sony tv screen goes black randomly

If your Sony TV screen goes black randomly, you can be frustrated, especially if you do not know why it happens.

However, you can always resolve this issue using easy and simple methods. What you need is time and willingness to try out.

Sony TV screen goes black randomly because the power saving mode or sleep time is on. A malfunctioning remote or a faulty HDMI cable can also be the reason.

See below how you can fix this issue.

Why Sony TV goes Black Randomly

Various reasons are behind your random Sony TV black screen. Below are some of them:

  • Power saver or energy saver mode is on.
  • The sleep timer is on.
  • Store mode or demo mode is on
  • An HDMI port has a problem.
  • An HDMI cable is faulty.
  • The TV software is outdated.
  • Your TV remote control is faulty.

Note: Fixing a Sony TV can be pretty costly. When you try to fix any of the issues above, please be careful when handling your device. Call an expert whenever you are not sure.

How To Fix A Sony TV Screen That Randomly Goes Black

fix sony tv screen goes black randomly

If your Sony TV screen suddenly went black while watching your favorite show, you can hold your peace.

We have provided you with ways to solve it, and you can be sure none will take your hours.

Fix #1: Turn Off the Power-Saving Mode

When the power-saving mode is on, your Sony TV will go on standby mode.

Hence, the screen will appear black, and you will probably hear a sound. You will need to turn off this mode.

These steps can help.

  1. Using your Sony TV remote, access the Home menu.
  2. Click on system settings.    
  3. Select Eco, then click to turn it off.

If your device is Sony Android, you will need to go to the home menu followed by Settings, Power, then turn off the Eco mode.

Power off and on your TV, and check if the problem is resolved. If not, go to the next step.

Fix #2: Turn Off the Sleep Timer

Just like the eco mode causes your TV to go on a standby mode, so do sleep timers.

You may need to turn it off because probably someone set it on without you knowing.

Here is how you can do it on your non-Android Sony TV.

  1. Press the Home on your TV’s remote
  2. Click System settings
  3. Select Timers or clock, and turn it off

If you are using an Android Sony TV, click the Home button, select settings, then date and time. Choose automatic date and time, then turn it off.

When the sleep timer is on, your TV goes off after some intervals. Put on your TV to see if it still behaves that way. If so, keep on reading and trying.

Fix #3: Turn Off the Demo Mode

When the demo mode is on, it limits some functionality of your TV. Retailers use this feature to display how your TV functions.

However, it causes issues like your TV turning off randomly. So, you may need to disable it or turn it off.

Here we go.

  1. Use your remote to go to Home.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Select Device preferences followed by Retail mode settings.
  4. Locate picture reset and demo modes and set them off.

Check again if there is any change on your device. If not, do not get tired; let us keep going.

Fix #4: Check the HDMI Port

Your HDMI port may have spoiled. You can check if it is so by trying a different HDMI port.

Unplug your TV’s HDMI cable and plug it into a different input. Check if the problem goes away.

Fix #5: Change the HDMI Cable

If you have tried plugging your HDMI cable into a different port but your TV black screen issue is still there, the problem might be your cable. It might be faulty or has a short.

You may need to replace it with a brand new cable. It should also be a high-speed cable, such as HDMI 2.0. 

Plug the cable into its input port to check if the black screen issue goes away.

Fix #6: Check Your Remote Control

If your remote has an issue, it can also cause a black screen. Probably, there is a place that you might be clicking without your knowledge, causing the screen to turn black.

The remote might also be having stuck buttons that click themselves.

Remove the batteries from your remote, then control your TV manually.

Power off and on the TV, then wait for a while to see if the issue is still there. If the issue disappears, then your remote is the cause of the problem.

Replace the remote’s batteries, and you will say goodbye to random black screens.

Fix #7: Check External Devices

External devices include USB, antenna, HDMI, LAN, etc., apart from the AC adaptor cord.

Remove these devices and check if the issue resolves. If so, return each device one by one until you reach the one that causes the TV to go black.

I know this process is cumbersome. But if it solves the issue, then why complain. Kindly try it out.

Fix #8: Power Reset The TV

Power resetting, unlike factory resetting, only reboots your device without restoring it to default settings.

So, you may not need to worry that you will lose your TV settings. It can also solve your black screen issues. Let us see how you can power reset your Sony TV.

Press your TV remote and hold it for about 5 seconds. Your TV will then restart, but you will see a shutting down message on the screen.

Some models will also give you the restart option on the screen. So, you may only need to click it to restart your device. Your TV will then shut down then restart after about one minute.

Fix #9: Update Your TV’s Firmware

If your TV is not running on the latest or updated software, it is likely to have such issues as the random black screen. Always ensure that your TV’s firmware is updated.

Check below how to update it.

  1. Using your supplied Sony TV remote, click the Quick settings button.
  2. Select settings. Followed by System, then About.
  3. Click on System software update.
  4. Choose Software update to update the software manually.

Ensure you also turn on automatic software update so that the System can download any new software automatically when connected to the internet.

If you have an Android Sony TV, use your remote button to go to the Home menu, then click Help.

Choose status & diagnostics followed by System software update. Update the software manually by selecting software update.

Ensure that you turn on this feature always to get the latest software updates.

Fix #10: Factory Reset The TV

Factory resetting your TV solves various issues; we cannot exempt a random black screen.

This method erases all settings and restores them to default. So, any setting that causes the black screen can be resolved in the process.

See below how you can factory reset your Sony TV.

  1. Press home on your Sony TV remote.
  2. Scroll down, then select settings.
  3. Choose storage and reset
  4. Click on restore to factory settings
  5. Choose erase all data, then confirm your option.

Your TV will turn off after it finishes repairing itself. Wait for a few minutes, then turn it on. You should now be happy that you will not see a black screen again.

Sony TV Screen still goes Black Randomly

Have you tried the above measures, but you still have a random black screen on your Sony TV?

You will need to contact Sony TV customer support. It would be best if you still have a valid warranty.

If you do not have it, you can still contact them since they may resolve the issue at a small fee and in a sure way, unlike other outside technicians.

Ensure that the sleep timer, store, and energy-saving modes in your Sony TV are off if your TV screen randomly goes black.

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If your Sony TV screen goes black randomly, you should not be worried. The above methods are simple and very ideal to fix the problem.

The best thing is that you may not need a pro to do it for you. Try each one of them until you are good to go.

Nicole B