how to put alexa to sleep

If you don’t know how to put Alexa to sleep, then you’re at the right place.

For some of you, voice assistants have become a part of your daily routine, and knowing how to set your device to sleep is essential.

In this post, we will discuss everything about Alexa’s sleep mode and how to activate it efficiently.

We’ve found many people struggling with this functionality so here is everything you need to know.

The fastest and most efficient way to put Alexa to sleep is just by saying “Goodnight” to the device. Considering that Alexa is 100% voice-activated, the device will basically think you’re going to sleep and it will go to sleep mode as well.

This way you can manually set Alexa to sleep mode but the device will still listen for commands.

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Keep reading because this is just one of the several ways to put your device on sleep mode.

Before we reveal all other ways let’s take a look at some occasions in which you might need Alexa in sleep mode.

Why You May Need to Put Alexa To Sleep?

If you’ve been using Alexa for a long time, then you would agree that while it is a really helpful organizer, sometimes the device could be quite distracting.

Alexa is also capable of interrupting special moments. It can even scare people with its beeping notification sounds, especially the littlest members of the family.

Down below, we have listed several occasions in which you may need to put your Alexa on sleep mode.

During the Night

This is probably the most common occasion on which people would want to set Alexa to sleep.

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Smart speakers are quite annoying especially if you’re trying to fall asleep and a bunch of pairing sounds and notifications are constantly interfering with your sleep.

While Working

If you finally managed to put all social media aside and everything that is distracting you while working, the last thing you want is Alexa speaking to you.

In that case, sleep mode comes in handy so you can finish your work in peace.

Having Guests Over

Many people prefer to keep their voice assistants silent when they have guests over.

Especially if it is a business meeting or respectable people that you don’t want to disturb.

By using a sleep timer on your Alexa device you can have it mute as long as the meeting lasts, or for as long as you want.

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If we have described your inquiry in one of the above-listed cases, in the following half of our post we will discuss how to put Alexa on sleep mode or at least silence the device

Pro Tip:

You can set a Sleep Timer, which will automatically put Alexa to sleep when necessary.

For instance, you can simply say, “Alexa, set a sleep timer for 30 minutes”.

Then after 30 minutes Alexa will go to sleep mode and stop any music, podcasts, or whatever you’re listening to.

How To Put Alexa to Sleep Mode Easily?

best way to put alexa to sleep

In general, there are three main, voice-activated commands that can set Alexa on sleep mode.

Some of them will silence the device, others will mute it entirely, so you have the freedom to choose which of them suits your needs.

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#1. Using Alexa Command

As we mentioned in the introduction, by saying “Goodnight” to Alexa, the device will go to sleep mode.

You will not be disturbed by notifications and pairing sounds from your speakers but Alexa will be in listening mode.

That means that you can wake up Alexa at any time with a voice command.


“Goodnight Alexa”

“Alexa Goodnight”

#2. Do Not Disturb – DND Mode

This is another method to put Alexa device to sleep.

In order to enable this mode, you can simply say, “Alexa please turn on do not disturb”.

In contrast to normal listening mode of the device, the do not disturb functionality will completely mute the speakers.

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It will also prevent the device from flashing lights and emitting any vibrations.


“Alexa please turn on do not disturb”

“Alexa Enable Do not disturb”

#3. Shut Off Alexa

The last and the most drastic method to silence your Alexa completely is to shut it off.

Silly as it sounds it is the best and permanent solution.

You can turn it on anytime you want, but knowing that the device is off is the safest way to ensure absolutely no disturbing notifications.


“Alexa Turn off”

“Alexa switch off now”

Pros of Putting your Alexa On Sleep Mode

Setting voice assistants to sleep mode could be quite beneficial when it comes to focusing on your work or having an undisturbed sleep.

However, if you are using Alexa as your primary notification device, there is a possibility for you to miss an important alert.

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Now when you know how to put Alexa in sleep mode, we will see all the advantages of using it.

Peaceful Sleep

Pesky notifications can be frustrating when they break your sleep.

Undisturbed sleep is important for all of us and having your Alexa sleeping during the night as well as you would be a great advantage.

You can set a sleep timer for 8-10 hours, or whenever your alarm goes off.

Feel free to use the sleep timer to ensure undisturbed sleep and peaceful nights.

Less Distractive

While Alexa is primarily voice-controlled, where all feedback is provided by sounds, the constant notification alerts could be very distracting and impact your productivity.

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If one thing is for certain is that setting your Alexa to sleep mode can easily be one of the greatest advantages.

You can always command Alexa to come back online at any time so it cannot get any better.

More Privacy

It is well-known for Alexa to listen to conversations and for some of you that could be unacceptable.

People that are concerned for their privacy, can easily take the advantage of using the Alexa sleep mode and prevent the device from snooping in their conversations.

Less Power Consumption

Like many other electronic devices, once Alexa enters sleep mode, most of its functionalities (consumers) are shut off.

Less power consumption equals a longer-lasting battery so this is another benefit of the sleep mode.

Knowing how to put Alexa on sleep mode, you can now enjoy all the advantages we’ve listed above. Now it is time to unveil the disadvantages so keep reading.

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Cons of Alexa Sleep Mode

There are some well-known disadvantages when you plan to keep Alexa in sleep mode.

If we have to be precise about it, we can conclude that sleep mode prevents the device from performing its intended function.

In that regard, we’ve thought that you should know the disadvantages as well.

Missing Important Alert

If you are setting your reminders and alarms on your Alexa it could be quite risky to set a sleep mode permanently.

We recommend using a sleep timer, so Alexa will come back online when it should.

In case you’ve set permanent sleep mode and you forget it you might oversleep and miss an important event.

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Can’t Use Alexa Instantly

Having your Alexa in sleep mode means that the voice assistant’s registrator will not listen for instructions.

In other words, you will not be able to use Alexa instantly.

If you are ready to accept those disadvantages, you’re ready to go, having in mind that now you know everything about Alexa sleep mode and how it works.

Most people use their smartphones as a primary alarm as it is quite important.

If this is your case, then you can safely use sleep mode on your Alexa whenever needed without having to worry about anything.

Bottom Line

We hope that in this post you have learned how to put Alexa to sleep and how to manage this functionality.

Feel free to test and play with it until you find a comfortable approach to use it.

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We recommend using a sleep timer to control Alexa’s sleep mode so you will never experience the disadvantages of it.

If you are interested in more content about Alexa functionality, you will definitely find something interesting to read in our blog.

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