kwikset keypad lock not working

Don’t know why is the Kwikset keypad lock not working? No problem!

Kwikset keyboards have a smart lock feature that allows you to enter a passcode and lock the device completely.

However, the smart lock features have some workarounds and you could often face issues if you have made a mistake during the process.

To fix the Kwikset keypad lock, first, reboot the device and replace its batteries. Then, carry out the smart lock feature setup process correctly. In case something is still not working, factory reset the device and solve the problem.

Since the reason behind the problem is still not clear, let’s proceed with discussing some well-known issues of this nature.

Why Is The Kwikset Keypad Door Lock Not Working?

There could be a variety of causes for this problem. This is why knowing the possibilities will later help you solve the problem faster so let’s see what could be causing this issue: 

1. System Interface

An issue with the interface of the device might cause the keypad door lock to stop working.

2. Already Existing Code

If a lock code is already activated on your Kwikset keypad door lock, you will be unable to input an alternative one.

3. Battery Issue

Your Kwikset keypad might be too low on charge and the keypad won’t be working until further notice.

4. Screen Not Online

The screen of your Kwikset keypad might not be online and you won’t be able to either lock or unlock the keypad.

5. Wrong Password

If you’re trying to unlock the keypad, you might be inputting an incorrect password and the keypad will remain locked.

Those were all of the possible problems that could have occurred with your Kwikset keypad door lock. Let’s now proceed with addressing each of them.

How To Fix Kwikset Smart Lock Keypad Not Working?

fix kwikset keypad lock not working

After understanding what are the potential problems that are occurring with your smart lock keypad, it would be easier to navigate through the solutions and execute the correct one.

With that being said, here’s how to fix the smart lock keypad of your Kwikset device:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Kwikset

There is an easy way to hard reset, hence, restart your Kwikset.

Moreover, the hard reset includes re-inserting the battery of your device so you could refresh any system bugs or glitches the device has developed.

Here’s how to hard reset your Kwikset device easily:

  1. Examine the left and side panels of your Kwikset.
  2. Locate the 2 separate screws on both of the sides.
  3. Grab the appropriate screwdriver and undo the screws.
  4. Pull the cover towards you until it comes off (don’t use too much force).
  5. Locate the battery pack above the device.
  6. Pull it out and listen for the disconnection click.
  7. Re-insert the battery.
  8. Install the cover back on the device.
Note: Make sure that you’re placing the battery into its correct position when reinstalling it, otherwise, the device won’t get any power, therefore it won’t start.

Solution #2 Setup The Smart Lock Correctly

setup the lock correctly

There is a chance that you’re not setting up the smart lock correctly, therefore your Kwikset will refuse to lock.

In that regard, we will guide you through the complete setup process of your Kwikset’s smart keypad lock feature.

Here’s how to set up the smart lock correctly:

  1. Open your door.
  2. Remove the cover of the batteries.
  3. Hit the button on your Kwikset labeled “Program”.
  4. Tap on, “Enter new user code”.
  5. Insert your new passcode and press the lock button.
  6. Wait for the green flash.
Alert: Make sure to remember the passcode you’ve input into your Kwikset, so you will be able to unlock it later.

Solution #3 Enter Your Old Passcode

If your Kwikset keypad already has an existing passcode, this might be the reason why the lock is not working.

In case you’re trying to lock your Kwikset with a new passcode, while there is a previous one active, you’ll need to remove it beforehand.

The fastest way to remove an old lock is to go to the Settings > Security > Smart Lock in your Kiwkset’s menu and input your old password.

Only then, you will be allowed to set up the preferences for the new passcode and how exactly you want it to work.

Solution #4 Replace Kwikset Batteries

replace the batteries

The next step is to replace the batteries of your Kwikset device to solve the problem.

The lock may not have enough power to execute the passcode sequence and therefore lock your door from being opened.

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your Kwikset lock device in easy instructions:

  1. Undo both of the screws on your Kwikset as you did in solution #1.
  2. Take the compartment cover out of your Kwikset.
  3. Remove the battery from the compartment.
  4. Insert the new battery into the position and connect it two the poles.
  5. Re-install Kwikset’s compartment.
Note: Kwikset uses a CR2025 battery.

Solution #5 Reset Your Lock

In case the Kwikset keypad lock not working even after all previous attempts, we suggest resetting your lock.

This will erase the active lock, along with all software configurations you’ve made to the device so far.

reset kwikset lock

Here’s how to factory reset Kwikset lock in an easy step-to-step guide:

  1. Access the interior of your Kwikset lock device.
  2. Remove the battery cover and take the internal battery out.
  3. Locate the program button on the panel of the device.
  4. Hold the program button and insert the battery.
  5. Continue holding the button for about 30 seconds after inserting the battery.
  6. Wait for the LED indicator to flash in red (this means a reset is starting).
  7. Release the program button and then click it again once.
  8. Wait for the lock to beep twice and for the green flash.
  9. Your lock has been successfully reset!
Note: Retry the steps until you successfully reset your Kwikset keypad lock.

If resetting your lock couldn’t help solve the problem either, perhaps you should consider contacting the Kwikset support team if the warranty of your device hasn’t been voided.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the smart lock on Kwikset, first hard reset the device and replace the internal battery. Next, enter your old passcode and attempt to insert a new one. Lastly, perform a factory reset to revert ALL default settings and solve the problem.

Now that you know why Kwikset keypad lock not working and have learned how to resolve the problem, the rest is up to you.

If you hesitate at any time, contact Kwikset for additional recommendations in regard to the solution to this problem.

Nicole B