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Wondering how to fix Alexa blue ring of death? Search no further, because you’ve just found the best post out there!

We will explain in detail what could be the origin of the blue ring of death on your Alexa, as well as provide you with the best solutions against the issue.

To fix the Alexa blue ring of death, make sure the power supply is intact and your device is clear of notifications. Next, troubleshoot the wireless connectivity of your Alexa and perform a factory reset to clear out any software complications.

Before we jump straight into troubleshooting, you should first take a look at the possible causes for the blue ring of death on your Alexa.

What Causes The Amazon Alexa Blue Ring Of Death?

According to the majority of Alexa users, the blue ring of death is most frequently caused because of a notification.

The blue ring of death is extremely exaggerated and it does NOT always mean a general fault as everyone says.

Besides the notification, here are the other possibilities for the blue ring:

1. Wireless Connectivity

Failed connection with the network or the wireless connectivity in general, could trigger the blue ring.

2. Software Complication

Faulty data, or wrong settings could also impact your Alexa, thus, triggering the ring of death.

3. Power Supply Issues

General power supply issues such as faulty AC adapter, loose connection, or defective cable might trigger the blue ring.

4. Logic Board Issues

Lastly, a logic board problem could also be identified as a hardware fault and if that’s the case, we’re afraid that you might need a repair.

Let’s put the hardware possibilities aside and inspect every other single possibility first.

How To Fix Amazon Echo Alexa Blue Ring Of Death?

fix alexa blue ring of death

Before we proceed, make sure to reboot your Alexa to see if that will fix the issue.

Sometimes the blue ring of death could appear after a startup, so make sure to wait for a couple of minutes before applying any of the upcoming solutions.

If the blue ring persists after a couple of minutes proceed with the first solution:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Alexa

Unlike a general reboot that you’ve just done, a hard reset will not only restart your device but discharge it from any electricity as well.

It’s really helpful against power issues, and it might remove the blue ring for good.

To hard reset your Alexa, follow the steps we’ve provided down below:

  1. Turn OFF your Alexa from the power button.
  2. Wait for the device to turn off and unplug its power adapter.
  3. Unplug the power adapter from the outlet and wait for another 5 minutes.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter and turn on your Alexa.

The blue ring might appear once you start it but should not stay lit up more than 10-15 seconds. If it’s there, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #2 Update Your Alexa

If a hard reset didn’t do anything, the next thing we should focus on is your Alexa’s software.

To check for updates and update your Alexa, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app that we assume you already have.
  2. Go to the settings.
  3. Tap on “Device options” and head to the “Check For Software Updates” button.
  4. Initiate the checker and wait for a firmware version to be found.
  5. (Optional) Tap on “Apply” to install any available updates.

If your Alexa is up to date or updating the firmware didn’t do anything, let’s take a look at your Alexa’s wireless connectivity now.

Solution #3 Reconnect Alexa With WiFi

It is possible that Alexa failed to connect with the WiFi upon the startup, which might trigger the blue ring of death as a notification for the issue.

To reconnect your Alexa, you would need the Amazon Alexa app, which you needed for the previous solution.

To reconnect your Alexa with WiFi, follow the steps down below:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  2. Head to the settings and open the “Network and connectivity” tab.
  3. From there, wait for the network scanner to complete and tap on your network.
  4. Enter the WiFi key of your network and tap on “Connect”.

Wait for another several second and Alexa should be connected with the WiFi. If Alexa keeps on failing to connect with the WiFi, then it might be your network so let’s find out!

Solution #4 Troubleshoot Network

blue ring of death alexa

If the Alexa blue ring of death issue is still there after reconnecting your Alexa to the WiFi, the issue is most certainly with your network.

We’ve listed some easy troubleshooting bullets for your network to correct the connection:

# Hard reset your router

Perform a hard reset on your router by unplugging the power adapter, waiting for 5 minutes, and re-attaching it again.

# Reduce bandwidth usage

Ease up your network, by not downloading large files, streaming in high resolution, and seeding/uploading large files as well.

# Disconnect unused devices

Disconnect devices from your network that are not actively in use.

# Reconnect all cables

Go through all of the cables in your router/modem configuration and make sure everything is attached properly.

In addition, you can check for any VPNs that might be messing with your network. If there are any, make sure to disable them.

Once ready, scroll up to solution #3 and reconnect Alexa to the WiFi. If the blue ring is still there, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #5 Disable “DND” Mode

Alexa would turn on the blue ring of death, while it is on Do not disturb mode, from the settings.

This mode will suppress any notifications and while it is active, you won’t be notified of any of your Alexa’s activities.

To disable the DND mode, you must go to your Amazon Alexa app > Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb and power it off from there.

Keep in mind that any received notifications during that time won’t be kept after the mode is disabled.

Once disabled, restart Alexa and check if the blue ring of death will appear. If yes, then you’ve got one last thing to try so let’s proceed to it.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Alexa

Finally, we recommend factory resetting your Amazon Alexa in the last attempt to fix the issue.

Factory resetting your Alexa will wipe up some temporal storage on the software as well as other unimportant cache data.

To reset your Alexa, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone.
  2. Go to the settings and tap on “Devices”.
  3. Choose your Alexa and scroll down to factory reset.
  4. Tap on it and confirm the reset.

The process shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes and afterward, your Alexa will boot as usual. If the ring of death is still there, then it might really mean death.

At this point, you can either contact Amazon for further troubleshooting or bring your Alexa for repair straightforward.

Tip: Don’t forget to check if your warranty is intact.

To fix the blue ring of death on your Amazon Alexa, hard reset the device and disable DND mode. Next, reconnect Alexa with WiFi, troubleshoot your network and perform a factory reset if nothing worked.

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Bottom Line:

If Alexa blue ring of death is still there after all of these troubleshooting solutions, then perhaps the issue is bound within something out of your jurisdiction.

If however, our solutions help, but you’ve got other problems with your smartphone device, make sure to check our blog!

Nicole B