how to turn off sap on vizio tv

Wondering how to turn off sap on Vizio TV?

SAP stands for Secondary Audio Programming which straight-up represents and provides audio tracks in a language that differs from your TV’s native one.

In other words, by enabling the SAP feature you will be able to enjoy the audio content that isn’t in your native language on your Vizio TV.

Let’s now see how to disable it.

A way to turn off the sap on your Vizio TV is to click on the menu button using your remote and head to the Audio tab.

From there, navigate to the SAP option, which could also be labeled as “MS” in some Vizio TVs, and disable the option by clicking the “OK” button.

This is the quickest and most effective way to disable the SAP on a Vizio TV and further in the post, we will discuss all this in detail.

So, if you’re having trouble getting rid of this feature, keep reading to find out why.

How To Turn Off Sap on Vizio Smart TV?

how to turn off sap feature on vizio tv

To turn off the Sap on your Vizio smart TV we recommend following our steps, regardless of your firmware version.

The way of turning off the sap feature is quite universal and could be applied on most smart TVs and not only Vizio.

To turn off the Sap feature on your Vizio smart TV, follow the steps below.

Step #1. Turn on your Vizio TV using the remote.

Step #2. Head to the Menu by clicking the featured button on your remote.

Step #3. Scroll down to the Audio tab and select it.

Step #4. Navigate to the Sap Feature (highlight it) and click OK.

Step #5. Select the Disable or Off button on the screen and you are ready to go!

Easy as that, you have now disabled the Sap feature on your Vizio smart TV.

Keep in mind that the process could be different among the Vizio TVs due to the different software versions.

We have provided you with you the most universal method, shared by most of the community guidelines related to Vizio TV.

Another thing you should be aware of when turning your Sap off is that you might also want to enable the Stereo or Mono sound options.

Those could provide you with a similar experience to Sap, but you might just find something among those sound options that suits you better.

We encourage you to try any of these sound option solutions if the Sap feature doesn’t seem to work in your case.

What Is Second Audio Programming (SAP)?

Now when you know how to disable/enable the SAP feature we will try to explain it to you in the most accessible manner.

As we already described in the introduction the SAP feature is related to the audio language of your Vizio smart TV.

For instance, if your native language is English and you establish an antenna, the channels you’re accessing might have a Spanish narration.

Getting familiar with the feature could help you easily learn how to disable Sap on Vizio TV and most importantly how to use it.

In that regard, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions by users having difficulties with the SAP feature.

How To Use Second Audio Programming?

To use the SAP feature on your Vizio TV you must first enable it.

You can do so the same way as disabling the feature from your TV menu.

All you have to do is head to the settings of the corresponding channels and navigate to the captions tab.

From there, you will even be able to configure the width, length, and position of your subtitles.

You can even choose a suitable spot that won’t interfere with the channel you are currently watching.

How To Configure Second Audio Programming?

Sometimes when installing an antenna, the channels you are going to be provided with could be in Spanish translations.

This of course could be due to your Sap feature enabled and to prevent this issue from persisting you have to locate the SAP feature within your TV.

Some community guidelines discuss that they cannot locate the Sap button either on their Vizio TV or remote.

The problem is often related to outdated software, where an update is required.

If however, your Vizio TV is running the latest OS and you may still be able to locate where the SAP feature is.

Here we will recommend suggest seeking further assistance with the manufacturers to learn how to turn off Sap on Vizio Smart TV.

Commonly, local stations that provide your TV with antenna channels could experience issues.

So before making any further decisions, make sure to wait for a few hours to see if the problem will persist.

Still Don’t Know How to Turn Off SAP on Vizio TV?

In case you are still struggling to turn off the sap feature within your Vizio TV, there might be a more complex issue that is preventing you from doing so.

In such cases, you still have some options left, so let’s take a look at what you can do.

Troubleshoot Vizio TV

Sometimes, the narrator that is enabled due to the Sap feature could be provided from the channel.

In such cases, we recommend changing the channel or enabling captions from the settings as we have mentioned above.

The majority of the channel’s broadcast viewers could be foreign and the Sap feature could permanently be enabled here.

The recommendation here would be to restart your TV and even further, reset your TV. But before taking any action check the other option you’ve got.

Contact Manufacturer

Before you start troubleshooting your Vizio TV you should first try to get in touch with Vizio customer service.

The support team will definitely be able to help you if you’re not able to disable the SAP feature. Feel free to leave an email or even call them if necessary.

Don’t forget to include what you have tried here to speed up the process and get feedback faster than usual.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you know how to turn off Sap on Vizio TV and most importantly how to use it.

We have made sure to include every possible outcome of disabling the feature and help you as much as possible in the execution process.

However, this inconvenience could always be related to the channel and not your TV features so by disabling SAP you will know.

For similar posts related to Vizio TV, make sure to visit our technical-related blog specialized in answering and resolving such issues.

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