amazon prime sound issues

The Amazon Prime sound issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including both the platform and your streaming device.

The issue can range from lowered output volume, all the way to temporal issues with Amazon services so let’s add some depth to our research! 

To fix sound issues on Amazon Prime, increase the output volume of your device and the streaming player within the platform.

After that, update your browser/Amazon app, clear the cache/data of your browser, and reinstall the Amazon app/platform from your device.

Let’s unwrap why the sound issues on Amazon Prime appear…

Amazon Prime Sound Not Working – 7 Reasons Why?

amazon prime sound not working
  1. Lowered Output/Amazon Prime volume
  2. An issue with Amazon Prime’s audio settings
  3. Overfilled browser/app cache or cookies
  4. Outdated version of the Amazon app
  5. Temporal fault with Amazon’s services
  6. Active location-altering/proxy software
  7. An incompatible browser or video player
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How to Fix When Prime Video Sound Not Working?

Tip: Follow the order of our steps for the best efficiency and minimal effort!

1. Increase the Output Volume

increase the output volume

We’ll start by increasing the output volume of your device. Whether it’s a TV, laptop, mobile smartphone, or tablet, Amazon Prime’s volume depends on the audio level of the device. 

Thus, you must increase the volume of your device to be able to hear the Amazon Prime audio.

  • Press the “Audio +” button on the mixer/side panel of your device!

For mobile devices, there’s a side button that will allow you to increase the volume, which we assume you’re aware of.

As for laptops and other desktop devices, you must tap the “Audio” icon at the taskbar and increase the mixer’s volume to start hearing Amazon Prime sound.

Tip: If the audio player in Amazon Prime has a volume bar, increase the volume there too!

2. Adjust the Audio Settings

adjust amazon prime audio settings

If the audio settings of Amazon Prime are improper, there’ll be an issue with the output sound.

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There are quite a few audio settings in Amazon prime and to reach them you need to start streaming, tap on the title and go to Audio & Languages

From there configure the Amazon Prime audio settings the following way:

Setting Name:Audio QualityStereo AudioSurround SoundPlatout Output
Configuration:Set to “Medium”Set to “OFF”Set to “OFF”Set to “Default Output Device”
Info: In case you’ve configured the settings as per the table above but the audio is still not good or not there, it’s important to restart the stream. 

Go back and select another title for streaming.

3. Soft-Reset Amazon Prime & Device

soft reset amazon prime & device

The next step is simple but effective against Amazon Prime sound issues on our devices.

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Here we’re taking things one step further and besides restarting the app and device we’ll also perform a power circulation to also refresh the power income.

Here’s how to power cycle Amazon Prime and your streaming device:

  1. Exit Amazon Prime’s streaming source on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Power options of your device.
  3. Then select the “Power Off” or “Shutdown” option.
  4. Unplug the power cord of the device for 30 seconds.
  5. Reconnect the device to the power and turn it on.
Note: Without opening other apps on your device, get into Amazon Prime and test the sound. 

4. Reconnect Device to the WiFi

reconnect device to the wifi

Sometimes when the internet is causing the Amazon Prime audio to disappear or cause other sound issues, we only need to disconnect and reconnect.

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This approach is enough to solve any IP conflicts, so it’s worth attempting since it takes no time.

Here’s how to reconnect your device from the WiFi:

  1. Go into Settings on your device.
  2. Tap on the “WiFi” button in the next tab.
  3. Locate the connected WiFi network.
  4. Tap on the network and choose “Disconnect”.
  5. Pair your streaming device with WiFi again.
Note: We strongly suggest testing the audio of your Amazon Prime on an Ethernet-connected computer, laptop, or TV!

5. Optimize The Internet and WiFi

optimize the internet and wifi

When the Prime video no sound blunder occurs, one of the things you should check right away is the internet connection of your device.

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The most forward sign of bad connectivity is audio loss, buffering, disturbances, or sound delay also known as “lipsync”.

Here are a couple of ways to improve your WiFi and internet:

  • Disconnect unused devices from the router’s WiFi
  • Stop downloading/uploading or streaming content
  • Uncover your WiFi router on a wide, centralized spot
  • Use a wired (Ethernet cable) Prime device connection.
Quick Tip: Feel free to measure your internet speed online for free!

6. Disable Browser Extensions

disable browser extensions

If using Amazon Prime on a browser, the primary suspect for audio issues in the platform are the range of browser extensions associated.

A portion of these extensions can manipulate the sound of your browser in a way that causes problems with streaming platforms.

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Here’s how to (universally) disable your browser’s extensions:

  1. Press the puzzle icon on your browser.
  2. Select an extension and choose “Disable”.
  3. Repeat this for all active extensions.

You don’t have to necessarily uninstall the extensions but set all of them to “Off” until you’ve identified the problem.

If the sound of Amazon Prime comes back after disabling a particular extension, play around until you figure out which of the extensions causes the audio problem.

Note: If possible, test streaming Amazon Prime through a different browser!

7. Clear Browser Cache/Cookies

clear browser cache and cookies

Another solution for browser Amazon Prime users that hear no sound is to erase the piled-up cache/cookies that save your online activity.

As you use the browser continuously, a lot of these excess files can pile up which will reduce the performance of your online browser.

  • Clearing the cookies of your browser will erase the login info for websites!
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Here’s how to clear the cache/cookies (universally) in a browser:

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. Find and select “Cache”.
  3. Tap “Browsing Data
  4. Tap “Cookies” > “Clear”.
Quick Tip: Clear the cache at least once every two weeks to maintain stable performance!

8. Update Browser/Amazon App

update browser and amazon app

The “Prime video no sound” problem can primarily occur when accessing the platform through an outdated app or a browser.

Keeping up with the latest versions of the Amazon Prime app and browser is mandatory for accessing and streaming properly through online services.

How to Update Amazon Prime App:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Amazon Prime” > “Check for Updates”
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How to Update an Online Browser:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Software Version” > “Check for Updates” > “Update”

How to Update Amazon Prime on TV:

  • Open the TV “App Store” > Find and select “Amazon Prime” > “Update”
Note: On different TV brands and mobile phones the settings might be different.

9. Disable VPN/Proxy Software

disable vpn or proxy software

An active VPN can cause a conflict between your Amazon account’s location and the physical location of your device.

When those two settings aren’t matching, it’s very likely that a distortion in the audio/video of the streamed broadcast will interrupt your experience.

  • Check your device for active VPN/proxy applications or services!

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) might interfere with your network when it’s an application on one of your mobile devices.

It’s also possible that the VPN service is also a browser extension on one of your computers so you need to necessarily check for any location-altering services.

Note: To disable an active proxy you would need to reach into the router’s settings!

10. Reinstall Amazon Prime/Browser

reinstall amazon prime on browser

The final step is to reinstall the Amazon Prime application on the streaming device or simply reinstall the browser you’re streaming from.

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This will target all of the leftover possibilities at once and you’ll be able to draw an adequate conclusion when the process is completed.

How to Reinstall Amazon Prime App:

  1. Go into the Settings of your device.
  2. Head to the “Applications” tab.
  3. Locate Amazon Prime.
  4. Highlight the app and choose “Uninstall”.
  5. Acquire the platform from the content store.

How to Reinstall Browser Software:

  1. Head into your device’s Settings (Content Manager).
  2. Locate the application of your browser.
  3. Select the application and choose “Uninstall”.
  4. Go to the official website of the browser.
  5. Tap on the “Download” button.
Note: For laptops and computers, uninstall the browser from the control panel.

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned that to fix Amazon Prime sound issues, you must restart the device and validate the internet connection (WiFi).

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In addition, it’s important to ensure that your device is free of VPN, and perform a clean installation on the Amazon Prime application.

Nicole B