alexa calling not working

If Alexa calling not working, there is definitely something wrong! Here we will enter within Alexa’s workflow and check exactly which aspect refuses to work.

You will find several different solutions that won’t only resolve the issue for you, but help you fix other disrepair throughout your Alexa and network.

If your Amazon Alexa’s calling isn’t working, it is probably due to a slow or non-existent internet connection. 

Make sure your smartphone is connected to Alexa and both of the devices are functional. Check the range between both of the devices and lastly, ensure Alexa’s microphone is enabled.

Unfortunately, we can’t describe all possibilities in just a few sentences.

This is why we’ve created a list that you will definitely need to check out before proceeding any further.

Why Won’t My Alexa Make Calls?

We’ve figured it would be pointless to mention that your phone must be connected to Alexa, as the device will use your phone to make the calls.

Although, some users prefer enabling the intercom, which will allow Alexa itself to perform these calls. You can enable that feature from the Amazon Alexa app you can download from any App Store.

But in this guide, we will mainly work with your phone, so if you’re using the intercom, some of the solutions may not apply to you.

Here is everything that might have gone wrong with your Amazon Alexa:

1. Faulty Internet Connection

One of the main things Alexa requires is to make phone calls through your phone in a connection with your phone.

That connection of your phone can be provided to Alexa via the internet network. If there is an issue with the network, Alexa will be unable to contact your phone and neither make any calls.

2. Old Amazon Alexa App Firmware

The next thing you should check is whether your mobile Alexa app has its latest firmware. Newer app versions can contain many implements that are essential for Alexa to phone anyone, so make sure to check the device version.

3. Wrong Contact Information

If the contact information you’ve told Alexa to dial, the number of the user, for instance, is incorrect however, the call may fail.

You must ensure that everything in your phone’s call list is typed down correctly before telling Alexa to dial anyone behind this number.

4. Check Voice Command

Amazon advises you to check whether Alexa has heard you correctly or not. There could sometimes be interruptions on what Amazon Alexa could hear as a voice command and your call may fail due to that reason.

5. Hardware or Power Issues

Lastly, it is worthy to mention that there could be something wrong with the hardware of your Alexa.

The microphone might be damaged internally or one of the PCBs may be impacted.

With all that in mind let’s check how to approach each of the above-described issues effectively.

How To Fix Alexa Calling Not Working?

fix alexa calling not working

Before you start with the methods, you must learn how to enable Alexa calling as if it remains disabled you won’t be able to perform any calls.

To enable the calling of Amazon Alexa, open the Alexa app and head to the tab named Communicate. From there, verify your mobile phone information and grant the permissions for Alexa to make calls on your phone’s account.

Once ready, let’s start with the easiest methods first.

Method #1 Check Internet Connection

Amazon and many users have mentioned that such issues could be due to weak or non-existent internet connection.

If your network is transmitting bad internet, or simply doesn’t transmit one, you may have a hard time contacting someone through your Alexa.

The best suggestion we can give you is to make sure your router is working and all of the wiring in your network configuration is established properly.

After checking that, you can try to power cycle your router by powering it down, waiting for a couple of minutes, and then turning it on again.

Note: Keep in mind that internet outages are a constant thing that could be due to an unscheduled maintenance or server problem at your manufacturer’s.

Method #2 Check Alexa App

As we’ve already been through this, making sure the Alexa app is updated should be your first task when it comes down to dialing.

You can check the version in the app store and make sure to click on the Update button if it is available.

Besides checking for the version of your Alexa app, it is also recommended to take a look at which features are enabled.

Some of these features could mute your Alexa or prevent any calls from happening, such as microphone settings.

Method #3 Reboot Alexa

A simple, yet effective workaround against all kinds of issues is a simple reboot. There could be something currently wrong with your Alexa, but after a firm restart, there is a possibility that it will fix it.

To reboot Alexa, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the device using the app or the hardware button.
  2. Locate the reset button on the hardware of the device.
  3. Press and hold the button.
  4. Hold it for 20-40 seconds until the device starts blinking.
  5. Let your Alexa restart.

Easy as that, you had rebooted your Alexa. You can always check what’s the condition of your Amazon Alexa through the app, so don’t get worried if the device doesn’t boot up immediately after the reset.

Method #4 Check If Microphone Is Muted

If Alexa can’t hear, it won’t probably dial the number you called. Sometimes, you may have disabled Alexa’s microphone which may result in this inability to make calls through the app.

To check for this, head to the options within your Amazon Alexa app and click on the microphone tab. From there, navigate yourself until you find a slider that should enable the microphone of your Alexa.

Method #5 Ensure Voice Command Is Correct

Sometimes, Alexa may not dial the number you call because you simply pronounce it wrong.

Many users had reported that they’ve entered the contact they are trying to dial through Alexa wrong in their phone, which results in the issue.

You should first go to the contacts within your phone and make sure the number you’re trying to dial is inserted correctly.

The name, the number, and all details which should be included in the voice commands Alexa hears should be written down and pronounced correctly in order for Alexa to dial the number.

You’ve probably realized that there are several things that could prevent Alexa from calling. We’ve listed them all and it appears that besides hardware failure, everything else could be resolved easily at home.

Simply check your network, perform a restart, check the Alexa microphone and ensure everything is inserted rightfully. In case the issue is still there, have you checked if you’ve got cellular coverage?

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why is Alexa calling not working, you can troubleshoot the issue easily following our guide.

In case you’re having real trouble and the issue is still there, you might need to contact Amazon customer service and explain your problem. In the worst-case scenario, the whole inconvenience could turn out to be a faulty microphone.

If you’ve got any other issues with Alexa and its functionality, feel free to check our blog to discover many helpful posts concerning smart home devices.

Nicole B