kwikset smart lock beeping

Wondering what the Kwikset smart lock beeping means and how to stop it? Kwikset can beep differently, based on what is happening with the device.

The beeping doesn’t necessarily mean a fault with the device, in most cases it means that the device is either running low on battery or has trouble locking itself.

To fix the beeping of your Kwikset smart lock, first hard reset the device and replace the batteries. The next step is to check if the auto-lock is correctly set up and if nothing helps, perform a software factory reset on your Kwikset smart lock.

Let’s learn more about the beeping before proceeding with the actual solutions methods.

Why Does The Kwikset Smart Lock Keeps Beeping?

reasons for kwikset beeping

The beeping of your Kwikset smart lock could mean a few different things.

The device could either be running low on battery or the smart lock feature is auto-locking your door when closed.

In that regard let’s learn what each of the beep and LED indications means:

1 Short Beep & Red Light

If you hear one short beep that lasts around half a second and one long red flash (around 5 seconds), it means that your Kwikset device is auto-locking your door.

In other words, as soon as the door is closed, it will be locked and will require a passcode to be opened.

1 Long Beep

In case your Kwikset smart lock is making 1 long beep and then stops for a short break before it starts again, it means that the turnpiece is in the locked position.

In other words, the door of your Kwikset has locked itself with the turnpiece and requires it to be turned for the door to be unlocked.

10 Short Beeps & 10 Short Flashes In Red

If your Kwikset smart lock is beeping red, it certainly means that the device is running low on battery.

To resolve the beeping only our Kwikset smart lock, proceed with the solutions below.

How To Fix Kwikset Smart Lock Beeping?

fix kwikset smart lock beeping

Now that we’ve got the causes for the problem aside, we shall move to troubleshooting the beeping on your Kwikset.

Here’s how to resolve the beeping on your Kwikset smart lock easily:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Kwikset

If the device is beeping in red color, the first thing to do is to hard reset your device.

This process involves re-inserting the batteries of your Kwikset out and back into the compartment in order to discharge the robot.

Here’s how to hard reset your Kwikset device easily:

  1. Locate the two screws on the side panel of your Kwikset.
  2. Undo them using a Philips screwdriver.
  3. Take the front paneloff and expose the batteries.
  4. Eject the batteries from the electric poles.
  5. Wait for 60 seconds and re-insert the batteries.
  6. Put the compartment of your Kwikset back into place.
Note: Ensure you’ve inserted the batteries on the correct side, so they power your Kwikset’s electricity poles.

Solution #2 Disable Auto-Locking

disable autolocking

If your Kwikset smart lock beeping red, then you might have enabled the auto-locking feature.

Having the auto-locking enabled would practically cause your door to lock instantly as soon as it closed and will flash in red once.

Note: The feature is disabled by default. If you’ve enabled it, this is the reason why your Kwikset is flashing red every time you close the door.

Here’s how to disable the auto-locking feature:

  1. Open the device door.
  2. Enter the existing passcode you’ve created.
  3. Press the lock button once and wait for the beep.
  4. Press 1 and then 1 again.
  5. Press the lock button again.
  6. Wait for the two beeps.
Note: Two beeps mean that the auto-locking has been enabled and three beeps mean that it has been disabled.

This is how you enable/disable the auto-locking. Your device should no longer beep or flash in red color. In case the problem is still there, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #3 Replace The Batteries

If your Kwikset wasn’t blinking due to enabled auto-locking, it is almost certain that there is a fault with the batteries.

In such a case, you should replace the battery with a brand-new unit to solve the problem.

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your Kwikset smart lock:

  1. Undo both of the screws on the side and take the panel out.
  2. Expose the CR2025 battery and take it out gently.
  3. Insert the new battery inside the compartment.
  4. Re-install the compartment.
Note: The start after replacing the batteries might take a little longer than usual due to the fresh charge that is entering your device.

Solution #4 Reset Your Kwikset

reset kwikset

If the beeping and blinking don’t seem to stop even after replacing the batteries, you should try factory resetting your Kwikset.

To factory reset your Kwikset, follow these instructions:

  1. Undo both of the screws on the side panel.
  2. Pull the compartment out and expose the reset button (it should be in the middle of the internal motherboard).
  3. Hold the button for 30 seconds and wait for the singular beep.
  4. Your device is going to reboot.
Note: Resetting your Kwikset will cause all software configurations and temporarily saved information to be erased. 

Make sure to save anything you would like to restore after.

Kwikset Smart Lock Won’t Stop Beeping?

If nothing helped you resolve the problem from the solutions above, it is possible that the problem isn’t related to beeping.

Instead, you should focus on the LED. Since the red LED on your Kwikset indicates mainly for issues with the battery, it’s recommended to attempt the following workarounds:

Reset The Passcode

Your Kwikset might be blinking if you’re entering an incorrect passcode. You can bypass the current lock by factory resetting your device using the instructions above.

Once you’ve done that, you should create a brand-new passcode that you should enter correctly at all times to avoid the beeping and blinking.

Note: Write your passcode down to make sure you will remember the syntax.

Reinstall Kwikset App

reinstall kwikset app

Users recommended reinstalling the Kwikset app, in case any random LEDs start flashing.

In that regard, you would need to enter your smartphone’s storage and delete the application. Then enter the respective App Store and cleanly install the application.

What will really help is the fact that you would need to re-pair your Kwikset to the application and check if that would solve the problem.

Once both devices are connected, restart your Kwikset smart lock and check if the beeping or flashing is still there.

Note: In case the problem persists, the best next step is to contact Kwikset customer service for professional assistance.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the beeping on Kwikset, start with a hard reset on the device. Then replace the battery and disable the auto-locking feature. Next, generate a new passcode and re-install the mobile application. If nothing helped, perform a factory reset.

Now that you know why Kwikset smart lock beeping and how to fix the issue you should be able to prevent the device from beeping further.

However, in case the problem persists and you’re out of ideas, contact Kwikset to identify if your device is faulty and if it would need a repair or replacement.

Nicole B