes the Digital Delivery can be delayed so be patient.

How To Change Amazon Gift Card Currency?

how to change card currency

Amazon allows its users to convert their gift card currency into another currency.

Sometimes your account currency will automatically be changed, but when manual interaction is required, we’ve prepared a quick guide on how to do so.

Let’s learn more!

Note: You cannot use your gift card for an Amazon Store in a different region by changing currencies.

Here is a way to change your Amazon Gift Card currency:

  1. Go to the Amazon Website Home Page
  2. Click on Account
  3. Scroll down the page to the bottom.
  4. Look for currency and then click on it. 
  5. Select your currency from the list.  
  6. Click on the Save Changes button.

You can now use the desired currency for your region on the word. Good Luck!

Amazon Gift Card Is Not Working Everywhere?

gift card not working everywhere

Amazon allows its users to purchase any item from the Amazon Store from anywhere in the world including groceries, books, toys, and much more.

But Amazon Gift Cards cannot be used everywhere and at every online store. 

You can only use the gift card on amazon itself and its affiliates’ online stores!

You cannot use your Amazon Gift card in a food store even if the company and Amazon are partners.

Also, you can use your gift card only at the stores that offer Amazon Pay, even if only credit and debit cards are allowed. The best use for an Amazon Gift Card remains online!

Where Can I Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

where can buy gift cards

You can purchase Amazon Gift Cards from Amazon-owned stores and supermarkets.

In addition, you can buy gift cards from any other third-party website that offers discounts.

Below is the list of retailers from which you can buy Amazon Gift Cards:

  1. Albertsons
  2. Best Buy
  3. Food Lion
  4. Fry’s
  5. Hy-Vee
  6. 7-Eleven

You can then redeem the Amazon Gift Card on any Amazon Account to receive the balance and purchase anything from their Online Store.

The store can be used from anywhere in the world so it’s enough to acquire the balance in your Account and you’re ready.

Good Luck!

Quick Recap:

You can use the Amazon Gift Cards at Amazon and its affiliate Online Stores that provide Amazon Pay. Amazon Gift Cards can be purchased from retailers all over the world and the balance acquired from the cards can be converted into different currencies.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we learned can you use Amazon Gift Card anywhere, we know how to use them.

The Amazon Gift Cards are not just limited to purchasing any items you can also make a profit and for other purposes as well that we have discussed in this guide.

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