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Can’t figure out why Alexa responds but no sound and what you can possibly do to prevent that issue from appearing again?

Well, fear not because you have visited the right post.

We will discuss what events may mute your Alexa’s sounds and what methods you can apply to bring her voice back again.

Many users are struggling with identical issues, but luckily for you, there are plenty of things you can do in order to resolve it.

As unbelievable as it may sound, your Alexa’s volume can be turned off which could result in a notification that there is a response from the device but no sound.

Another problem could be the Wi-Fi connectivity and its connection strength.

If the internet that Alexa is connected to is not stable enough, the issue might also occur occasionally.

If none of these tips help, keep reading as we explain in detail what could you do to get your Alexa talking back to you again.

Alexa Connected To Bluetooth But No Sound?

If your Alexa responds, but there isn’t any sound coming out of the device, there might be a greater issue than you might think.

For instance, if the speakers are damaged, this could eventually lead to only response and no feedback coming out of the device.

In contrast, Alexa’s volume can be turned off which you could resolve by accessing the device’s options.

How to Fix Alexa Responds but no Sound Issue?

fix alexa responds but no sound

Read the methods below in order to learn useful methods on how to get your Alexa talking back again.

Method #1 Check If There Is Interference

If your Alexa is connected via Bluetooth to your device, but there isn’t any audio, there is an easy connectivity troubleshooting method you can try.

The issue could be based on some simple interference. In other words, make sure that your Alexa device isn’t close to any objects that can disrupt the connection, such as metal objects, walls, or even baby monitors.

After making sure that your Alexa device isn’t an object of interference, we shall move on to the next method you can try in such situations.

Method #2 Check The W-Fi Connectivity

Another thing that can cause music and media not to play at all, is a poor Wi-Fi connection.

This method should be one of the first things you shall try to troubleshoot this issue because many community guidelines are reporting this method as most successful.

To solve the streaming issue, you can try a few things.

Try reducing the Wi-Fi congestion, which is performed by disabling any currently connected devices that you aren’t using.

This way you can reduce the traffic of your Wi-Fi, which will eventually lead to a better connection.

It is known for many devices that even when turned off, they can still consume a great part of your proper connectivity and probably result in the frustrating Alexa response but no sound issue as followed.

To get the most out of your current internet, you can try resetting your router, which will eventually refresh the network and will contribute to faster Wi-Fi when connected via Bluetooth to your Alexa device.


Keep in mind, that same as Alexa, interference could also damage the network’s connectivity coming out of your router.

Make sure to reposition your router in an open space, and apply the same steps described for Alexa.

Method #3 Check If The Volume Is Low

As mentioned above, one of the common reasons your Alexa could be responding but not talking back is because the volume of the device is turned all the way down.

The way you can check Alexa’s volume is by visiting the design by the manufacturer’s app, which won’t only tell you the volume, but many other important specifics.

Another way to see if the volume of Alexa is low, by using voice commands, such as “Alexa, volume 5”.

Alexa’s volume can go all the way up to 10, so feel free to change it, using the voice commands that suit you best.

After checking if Alexa’s volume is turned all the way to zero, and this doesn’t help you resolve Alexa connected to Bluetooth but no sound, feel free to proceed with our next method.

It is based on some simple steps you could apply to your device.

Method #4 Change The Wake Word

It is known that there is a specific voice command that is used to put Alexa out of sleep mode.

By default, it is set to “Alexa”, but if the device isn’t listening to you at all, you might have accidentally changed the wake word.

We can recommend checking the currently entered wake word, just to see if you have changed it by mistake.

In order to do so, open your Alexa app, head to echo speaker and from the devices, tab go to > Echo & Alexa > Wake Word > Change Wake Word.


Keep in mind that the wake word is based on the Alexa device, and if you own multiple Echo devices, you will have to verify them individually.

After setting the correct wake word, test to see if the issue persists and if it does, feel free to proceed with our next method.

Method #5 Check If the Brief Mode Is Enabled

Commonly, one of the reasons Alexa might respond but not talking to you is because you have the brief mode enabled.

If you are putting Alexa into use often, the verbal feedback could occur disturbing at sometimes.

Amazon manufacturers had designed special features to make Alexa less talkative, which is called the Brief Mode.

When this specific feature is enabled, you will either hear a simple beep or a chime sound after inputting any voice commands which require the device to perform an action.

This exact feature could be the reason why isn’t your Alexa talking back and why Alexa connected to Bluetooth but there isn’t a sound issue that persists.

To resolve the problem, you must head to the device’s settings and disable the mode. This is done by tapping on the three-bar icon located at the top of the home screen.

Next, hit settings and head to voice responses. From there, navigate yourself to the Brief Mode option and turn it off.

Method #6 Check If There Is Paired Bluetooth Device

Often, your Alexa’s voices could be disrupted by other devices connected to Alexa, especially headphones.

Check all of the paired devices and make sure that none is trying to connect.

This way you will be confident that your Alexa’s voice isn’t redirected anywhere and it should be produced by the Bluetooth speakers.

To check the currently paired Bluetooth devices, launch the Alexa app and head to Devices.

Next, find your way to Echo & Alexa and then select the Bluetooth Devices Tab.

From there you should be able to control which devices are currently connected to your Alexa.

Method #7 Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

If your Alexa’s do not disturb mode is enabled, the listening feature will not be enabled.

In other words, even if you command Alexa to do something it will not even register your words.

From within the Alexa app, you can find the do not disturb mode and hopefully, the voice of your device will be back.

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Bottom Line

After having all of this in mind, Alexa responds but no sound should now be an easy issue for you to troubleshoot and eventually get rid of.

This problem could occasionally occur with any Alexa device and making sure that you could properly deal with it is essential.

For related Alexa posts, make sure to visit our technical-based blog and read anything that could be helpful and interesting.

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