sony tv blinking red light 6 times

Wondering what the Sony TV blinking red light 6 times means? Well, keep reading this guide!

Sony TV tends to blink in this specific pattern whenever there’s an issue with the backlight or when the power supply of the TV fails.

These are only the objective suspects and there are many factors involved so it’s best to attempt some troubleshooting before drawing conclusions.

To resolve the 6 times blinking red light on your Sony TV, unplug the device for 60 seconds. If the issue persists, disconnect all third-party devices, check the TV’s backlight, and perform a factory reset if needed.

Let’s unwrap further!

Sony TV Red Light Blinking 6 Times – Explained

sony tv red light blinking 6 times explained

The Sony TV is blinking in red due to one of two reasons – a malfunctioning TV backlight or underlying issues with the power supply/equipment.

However, there are many factors that also concern these possibilities so let’s take a look at everything related to patterned blinking.

  • A problem with the Sony TV’s electrical outlet.
  • The power equipment of the Sony TV is faulty.
  • An OS conflict is caused by a third-party device.
  • Malfunction with one of the TV’s input ports. 
  • The TV components were lethally impacted.

How to Distinguish Sony TV Blinking Patterns?

distinguish sony tv blinking patterns

It is important to observe the behavior of the Sony TV’s lamp in order to understand the exact problem indication.

If the Sony TV’s lamp blinks 6 times rapidly in red light and then goes off, it means that there’s a backlight issue with the TV or a potential power-related malfunction.

Sony TV Blinking in Red Color 6 Times – Solved Easily!

Note: Follow the solutions in consecutive order!

1. Unplug the TV From Power!

To fix the blinking red light, you must unplug the Sony TV from the electrical outlet for a continuous amount of time.

unplug the tv from power

It takes up to 60 seconds for the hardware of the Sony TV to be completely discharged from the power, in order to cool down and easily resolve the problem.

Follow these instructions to properly discharge the power of the Sony TV:

  1. Press the power button on the Sony TV remote control.
  2. Disconnect the power cable of the TV from the outlet.
  3. Wait for 1-2 minutes while the Sony TV is unplugged.
  4. Reattach the power cable of the TV back into power.
  5. Press the power button on the remote control again.
  6. Wait until the Sony TV turns on and check for blinking.
Note: While the TV is unplugged from the power source, inspect the power adapter!

2. Switch to Another Power Source!

switch to another power source

The primary cause for the blinking red light is insufficient or malfunctioning power supply.

To determine if the Sony TV’s problem is caused by the electrical outlet, you must connect the power cable of the TV to a proven electrical outlet in your household.

If possible, do not use any strips, dividers, or outlet connectors that reroute the power into multiple outlets.

It’s essential to plug the Sony TV directly into a wall connector and determine if the power supply in the previous outlet is reliable.

How to Test an Electrical Outlet?

how to test an electrical outlet

To test an outlet, connect any electronic device’s power cable and determine if the unit will recognize the power income.

The easiest way by far to test an outlet is to plug your phone’s charger into the suspected outlet and then connect your mobile device to the charger.

Tip: In order to test the consistency of your outlet, use a lamp, which will flicker in case the power is inconsistent or is fluctuating.

3. Update the Sony TV’s Firmware

One of the potential reasons for the consecutive blinking red light on a Sony TV is outdated TV firmware.

update the sony tv's firmware

Well, even with the LED light of the TV blinking in red, you should still be able to interact with the TV and therefore check if a newer system update is available for the device.

Follow these steps to update the software of your Sony TV:

  1. Select “Settings” using the Sony remote control.
  2. Choose “Customer Support” and go to “Setup”.
  3. Highlight “Product Support” and press “OK”.
  4. Then, go to “Software Update” and select “Yes”.
  5. Lastly, wait until Sony TV has finalized the update.
Note: Your Sony TV must be connected to the internet in order to download the firmware, so make sure that the Sony TV is connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

4. Factory Reset the Sony TV

The persistent red light could be a result of misconfigured software settings, activated alerts, or some type of notification the TV is displaying.

factory reset the sony tv

To resolve the issue, you could conduct a factory reset on the Sony TV and erase all apps, data, and TV settings permanently.

Here’s how to apply a factory reset on most Sony TV devices:

  1. First, press “Menu” on the Sony remote control.
  2. Choose “Help” in the next tab and go to “Manual”.
  3. From there, navigate to “Settings” > “System”.
  4. Choose “About” and then enter the “Reset” tab.
  5. Go to “Factory Data Reset” > “Erase Everything”.
Tip: If the steps above do not apply to your TV’ software, consult the user manual!

5. Switch to Another A/C Line!

switch to another acc line

Sometimes, even if rarely, after a power outage or a power insufficiency from your home’s main circuit, the Sony TV might be blinking in red 6 consecutive times.

This is why it’s best to plug the Sony TV directly into an outlet from another room.

Typically, different rooms are supplied with electricity from the main circuit but from a different fuse, which might suggest whether there is a power issue.

So, if your TV does not blink when connected to an outlet from another room, you might be dealing with an A/C line-related issue.

Tip: Try flipping the switch ON/OFF on the fuse from the A/C line where your Sony TV is connected.

6. Check the Sony TV Blacklight!

check the sony tv blacklight

Unfortunately, backlight repairs require care from a specialized technician that specializes in the hardware of your Sony TV.

However, it is possible for any user to identify a backlight Sony TV issue without the help of a professional, purely in order to draw a conclusion.

How to Tell if Backlight is Not Working?

Here are the factors for a defective backlight on your Sony TV:

  • The display turns on without a picture.
  • Dim points are appearing on the screen.
  • A lot of flickering on the Sony TV’s display.
  • Dark sections are caused by defective LEDs.
  • Light sensations and unusual light spots.
Note: If your TV has any of the following symptoms, get in touch with a technician!

What is the Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times Repair Cost?

If all of the solutions this far into the guide failed to resolve the red light blinking of your Sony TV, it’s best to deliver the TV for an inspection and repair.

sony tv blinking red light repair cost

The good news is that almost all types of backlight failures are repairable, but the TV must be inspected by a qualified technician.

How Much Does a Sony TV Repair Costs Range From?

It is entirely based on the type of malfunction.

Especially if your warranty is still active, the price could range or it could even be free if you haven’t damaged the Sony TV in any way.

  • Sony display faults – 200$ to 1000$.
  • TV backlight issues – 60$ to 340$.
  • General TV issues – 100$ to 200$.
  • Motherboard issues – 200$ to 500$.

Does Warranty Cover Backlight Issues?


If your Sony TV’s backlight became faulty suddenly and now you’re only seeing a red light that blinks 6 consecutive times, you’re covered.

However, if the Sony TV has been impacted by the user and the team of technicians identifies this, the warranty of your Sony TV will be denied.

How to Deliver Sony TV For Repairs?

You can either meet up with Sony’s technicians at any service center or prepare your repair online at the online support page.

If you have an active warranty, you can take the TV straight away to a service center and directly bring the TV to a third-party (certified) local repair store. 

check the service center finder

Sony Repair Store?

To view all Sony service centers, go to Sony’s “Service Center Finder” and follow the provided on-screen instructions.

Repair Requirements?

To view the requirements for TV repairs, go to the “Preparing for your repair” page on Sony’s website and view all steps mandatory for the repair process.

view the requirements
Note: Once the TV is delivered, expect feedback from Sony in up to 7 business days.

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever Sony TV blinks red light 6 times, perform a power cycle on the device first and inspect all components in the power supply.

If the problem is still there, update the firmware of the device, inspect the backlight for issues and factory reset the device. Follow us for more relevant content!

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