how to reset kwikset smart key lock without key

Asking how to reset Kwikset smart key lock without key? You’ve come to the right post!

Resetting your Kwikset smart lock without the key is possible, even if it requires disassembling the device and using internal buttons for the purpose.

If you’ve never reset your Kwikset in such a way before, here you’ll find everything you need to know!

To reset Kwikset smart key lock without using a key, you must first undo the screws on the side and expose the programming button. Press the programming button for 10 seconds and wait for the amber light. Release the button and wait.

The reset process is not complicated at all but in case you’ve never done it before, our in-depth instructions will be extremely helpful so let’s jump right in!

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How To Reset A Kwikset Smart Key Lock?

reset kwikset smart key lock without key

Generally, you can always reset your Kwikset smart key lock without using the passcode.

There’s a button that allows you to reset the key lock by holding it down for a certain amount of time and won’t require you to press the sequence of the key lock.

Note: Apply the steps in consecutive order to avoid further complications.

Step #1 Prepare Your Kwikset

Your first step is to make sure that your Kwikset is prepared to be reset.

It’s important to secure the power source of your Kwikset during the reset to avoid complications.

As long as your Kwikset responds to whenever you press the “lock” button and requires you to enter the passcode, you’re good to go.

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Step #2 Locate The Screws On Kwikset

To uninstall the Kwikset’s cover and expose the reset button you will need to locate the screws on the side panel of the device.

On the newer version of Kwikset, you may not have to look for screws since the compartment is detachable.

locate the screw

For older versions, however, you will see two screws on both of the side panels of the device.

Then you need to acquire the appropriate screwdriver to use, which in most Kwikset key locks is a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step #3 Uninstall Kwikset’s Cover

In order to reset your Kwikset, you must first expose the internal hardware of the device and search for the programming button from there.

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This can happen by unscrewing both of the screws on your Kwikset, using the Philips-headed screwdriver we’ve mentioned earlier.

Undo both of the screws, while rotating your Philips screwdriver to the right position. 

This will cause the screws to fall off, after which you’ll need to secure them by putting them somewhere safe until the time for reinstallation comes.

Step #4 Locate The Programming Button

Once your Kwikset’s cover has been uninstalled, your next step should be to locate the programming button on the internal part of your device.

It should be located on the central part once you open your Kwikset and usually, the button is in black color.

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Note that the button does not have any labels or indications so you would need to locate by the central location and black color.

Once you’ve found the button, let’s move to reset your Kwikset smart key lock.

Step #5 Reset Your Kwikset Lock

reset kwikset lock

Now that you have your Kwikset disassembled and have located the programming button, it’s time to reset the device.

You will want to hold the programming button for 10 seconds. Release the button only when your Kwikset smart key lock’s LED flashes 3 times in red and an amber light follows up.

This means that the Kwikset device has gone through a reset sequence and is now cleanly installing software files.

Note: Resetting your key lock will cause all master codes along with the user codes to be erased. 

Any software configurations and system data will also be affected.

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This is how to reset Kwikset smart key lock without key. Let’s now learn what to do after the reset is complete.

What To Do After Kwikset Is Reset?

If you’ve just performed a reset on your Kwikset smart key lock, there are some configurations you should do, including the creation of a new passcode.

Tip: Make sure to determine and secure the passcode you will be using, beforehand.

Let’s begin with putting your Kwikset back together:

Reinstall Kwikset Compartment

Now that you no longer need access to the internal part of your Kwikset, it’s time to reinstall the compartment.

Here’s how to reinstall the compartment of your Kwikset:

  1. Grab the two screws you’ve put to safety earlier in the guide.
  2. Position the compartment that covers the internal hardware of your Kwikset.
  3. Place the two screws in the holes of the compartment.
  4. With your Philips-headed screwdriver, tighten the screws.
Note: Make sure not to overdo the screws and damage the plastic of the compartment cover.

2 Create New Passcode

after lock reset

After resetting your Kwikset, you will have to create a new passcode to lock and unlock your device.

Note: The default passcode after reset or after installing your Kwikset for the first time is “0000”.

Here is how to add a custom passcode:

  1. Hit the lock button on your Kwikset and type “0000”.
  2. Press the lock button again and then select “1” from the keypad.
  3. Enter the new user code (and make sure to write it down so you don’t forget).
  4. Finally, hit the lock button again to verify the combination.
Once the setup is complete, make sure to test your new passcode to check if everything was configured properly.

Thus, to reset Kwikset smart door lock, first prepare your device and take out the panel protecting the internal hardware. Locate the programming button and press it down for 10 seconds. Release the button once your Kwikset blinks 3 times.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to reset Kwikset smart key lock without key and what to do after the reset, it is all up to you now.

As long as you’re following our instructions, you shouldn’t have any issues resetting your device and setting it up once the reset is one!

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