kwikset smartcode lock won't unlock

Your Kwikset SmartCode lock won’t unlock and you don’t know what to do?

You need to bypass the unlock. Moreover, we will explain in detail how to fix your Kwikset smart lock and unlock the device in no time!

If the Kwikset SmartCode lock doesn’t unlock, ensure that you’re writing the correct smart code down. Check if something is blocking the bolt of the door and that the bolt hole is deep enough for the door’s lock to go in. Lastly, factory reset your Kwikset.

With that being said, let’s review what could be preventing your Kwikset from unlocking in the list below.

Why The Kwikset SmartCode Lock Won’t Unlock?

There could be several problems preventing your Kwikset from unlocking. One of the more major ones is the incorrect movement of the door’s bolt.

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If the bolt got stuck or moved into an unnatural position, even if you’re entering your smart code correctly, the door won’t unlock.

We’ve summarized the causes in the list below so you could get a better idea:

1. Incorrect Code

First of all, you could be entering an incorrect smart code when attempting to cause your Kwikset to unlock.

2. Low Batteries

If your Kwikset has run out of batteries or is running dangerously low on charge, it won’t unlock your door.

3. Hardware Problem

Incorrect movement of the bolt or damaged piece of your Kwikset’s mechanical part could also prevent your door from unlocking.

 Let’s now proceed to troubleshoot the issue with the best solutions out there.

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How To Fix Kwikset SmartCode Lock Can’t Unlock?

fix kwikset smartcode lock won't unlock

There are many solutions to this problem, and we will make sure to cover most of them.

In that regard, make sure to apply our solutions consecutively for the best results.

Here’s how to fix your Kwikset smart lock that doesn’t unlock.

Solution #1 Execute Handing Process

You must perform a handling process after setting up your Kwikset for the first time or after a factory reset.

The door handling is a process that your Kwikset uses to determine whether the deadbolt is facing left or right.

If not performed, the bolt could have gone the wrong way and this is why you’re unable to unlock your door.

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Here’s how to execute the handling process on your Kwikset device:

  1. Take out the two screws on the side of the device holding the front panel.
  2. Locate the Program button and press it while taking out the battery pack.
  3. Proceed to hold the program button and reinsert the battery pack.
  4. Wait for the latch bolt to gain orientation of the bolt hole.
Note: Make sure to keep holding the program button while taking it out and then putting the battery pack back in.

Solution #2 Enter Valid User Code

use valid code

Your Kwikset might be refusing to unlock if you’re entering an invalid user code.

In that regard, your next step should be to make sure that you’re entering the smart lock code correctly so that you’re able to unlock your Kwikset device.

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Resetting Powerbolt’s user code can work by following the steps below:

  1. Insert a working key and turn it 1/ 4 clockwise.
  2. Insert and then remove the smart key learning tool along with the key afterward.
  3. Put the new key and turn again but this time 1/ 2 counter-clockwise.

If you’re using an older Kwikset smart lock, generally, you’re able to reset the user code by performing a factory reset.

With the Powerbolt models of Kwikset however, you can reset the user code by inserting a valid key into your door and triggering a smart code change process.

Solution #3 Replace Kwikset Batteries

If your Kwikset is running low on charge or has lost electricity at all, it won’t be able to perform simple functions, such as unlocking your door.

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In that regard, you should replace your Kwikset batteries to solve the unlocking problem.

Here’s how to replace your Kwikset door lock’s batteries:

  1. Take out the front panel of your Kwikset.
  2. Grab the battery case and pull it out.
  3. Open the case’s cover and take out the batteries.
  4. Insert a fresh set of 4 batteries (4x AA’s).
  5. Install the cover of the battery case and insert it back into your Kwikset.
Note: Make sure that you’re inserting the batteries in the correct position in the case so they make contact with the electricity poles.

Solution #4 Reset Your Kwikset

reset kwikset lock

If nothing worked so far, then the next step is to factory reset your Kwikset. This will solve any software bugs or glitches your smart door lock may have developed, hopefully resolving the issue with the unlocking.

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Here’s how to factory reset your Kwikset smart door lock:

  1. Take out the front panel of the device by undoing the screws on the side.
  2. Expose the internal hardware of the device.
  3. Locate the programming button and press it for 30 seconds.
  4. Wait for the 3 red flashes of your Kwikset device and let go of the button.
Note: Make sure not to take out the battery case during the reset to avoid additional software damage

Since many users are having issues with locking the Kwikset as well, next we’ll review potential causes and then proven solutions to work with.

Why Does The Kwikset Refuse To Lock?

Here are some of the causes that are preventing your Kwikset from locking itself:

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Incorrect bolt movement – If the bolt of your door isn’t entering the bolt hole appropriately, Kwikset won’t be able to lock your door.

Bolt hole problem – An issue with the bolt hole in your door could also result in incorrect bolt movement.

Wrong locking sequence – Not doing the locking process correctly could result in your Kwikset being unable to lock the door appropriately.

How To Fix Kwikset Lock Won’t Lock?

fix if won't lock

Fixing your Kwikset whenever it is unable to lock your door involves simple steps.

Here are a few workarounds you can use to solve the problem in a matter of minutes:

1. Deepen Bolt Hole

Your Kwikset might be moving the bolt of your door, but the bolt hole is not deep enough. In such a case, the bolt of your door won’t be able to fully extend and therefore won’t lock your door.

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2. Incorrect Door Placement

It’s possible that the door’s bolt is getting blocked by the door’s frame. In that regard, you should reposition your door so that the bolt goes into the bolt hole.

Check the door’s hinges and determine if they’ve dropped the door slightly. Correct the position.

3. Over-Tighten Screws

Users suggest not tightening the screws that are securing the exterior keypad of your Kwikset (located slightly at the bottom of the left and side panel).

Make sure that they aren’t overdone and try locking your door again.

If none of our solutions helped, consider contacting a technician for additional assistance.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix Kwikset smart code door lock not unlocking, hard reset the device and replace the batteries. Enter a valid user code and execute the handling process correctly. Lastly, perform a factory reset on your Kwikset door lock.

Now that you know why Kwikset SmartCode lock won’t unlock and why sometimes it does not want to lock, the rest is up to you.

We hope that our solutions will cover enough ground to resolve both the unlocking and locking problems with your Kwikset setup.