amazon prime not working on tv

Experiencing Amazon Prime not working on TV can be a real headache – and to tell you, a lot of people are experiencing it. Should this be what your case is, then you’re in luck because we’ve got answers to your questions!

Today, this guide will be all about fixing your favorite subscription program to give you access to it!

Amazon Prime not working on Smart TV may be due to several reasons. Don’t worry because you’re actually sharing this problem with thousands, if not millions of users. We may help you with just a few tricks for you to troubleshoot which would hopefully get you back on track to your binge-watching session.

Amazon Prime not Working on Smart TV?

amazon prime not working on smart tv

Before we dive deep into the issues that may disrupt your binge-watching, the discussion and troubleshooting will transition as you scroll down on this article to ensure that the basic premises are clearly established. Although the first paragraphs may look simple and elementary, this may still affect your overall experience of the application.

Check Whether Amazon is Down

Before jumping to conclusions, the best proactive step is to check whether Amazon itself is down.

You may do this by surfing through your browser and checking through its official website. If you have confirmed that the site is on outage then this instance is beyond your power. This will require you some patience until they fix the problem.

You may also read the rundown below to validate whether other people are also experiencing trouble with Amazon Video Prime being down:

prime outage

Steps to Validate

1. Search downdetector website on your browser

2. Type and enter Amazon Prime Video once you have clicked the search bar on the website

3. Do not type Amazon alone but rather the whole “Amazon Prime Video” because we are trying to validate whether the streaming service itself is down.

4. Take note of the recent reports that you will see once you navigate the “Amazon Prime Video problems”

5. Once you have taken note, click the “Live Outages Map” button once you have scrolled down on the website

6. Now you may check whether there is an active outage in your area.

7. After verifying this, just wait until the company has fixed its problem. If it is not down, then fret not and proceed to the next instances until you’ve reached the jackpot!

How to Fix Amazon Prime Not Working on Smart TV

fix amazon prime not working on tv

Now let us discuss the steps that you can take to fix the Prime non-working issue. We recommend checking out these steps on by one.

1. Restart your TV

This is a basic solution to any device or app not working on TV. Follow these steps to restart your TV effectively:

  • Switch off your TV
  • Remove the power cable
  • Wait for 3-4 minutes
  • Now restart the TV again and check

2. Clear the Cache of the Prime App

clear prime cache

Due to prolonged usage, the cache data will increase. Hence, it is a good idea to clear the cache data of the app. Remember after clearing the app, you may need to log in again to your account to start Prime.

For clearing the cache data, goo to the settings option on your TV and find the app settings. From there clear the cache data.

Now, after doing this check the app again to see if the issue is fixed. If not you can proceed to the next step.

3. Download the Official App only

Many times, this causes the non-working issue of prime. Many users download the app from other third-party websites on their TVs. Though it may look attractive to get the most recent version but can be the root cause of the whole issue. Hence to work properly, you must get the app from the official store of your TV.

Also, make sure you update it regularly to get the best features.

4. The Right HDMI Cable is a Key Factor

There are instances where the trouble of watching is due to the connection of an HDMI cable since an HD content requires a cable to be at least HDCP 1.4, and an HDCP 2.2 HDMI cable for 4K resolutions.

hdmi prime

There is then a need to identify what cable you are using. There’s really no telling unless you know your cables, you still have your cable package, or you have a spare cable which you may connect on a trial and error process to see whether the application would function on a different cable.

If this may sound too technical, then don’t hesitate to scroll down because whether this does or doesn’t seem to be the problem of Amazon Prime not working on TV, we still have several instances that may suit your need!

5. Is Your Account Active?

Ensure that your account is active by checking on the Amazon Prime Video settings account.

prime membership

Simple as it may be, we’re sometimes so busy with our lives that we tend to forget paying for our subscription accounts. Of course, you will lose your access without paying the price.

prime details

To check this, just go to your account and hit on Memberships & Subscriptions. Then, go to Prime and log-in. You’ll immediately see the status of your account there.

account details prime

6. Ensure You Don’t Have Connection Problems

It is a well-known fact that without an internet connection, you would not be able to avail of online streaming unless you have downloaded a video online.

Ensure that you are well-connected to your Wi-Fi networks or your phone signals. If you are not sure then it’s better to reset your internet router or mobile data until it reconnects.

Good thing Amazon provides us hints on whether our internet connection has troubles. If the following error codes have appeared on your screen, then it is an indication that your internet connection is not stable:

check connection

074; 8020; 9003; 7306; 7305;

7303; 7301; 7251; 7250; 7235;

7230; 7207; 7206; 7204; 7203;

7202; 7135; 7031; 7005; 7003;

1060; 1022; and 1007

Take Note: This will require you to have a stable connection once you are using the application. Let’s tackle the specifics – 3 Mbps for a standard resolution streaming content, 5 Mbps for a high resolution streaming content, and 25 Mbps on 4K resolution streaming.

To establish a better internet connection, perform the following steps:

Step 1. Check your internet connection on the Smart TV that provided the error code.

Step 2. If you have trouble with your internet connection, ensure that the distance between your router or mobile data establishes a good internet range connection.

Step 3. It is also important to note that Wi-FI signals degrade the longer the distance between Smart TV and the router. This may be the case where your Smart TV does not connect to the internet because it is simply out of the range from the router.

Step 4. Remove all possible physical and signal obstruction that may provide interference between your Smart TV and router or mobile data.

Step 5. Temporarily disable other devices that share or draw internet data.

If you have tried everything and you still suffer a troubled internet connection, then it is advisable that you contact your internet service provider. It’s also wise to contact technical support for the streaming service and state the error code that prompts on your screen.

7. Try the Software on a Different Device

If Amazon Prime not working on Smart TV is a problem, then it would be wise on checking first the application on a different device because your Smart TV may be bombarded with different streaming applications that affect its performance.

prime login

If the application is working on a different device, then you have narrowed down a problem. It’s possible that your Smart TV has a problem. Otherwise, you need to contact the support of the e-commerce giant to help you with your request.


If you have read through the guides above and you are still having issues with your Amazon Prime Video, it would be better to contact your internet service provider or technical support for Amazon Prime Video services. We hope that you have been enlightened through this article and know the specifics the next time you experience Amazon Prime not working on TV!

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