sony tv wont turn on after power outage

If Sony TV won’t turn on after power outage, it is possible that it has an issue. You are not alone since several Sony owners have complained about this same problem.

The best thing is that you can apply various techniques to resolve the issue, and your device will be back to normal.

Let us look at the possible causes of this problem and how we can troubleshoot them.

If your Sony TV fails to turn on after a power outage, it may be due to a failure on your power source. The circuit breaker tripped off, or your power cables are faulty. Reset the TV to resolve the issue or call a TV expert to handle any hardware issue on your device.

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Reasons Why Sony TV Won’t Turn On After Power Outage

Have you had a power outage for some two hours while in the middle of your best episode, then your Sony TV fails to turn on after this period? I know it can be quite frustrating.

So, what causes this issue? Below are some possible causes that you may need to check.

  • You have a flipped circuit breaker
  • Your power source is faulty
  • You have faulty cables
  • The circuit board is burnt
  • The capacitor is leaky

Note: If your TV has an issue, you think you cannot repair, always have an electrician fix it for you.

Once you tamper with a sensitive part of your TV, it might cost you more than buying a new TV.

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What To Do When Sony TV Won’t Turn On After Power Outage

fix sony tv wont turn on after power outage

If your Sony Bravia TV fails to turn after a power outage (or any Sony Models), you can fix it using any of the methods below.

If the first one does not solve the issue, do not get tired of trying the rest of the methods.

Solution #1: Reset your TV

Resetting your TV should be the very first thing you may opt to do when your TV fails to turn on after a power outage.

It could be that your TV’s software underwent some complications, hence causing the TV to refuse to turn on when the power comes back.

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So, resetting it should clear any of this software issue. You should note that resetting will erase all data in your TV, including Wi-Fi, other TV settings, and other configurations.

You can reset it manually using these easy steps.

  1. Turn the TV off completely
  2. Remove the TV’s power outlet from the wall socket
  3. Allow the TV to rest for a few minutes
  4. Connect the TV’s power cord back to the socket
  5. Turn on the TV

Your TV should now turn on correctly. If not, proceed with the next troubleshooting technique.

Solution #2: Confirm If Your Circuit Breaker Is In Good Condition

If your Sony TV fails to turn on completely and shows no power at all, your circuit breaker may be tripped, hence no power flow.

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Your circuit breaker tends to flip when there are power outages on most occasions.

The solution is to check if your circuit breaker switch is on. If it is flipped, kindly turn it on. After flipping it back, your TV should power on.

Solution #3: Check Your Power Sources

One of the issues that can cause your TV to go blank all of a sudden or fail to power on is the power source.

If power is not on your TV, the power source has an issue. It is possible that the TV cable is spoiled or the socket has malfunctioned.

So, you first need to check if the socket has power. You can remove the cable from the socket, then plug in another adapter and use it on a different device.

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If it fails to allow heat to flow, then the socket is the issue.

If the socket flows power to another device, your power cable might be the problem. Try using a different cable from the power outlet to your TV and see if the issue resolves.

Then you may know whether to change the cable or the power outlet.

Method #4: Leaky Capacitor

If your Sony TV fails to turn on after a power outage, the capacitor may be faulty.

If you are confident enough to open your TV’s circuit board, you can check if this is true.

You can confirm if the capacitors have any signs of wear. The capacitor’s top should be flat and not bulgy.

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Check also if the circuit board has burn marks, discolorations, or other signs that will show that it is not in good condition.

After checking the capacitors, you may also need to check transistors. Use a multimeter to check them for continuity.

It is possible that since these transistors are on the heatsinks, they got burnt, hence causing a poor supply of power to your TV.

The solution will be to replace any faulty device with a new one. Do it if you can, but do not hesitate to call an electrician to handle the case if you are not sure.

Method #5: Low Voltage

When there is a power outage, it is possible that it will not have enough strength to power on your device when the power comes back.

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So, it is likely that your Sony TV fails to power on due to lack of enough power supply.

The solution would be to wait until the electricity gains back its strength. If it does not happen, you will need to measure the voltage available on your cables. Then, you can upgrade the wires.

Method #6: Get A Technician To Check Your TV

Have you tried the above methods, but none has worked? Kindly keep on reading.

It is possible that your TV has another issue that only an electrician needs to check.

It is possible that your TV’s appliances got electric shocks during the power outage. So, the TV may not power on.

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Hence, it would be best to get a professional electricity personnel to check the TV for you. He should review and determine the cause of the problem, why it occurred, and be able to solve it apparently.

Method #7: Contact Support

Have you tried the above troubleshooting methods, but your TV still fails to power on?

The issue could be beyond repair. If you have a valid warranty, you can contact Sony customer support.

They can help you solve the problem. If your warranty is invalid, you can still contact them, and they can solve the issue at a small fee.

Your Sony TV will not power on after a power outage due to faulty cables, power source, a flipped circuit breaker, or leaky capacitor. You can reset the TV to see if it works or get an electrician to correct these issues for you.

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If your Sony TV won’t turn on after power outage, it is probably due to some faulty cables, leaky capacitor, or a faulty power source.

You can resolve the issue using any of the methods we have outlined above.

If the methods fail, do not hesitate to contact Sony customer care to deal with the issue. You should then have your TV back to normal.