why is my kwikset lock blinking red

Asking why is my Kwikset lock blinking red? Here you’ll find the answer!

If your Kwikset is blinking red, this most certainly means that the device is running low on battery.

There are quick fixes to this problem, so we will make sure to guide you through the best solutions out there and solve the blinking red light in minutes!

Your Kwikset is blinking red due to a low battery. The battery compartment could also be entrapped or there is dust inside, blocking the battery’s contact. Besides the power reaching the device you could also be facing a software or hardware issue.

Let’s first review the potential causes for this problem and then move on to the available troubleshooting solutions.

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Why Is My Kwikset Lock Flashing Red?

reasons kwikset blinking red

Red flashes on your Kwikset are well-known to indicate issues with the batteries of the device.

However, there are other possibilities as well, so let’s find out more about the occasions in which the device would be blinking red:

1. Worn-Out Batteries

In such a case, your Kwikset device is running dangerously low on charge, therefore the red light will start blinking until batteries are replaced.

2. No Electricity Contact

If the batteries inside of your Kwikset are not making good contact with the electricity poles, the red light will also start blinking.

3. Dirty Battery Compartment

Even if the batteries are positioned correctly and working, the contact with the poles could be interrupted by dust.

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4. Software Problem

An issue with the software of your Kwikset lock could also result in the red light blinking.

5. Incorrect Master Code

When inserting a wrong master code, your Kwikset lock will blink in red but for a short period of time and not continuously.

6. Hardware Damage

A problem with the hardware of your Kwikset could prevent the charging, therefore, the red light will be blinking.

This was the answer to why is my Kwikset lock blinking red. Let’s now move on to troubleshooting the problem with our proven solutions.

How To Fix Blinking Red Light On Kwikset?

fix kwikset blinking red

Fixing the red light will mainly revolve around the batteries along with the battery compartment.

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However, there are still some software-related fixes you could do in an attempt to resolve the red light easily so let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Power Discharge Kwikset

Before replacing the batteries, you should first attempt to fix the issue by discharging your Kwikset.

This process works by cutting the device’s power by removing the battery pack and then reinserting it again in order to test.

Here’s how to power discharge your Kwikset in easy steps:

  1. Locate the two screws on the side panels of your Kwikset.
  2. Unscrew them using the appropriate screwdriver (Philips screwdriver).
  3. Remove the panel of your Kwikset and expose the battery pack.
  4. Eject the unit from the battery compartment.
  5. Standby for 5 minutes for your Kwikset to discharge.
  6. Re-insert the battery pack and re-assemble the front panel using the 2 screws.
  7. Test.
Note: Before installing the panel, make sure that you’ve inserted the batteries in the correct position and they are making good contact with the electricity poles.

Solution #2 Replace Kwikset Batteries

replace batteries

Your Kwikset has 4 batteries in total in the compartment.

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That’s to say, because if one of the batteries goes faulty, your Kwikset will either start blinking in red or shut down completely until the batteries are replaced.

In that regard, you should replace the batteries of your Kwikset lock in the instructions below:

  1. Unscrew the protection screws on the side panel of your Kwikset.
  2. Take the panel out and pull out the battery pack.
  3. Acquire 4 new batteries (AA alkaline).
  4. Remove the latch of the battery pack and eject all of the old batteries.
  5. Put the new units inside of the pack and install the latch.
  6. Re-insert the pack back into your Kwikset and close the panel.
Note: Once again, make sure that the batteries are properly positioned and make good contact with the electricity poles.

Solution #3 Delete ALL User Codes

If your Kwikset’s LED hasn’t been resolved by now, you should delete all user codes using the master code on your lock.

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Keep in mind that for this purpose, you must have the master code of your Kwikset to enter.

Here’s how to delete all user codes on your Kwikset:

  1. On your Kwikset, press the program button.
  2. Press the lock button once and enter the master code.
  3. On your keypad, hit the “6” button, nine times straight.
  4. Hit the lock button once again.
  5. And then push the “9button six times.
  6. Press the lock button once again.
  7. Open your door and hit the lock button for a final time.
Note: You must hear a beep and see a red blink from your Kwikset three times that indicates that all user's codes were deleted.

Solution #4 Wrong Master Code

Your Kwikset will also blink red if the master code was set incorrectly.

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In other words, Kwikset will blink in red temporarily if you’ve entered an incorrect passcode using the keypad of the device.

In that regard, you should make sure that you’re entering the correct passcode.

Since the master code usage is optional and works as an additional security measure for the sake of your Kwikset’s protection, some of you may not have it implemented.

Note: If you’ve forgotten your master code, jump to the last solution to reset your Kwikset lock. 

There is no alternative way past the forgotten passcode unless resetting your Kwikset lock.

Solution #5 Reset Your Kwikset

reset kwikset

If nothing worked so far, then you should factory reset your Kwikset lock.

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This will not only help with software issues but also resolve any glitches or bugs that are causing your Kwik set to malfunction and blink in red.

Here’s how to reset your Kwikset with easy instructions:

  1. Open your door and extend the latch bolt.
  2. Slide up the cover after uninstalling the screws.
  3. Expose the programming button underneath your lock.
  4. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds.
  5. Wait for the beep and release the button.

Once the reset is done, the LED will flash in red, after which spin in an amber color. You will want to standby until your Kwikset door lock reboots.

When the Kwikset is back up, check whether the red blinking will still be there.

Note: in case the problem persists, you should consider reaching out to the Kwikset support center for more help in regard to your problem.

Thus, to fix the red light on your Kwikset, power cycle your door lock and delete all user codes. Write down the master code correctly and replace the battery of your lock. Lastly, perform a factory reset on the device.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why is my Kwikset lock blinking red, we hope you were able to fix the issue by yourself.

However, if your Kwikset continues to behave weirdly, proceed with seeking professional help and put an end to the blinking red light.

We hope that this post was helpful for you to resolve the blinking red light on your Kwikset and in case you’re having other troubles with your setup make sure to check our technical blog.