how to get britbox on amazon prime

If you don’t know how to get Britbox on Amazon Prime, then this guide is for you!

Britbox is a content streaming platform from the UK that supports a variety of devices, such as Android, iOS, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and more.

The question here is how to acquire it on Amazon Prime and luckily, it’s pretty easy.

To get Britbox on Amazon Prime you need to subscribe to the platform. That will add more funds on top of your Amazon subscription since Britbox has always been a paid service. You can decide whether you want to pay for it during the 7-day trial period.

Before you subscribe to Britbox on Amazon Prime, there are essential things that you should be aware of. Let’s learn more!

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Before Subscribing For Britbox!

before subscribing

As we’ve already mentioned, Britbox is a paid service that requires an active subscription with Amazon Prime Video, which itself comes for the price of $12.99 per month.

On top of that, Britbox is an additional service of Amazon Prime that is paid over the top for $6.99 per month.

To come up with your total subscription price, including the Amazon Prime Video subscription and the Britbox add-on, you must add up both of the prices.

If you only have a Prime Video subscription with the Britbox channel, your estimate would be around 20 bucks per month.

Before subscribing to Britbox on your Amazon Prime Video, it’s important to have your Amazon subscription active.

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You will not be able to subscribe to Britbox if your Amazon Prime Video subscription is not active.

Note: Amazon Prime has a 30-day free trial that can be activated once. If you still haven’t enabled it yet, tap on the “Get Free Trial” on the login page.

How To Watch Britbox On Amazon Prime?

get britbox on amazon prime

Britbox is a British streaming platform that also exists as a channel and can be subscribed to and watched from a variety of sources, including Amazon Prime.

Getting Britbox on your Amazon Prime is relatively easy but it sure adds extra funds to your monthly Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Note: It is possible to subscribe to Britbox and watch it on your Amazon Prime account, through your browser or devices.

Here’s how to get the Britbox channel on your Amazon Prime:

Step #1 Enter Amazon Prime From Your Source

Based on where you’re watching Amazon Prime from, in this step, you have to open the application or open it through the browser of your computer.

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Either way, you must be within Amazon Prime to subscribe to Britbox and start watching it.

In that regard, access Amazon Prime from wherever you watch it and go to the login screen.

Most users prefer using the internet version that is available on all of their devices and can be accessed through any web browser.

Tip: Proven web browsers with smooth experience are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Step #2 Login To Amazon Prime

login to amazon prime

Once you have found your way to the login screen of Amazon Prime it’s time to get you logged in.

It’s important to log in through the account of Amazon Prime that you have an active subscription in order to add the Britbox channel as well.

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To login to Amazon Prime, insert your username and password which are the credentials for the subscription-active account.

Once you have inserted the credentials, press the “Log in” button to enter your Amazon Prime account.

Note: In case you’ve forgotten your access, you can reset your password and username by tapping on “I Forgot my password”.

Step #3 Navigate To “Account & Lists”

navigate to account and list

The next thing you have to do is navigate to the “Account & Lists” page, within the settings of your Amazon Prime Video account.

To locate this page, all you have to do is press the button on the top that has the label on it.

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You will be automatically redirected to the page that will let you locate Britbox so you can start adding the channel to your currently active-channels playlist.

Tip: If you struggle to find the “Account & Lists” option within Amazon Prime Video, you can use the available search field.

Step #4 Select Your Prime Video And Go To “Channels”

After getting navigated to the “Account & Lists” tab, you must next select your own Prime Video profile within the registration.

For that purpose, in the lists tab, select your Prime Video and then choose “Channels” from the tab with the tools above.

In the channels tab, all subscription options, including Britbox, will become available for you and you will be able to subscribe to them.

Notice: If you’re interested in what other channels Prime Video has, search the channels tab for something of your taste.

Step #5 Locate “Britbox” In The “Channels”

locate BritBox on prime

Once you have accessed the “Channels” tab, it’s time to search for the Britbox option that will enable you to add the channel to your playlist.

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In the very same tab, you’ve accessed in the previous step, scroll down a little and search for the Britbox option from the list.

On the Britbox feature from the list, you will have the option “Subscribe” that will take you directly to the screen where you can subscribe.

Reminder: Britbox is a paid service that costs $6.99 on top of your Amazon subscription.

Step #6 Subscribe To Britbox

Now it’s finally time to answer the question “how to get Britbox on Amazon Prime?”.

Your last step would be to get subscribed to Britbox. All of the steps you’ve followed so far have led up to this moment where Britbox will become available in your playlist.

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Since Britbox has a 7-day free trial aside from the 30 days of Amazon Prime, the first payment of $6.99 can be postponed. 

To subscribe to Britbox, press the “Start your 7-day free trial” in the page options of Britbox.

You will be taken into another tab where you must enter your bank credentials (if currently not inserted in Amazon Prime Video) and confirm that you want to add Britbox.

The on-screen instructions should take you far enough and get Britbox added to your Amazon Prime Video channel list.

Tip: If you cancel your Britbox subscription before the 7-day free trial ends, no charges will be applied to your financial account.

Thus, to get Britbox on Amazon Prime you need to navigate into the Account & Lists within your Amazon profile. Proceed with going to “Channels”, then locate and add Britbox to your playlist by subscribing and activating your 7-day free trial.

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Bottom Line:

There you go everything about how to get Britbox on Amazon Prime. Remember that you can always change your mind about paying for Britbox if you’re not satisfied with the content during your 7-day free trial.

If the subscription is canceled before the trial ends, no payments will be applied to your financial account.

We hope that this post was helpful enough for you to acquire Britbox on Amazon Prime and if you’re looking for more guides such as this one, make sure to check our blog!