amazon gift card not activated

Wondering why Amazon Gift Card not activated after redeeming the code? It’s simple!

In 90% of the cases, the users are not inserting the Gift Card code correctly.

Attention should be paid to the spaces, the exact letters and numbers, and their order.

However, for some users, this is not the case and in this guide, we made sure to solve the problem in no time!

When an Amazon Gift Card can’t be activated, users should first make sure that the code hasn’t already been redeemed. When this is not the case, users should check their Keyboard Settings for any alterations that allow special characters to enter the fields.

Why Amazon Gift Card Can’t Be Activated?

why my card can't activate

There are quite a few reasons why an Amazon Gift Card code won’t redeem and we made sure to gather ALL possibilities into the list below.

Take a quick peek before continuing!

Here’s what could be preventing the Amazon Gift Code from redeeming:

  • Wrong Amazon Gift Code
  • Use of Special Characters
  • Temporal Account Problem
  • No Connection to the Account
  • The Code is already Redeemed

Any of these possibilities could be the cause so let’s find out which one!

How to Fix When Amazon Not Activating Gift Cards?

how to fix amazon gift card

To solve the problem we’re going to use the conclusions from the top-rated community discussions and only proven methods for Amazon Gift Card applications.

Solution #1 Write Gift Card Code Correctly

First of all, you should make sure that the code on the card is written correctly.

Even if you miss out on a single number or a letter on the gift card, it will not redeem the code!

Delete the current code value and re-write it all over again

Make sure that you track each number and letter and you also pay attention to the caps that are included.

The Amazon gift card code consists of capital letters and numbers:

  • 95AP-J7EWA8-2TC5P

There are 2 spaces, with a total of 14 x numbers and letters! It’s important to pay attention to each symbol and make sure that you’re inserting the correct code.

Feel free to attempt multiple times until you can understand whether the problem is in how you input the code.

Tip: The better way to insert a code is by copying and then pasting.

Solution #2 Reopen Amazon Source

reopen the amazon source

Chances are that Amazon has glitched and that is preventing you from redeeming your gift card.

The best thing you could do at this point is re-open the source and refresh the data of your browser or the Amazon application.

Simply close the Amazon source you’ve opened on your device for a few moments

Once you’ve given it a couple of minutes, re-launch the Amazon application or open it through the browser.

Hop back into your account and check if the problem with the redeem code is there. Again, double-check whether the Amazon Gift Card code is correct.

Note: For browser users, it's recommended to clear the Cache and Cookies!

Solution #3 Relog From Your Amazon Account

relog in amazon account

The problem in your situation might be related to the Amazon Account.

A thing you should attempt is to log out and then log back into your Amazon Account to see if that will work.

Here’s how to relog from your Amazon account in easy steps:

  1. Open the Amazon app or go through the browser.
  2. From the Home Screen, press the three stacked lines.
  3. Choose “Settings”.
  4. Head to the bottom of the menu.
  5. Select “Sign Out”.
  6. Re-insert the credentials for your Amazon account.
  7. Hit the “Sign Inbutton.

When you are ready with bouncing out and in your account, test activating the Amazon Gift Card again.

If it now works, the situation just needed a bit of refreshing.

When the problem persists, jump to the next solution!

Solution #4 Use The Correct Amazon Account

use your correct amazon account

When you purchase an Amazon Gift Code, it can be redeemed on any Amazon Account. 

So far so good. When the code has been redeemed, it will no longer be available for application.

The balance added to the Amazon Account can be transferred to other accounts only after the code has been redeemed.

In that regard, double-check if you’re signed in through the correct account and if not applied yet, retry redeeming the Amazon gift card.

If everything works correctly, “Success!” should be displayed beneath the code redeem field as an indication of a working code!

Tip: The Gift Card balance can also be transferred to Amazon sites such as!

Solution #5 Verify the Card Is Not Already Applied

verify the amazon gift card

If you still fail to redeem your Amazon gift card, chances are that the code has been already redeemed.

If the code has been applied already, you will be unable to redeem it twice and therefore you will receive the “Amazon Gift Card Not Activated” error.

You can check whether the Gift Card has been redeemed from your Account page!

First, verify that you’re logged in through the correct account. You must be within the account that made the purchase for the gift card.

Once the gift card is purchased from the account, its “status of activity” will be moved into the section where you’re about to access it.

Here’s how to check if your gift card is still active:

  1. From your Amazon, go to the Accounts & Lists option.
  2. Go to the My Account Page”.
  3. Press on a Gift Card Title.
  4. Next, check your card’s code from the list and then check the status.

In the case that the gift card has been claimed by any means, not by you, you should immediately get in touch with Amazon.

They might be able to recover the code!

Note: If the status says “active”, it means that your Amazon Gift Card can be redeemed.

Solution #6 Change Keyboard Language

change your keyboard language

Most users let a simple mistake slip by when redeeming a variety of gift cards. They could involve the keyboard’s language setting and insert a false code into the “code redeem” field. 

For instance, if you have multiple languages in your keyboard setting, make sure that US English is selected.

This keyboard language will align with the Amazon Gift Card code, preventing any special characters from being mistakenly inserted.

From the device’s Keyboard Language Settings and make sure US English is selected. 

When you’re ready, attempt to insert the Amazon Gift Card Code to see whether this actually helped, and, if yes, congratulations. However, when the problem persists, proceed further!

Note: Make sure that you haven’t enabled an option for your keyboard, that could alternate some of the symbols and letters.

Solution #7 Contact the Gift Card Supplier

There is a little dilemma that users bump into whenever redeeming their Amazon Gift Card codes.

If they happen to experience issues with the code, most of the time they contact Amazon directly, where Amazon does have nothing to do with the problem!

If your supplier printed the code incorrectly or there was an issue registering the code, you will still experience similar issues.

The only task that affects Amazon, is to make sure that all Gift Card codes are registered in the system.

How To Find The Gift Card Supplier?

how find gift card supplier

Get in touch with the merchant you’ve purchased this gift card from

They will let you know whether this problem is with them, or whether you should turn to Amazon and seek assistance there.

Either way, the supplier will let you know your next move as to why your Amazon Gift Card is not redeeming.

Tip: You should search for a contact from your local store or online from wherever you purchased the Amazon Gift Card.

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Amazon Gift Card cannot be activated because the code has already been redeemed, or the user is not inserting the characters in the correct manner. In case the problem persists, through this guide, users should contact the Gift Card Supplier!

Final Thoughts:

Here we learned why Amazon Gift Card not activated and how to locate and solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

It’s important to remember that Amazon Gift Codes are only usable “one-time”, therefore you can’t acquire the balance on multiple accounts.

However, in the worst-case scenario, you might have to transfer the redeemed balance from one account to another so the entire situation aligns with your internist.

Nicole B