how to change input on Sony TV without remote

Are you wondering about how to change input on Sony TV without remote?

Maybe it seems quite impossible to you, and the only way you thought this could happen is by using a remote.

Not really; you can use various ways to change your Sony TV input. Please read below to understand these methods and how you can use them.

To change your Sony TV input without remote, press the input button on your TV. You will see input options on your screen. Repeatedly click the input button to select an input.

Can You Change Input on Sony TV Without Remote?

Yes. You do not need a remote to change the input on your Sony TV. You can do it manually or engage your phone.

Below are several methods you can apply.

How to Change Input on Sony TV without Remote

change input on Sony TV without remote

Method #1: Use the TV Buttons

  1. Locate the Input button at the back of your Sony TV and press it.
  2. The screen will display the input sources.
  3. Press the Input button repeatedly to scroll through the list.
  4. Once you reach the option you wish, stop scrolling.

The option will be chosen after 3 seconds.

Method #2: Use A Mouse

Connecting a mouse to your Sony TV is another easier method to change input on your TV.

This method can be so helpful, especially if your remote batteries are worn out or when the remote is not working.

All you need to do to connect a wired mouse to your Sony TV via a USB port on your TV. Wait for a few seconds, and the cursor will appear on your TV screen.

What if you do not have a mouse on your TV? You can proceed to the next method on how to change input on Sony TV without remote.

Method #3: Mobile Remote

Did you know that you can make a remote controller on your Smartphone and control your Sony TV with it? I know it can sound weird, but it is possible.

All you need to do is download an IR app from the Google Play Store or App store for your respective phone.

Some phones have IR blasters. Hence, you can simply use them to control your Sony TV. However, such phones are the old models and may include HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy 6.

Note: Your Sony TV remote needs an IR or infrared pointer to work appropriately and establish a connection. 

Once you launch the IR app on your mobile phone, it will automatically connect to your TV.

You will then need to find access to the key command tab. Scroll through until you locate the source button. You can now choose the correct input source, and you will be good to go.

Tip: To use this method, your TV must have a network connection. If you do not have it, consider using a mouse as per the above method to establish a network.

Method #4: Consider A Universal Remote

Have you tried the above methods, but none has proved suitable or working for you?

A universal remote can be ideal. Purchasing one is not that costly. Besides, all universal remotes have IR sensors, so the experience can also be unique.

When going for this remote, kindly choose a digital remote with a source button. You will often find remotes with only basic command adjustments like audio on/off, the volume up/down, and the volume regulation.

Also, do not forget to check the supporting system of the remote. Read how the remote operates, the kind of TVs it works with, and if Sony TV is included.

Otherwise, you may not have the best time with it if it does not support your TV.

After acquiring this remote, kindly insert a new pair of batteries, and you will be good to enjoy changing inputs with it, just like with a retail remote.

Method #5: Use Different Keys

If you do not have your Sony remote, you can play around with the keys on your TV and change input.

What you need to do is to turn off your Sony TV, wait for some minutes, then turn it back on.

When the Sony logo appears, click the menu and channels button simultaneously. You can then scroll down through the available options using the input button.

Once you find the correct source, use the featured select button to choose it. I hope that you will successfully change the inputs to your desired preference.

Will I Have Problems When Changing Inputs on My TV Without Remote?

After changing input on your TV, you are likely to see some minor issues with your TV, including:

  • The picture may take time to appear on the screen.
  • The TV may be unresponsive.
  • The audio lowers down or becomes intermittent.
  • If the pictures appear, they get distorted.

Once you change the input on your device, your TV may take around 5 seconds to display pictures. However, it can take longer when you change input connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

If you have a satellite box or cable, the picture may appear later after 5 seconds.

When you change channels, the images tend to flash or momentarily distort. This issue happens mostly when changing from an HD channel to a standard definition channel.

To solve this issue, you need to fix the image format to 1080 pixels on the device you are using; the cable or satellite box. You can change the format using a button on the top of your device.

Hence, when you switch from one channel to another, you will have the same picture format.


You can change input on your Sony TV without a remote. Locate the input button on your TV and press it. You should see the input options displayed on your screen.

Select one input by repeatedly clicking the input button to scroll through the list. Wait for three seconds after you reach the input you want.

I hope you now know how to change input on Sony TV without remote.

You can use various methods and still reach your goal to change the input. So, you do not need to be worried if you lost your remote or it is spoiled.

Use your TV’s input button, your phone installed with an IR app, or a universal remote. Be sure to follow the instructions above.

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What Do I Do If My TV Buttons Are Not Working?

If you want to change input but your buttons refuse to work, you can unplug your TV from the power source. Leave it for around 30 seconds, then plug it in and power it on. Your buttons should begin working.

Can I Still Use My Phone to Change Input If It Has No IR Blaster?

If your phone does not have an IR blaster, you cannot use it as a remote for your Sony TV. You need to check if your phone has the feature first before trying to use it.

Can My Remote Change the Input Source on My Sony TV?

Yes. Using a remote to change input is easier. You need to press the input button on your remote. Your screen will display the input options. Use the arrow to scroll through the options and press enter to select one input.

Does Sony Bravia Have Buttons?

Yes. You can find your device’s buttons on the underside of your TV. You will see a Sony logo then on its right side is where the buttons are located.

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