amazon echo won't connect to wifi

If your Amazon echo won’t connect to Wifi, then you might want to stick around as in this post we will discuss all possible causes and what are the steps to resolve them.

You will learn many helpful steps to troubleshoot Amazon Echo wireless connectivity and we will assist you throughout the post with helpful tips and recommendations.

Your Amazon Echo cannot connect to the Wifi because it is experiencing connectivity issues. To resolve the problem simply restart your Amazon Echo device. If this does not help, try asking “Are connected to the internet?” and Alexa shall tell you the current state of the network by carrying out diagnostics.

If you have identified issues with your network, in this post we will provide you with a proven step-by-step tutorial proven to help people with the same problem as you.

Why Amazon Echo Won’t Connect to Wifi?

There is a wide range of possible causes that can interfere with the wireless capabilities of your Amazon Echo. Most of them are related to the Wifi network of your own, which has nothing to do with the Amazon device.

In that regard, you should address your network first, before troubleshooting the Amazon Echo itself.

In the introduction, we mentioned that a restart is often enough to reboot all services and enable your Amazon Echo to connect to the Wifi.

If you still haven’t done that, please perform a restart before proceeding with our steps below, because if your device is experiencing a severe glitch, you may don’t have to troubleshoot at all.


Before you start, you should ensure that your Amazon Echo is not connected to the wrong network.

For instance, if your modem emits two Wi-Fi’s instead of one (Wifi 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), try connecting to the other one.

How to Fix Amazon Echo Not Connecting to Wifi?

fix amazon echo won't connect to wifi

We assume that by now you have performed a restart but it did not help. If this is the case let’s start with our troubleshooting steps in the order they are listed below.

We recommend to try connecting to your Wifi after you complete a step, so you can find out exactly what helped you solve the issue.

Step #1 Check Wireless Connection

The first step that you should take is to ensure that your Echo device is within 30 feet of your router.

Another thing to pay attention to is that your Amazon Echo shouldn’t be too close to other wireless devices that can interfere with the connection.

Here are some devices that are well-known to impact other Wifi receivers:

  • Microwaves
  • Baby monitors
  • Electronic devices

It is not a bad idea to move out any devices from the room or the nearby environment to ensure no trouble.

We understand that you might have computers and monitors around, and moving them out could be challenging, so you can simply turn them off for a while.

Step #2 Test Network

If your Amazon Echo still won’t connect to Wifi, now it is time to test your network and identify if there is something wrong with it. To test your network you can use any free online tool.

All it takes is to search in Google for “free network speed test”. Once you carry out the test you will be provided with download/upload speeds.

We are targeting at least 6 Mbit download and upload speed to have a decent connection.

If your results are below 6 Mbit, the issue is definitely with your network speed, and with our next step, we are going to address just that.


Try connecting other devices to your Wifi to identify if they experience the same as your Amazon Echo.

Step #3 Restart Router/Modem

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your Wifi or not, we highly recommend performing a restart of your router/modem to ensure clean boot and proper functionality.

This step is important because by restarting the router all services will be rebooted and cleanly started ready for use.

Here is how to perform a router restart:

  • Locate the Power Button on the back of your router/modem
  • Press the Power Button once
  • Unplug the router from the power outlet
  • Wait for about 5 minutes and reconnect your modem to the power
  • Press the Power Button once again to turn the router on
  • Wait 3-5 minutes for your WiFi network/s to get back online

Now go ahead and try connecting your device to the cleanly started WiFi network. If your Amazon Echo still won’t connect to Wifi, we can conclude that the issue is not with your network.

In our next step, you will learn how to troubleshoot your Amazon Echo device.

Step #4 Restart Your Amazon Echo

restart echo

Important: If you have performed a restart earlier in the post, feel free to skip this step.

First, we are going to perform the same kind of restart on your Echo device as we did on your router/modem.

Simply plug out your Amazon Echo from the power outlet and wait several minutes before plugging it back in.

Once ready try connecting to your WiFi, and if your device is still not connecting, in our next step we are taking our troubleshooting one step further.

Step #5 Factory Reset Your Amazon Echo

With our previous steps, we have tightened the circle enough to conclude that the issue is not coming from your network.

We have performed a restart of your Echo device to ensure no glitches and the last thing left to do is to restore your Echo device to its default state.

Keep in mind that even if your Amazon Echo Dot won’t connect to WiFi, our steps apply to all models and generations so you can be confident.

Factory Reset will restore your device as it was when it was first booted, which means that all your personal settings and configurations will be permanently lost.

We recommend taking a look at everything you’ve configured so it can be easier for you to restore it once the reset is done.

To factory reset your Amazon Echo device follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the Action button for about 30 seconds
  • Release once the light ring starts blinking in orange
  • The Echo device will turn off
  • Wait until the light ring turns blue and then orange again (the device is entering setup mode)
  • Set up your Amazon Echo

Once ready with the setup, try connecting to your WiFi, and if now everything works fine, congratulations you’ve resolved the issue.

What If Amazon Echo Dot Won’t Connect to Wifi?

If you have applied each of our steps and nothing managed to resolve your issue, we recommend contacting Amazon customer support.

Explain your issue and what you have tried so far and hopefully, they will come up with an efficient approach.

If one thing is for certain so far is that the issue is not coming from your network nor your Amazon Echo software.

The only possible cause here would be the hardware, which requires a technician’s touch.

Bottom Line

We hope that this post was able to resolve your Amazon echo won’t connect to Wifi issue and if not, at least you have a better understanding of where the issue is coming from.

If you are interested in more technical solution content, our blog definitely has something for you to enjoy reading.

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