sony tv blinking red light 6 times

Is your Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times, and you do not know what to do about it? You are in the right place, and here you will get to understand why this issue occurs.

Above all, you will know the DIY tricks you can apply to overcome this glitch on your device. Please read on.

Lack of enough air to your TV, a system error, or outdated firmware can cause your Sony TV to blink red six times. Allow enough air to your TV cabinet, update your TV firmware, and power reset your TV to resolve the issue.

Reasons For Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times

If you notice the lamp on your Sony TV blinking six times, you may need to check it for any of the following causes.

  • Your device has detected a system error
  • The vents are blocked by dirt
  • One of your devices connected to the TV is faulty
  • The software is outdated

Note: Your Sony device may blink several colors, including green, orange, white, and red.

All these lights mean different things. So, it is essential to know their meanings then troubleshoot them accordingly.

Here we are dealing with the red light blinking six times. Now we know the causes, let us dig down on the fixing methods.

How To Fix Sony TV Red Light Blinking 6 Times

fix sony tv blinking red light 6 times

You can fix this issue using any of the methods below. Try each until your TV stops blinking red.

Fix #1: Restart the TV

A temporary malfunction may cause your TV to blink red six times. To resolve the issue, you may need to restart it.

  1. Press and hold your remote’s power button.
  2. Wait until the menu appears with options to restart.
  3. Click Restart.

Your TV will reboot. Give it some time until it is on to see if the issue is still there.

You can also restart the device from the menu instead of the power button. The steps will differ from model to model. Below is a step-by-step guide.

  • Step #1: Press home on your supplied remote.
  • Step #2: Select settings
  • Step #3: Go to Device preferences
  • Step #4: Select About, then Restart.
  • Step #5: Click Restart again.

For some models, you will need to select Quick settings, followed by Settings, then System. After these selections, it then gives you the option to restart. Kindly click on it.

Some will only require you to press the Home menu, go to Settings followed by About, then Restart.

Be keen to follow the procedure based on your Sony model.

Fix #2: Power Reset Your TV

If your TV blinks red six times, it might be because it needs some time to relax.

You can turn on the TV then turn it off after some minutes using your remote or the TV’s power button.

The TV may fail to respond to the remote’s power button or the TV’s button.

Also, it may refuse to resolve once you power it off then on. You can unplug it from the primary power source.

For a projection Sony TV or projector, you will need to leave it off for three minutes, then power it on. For other models, leave it off for one minute, then power on.

Fix #3: Check the Power Strip Or The Surge Protector

If you plugged your TV into the power source using a surge protector or power strip, remove them.

Plug the TV directly into the power outlet, then power it on. If your TV does not blink red six times, the power strip or the surge protector is the issue.

So, you may need to replace it or use the TV while directly connected to the power outlet.

Note that for projectors and projection TVs, you may need to wait until they cool down first before powering on.

Fix #4: Disconnect All Devices from The TV

One of your connected devices could lead to your TV blinking red six times. To check if this is true, turn off your TV.

Remove all devices connected to your TV, including the USBs, antennae, etc. Turn on the TV, then return the devices one after another.

If, after removing the devices, your TV stops blinking red, your TV is okay, and one or more of your devices is faulty.

Be keen to check if the issue is there when returning the devices. Continue till you finish, then see the device causing the problem.

If you find one, kindly replace it; if you can do without it, the better. If your TV is still blinking red six times, proceed to the next step.

Fix #5: Check for Dirt In The Vents

If your TV’s vents or air holes are dirty, it may cause the Sony TV to blink red six times. Check the vents for any dirt, then clean using a dry fabric.

Check that you do not use liquids since liquid spills may cause more harm to your device. If the dirt is sticky, only use a wet wipe that you have wrung excess water from.

You also need to ensure that your TV cabinet has enough space to allow air to circulate to your TV.

Fix #6: Check for A New Update On Your TV

Outdated firmware can cause lots of issues to your device. The problem is not only limited to it blinking red six times.

It also causes your TV not to run other features effectively. Check for the latest software using the steps we have provided below.

  1. Press your remote’s home menu.
  2. Navigate to the TV’s settings.
  3. Click either product support or the contact Sony option.
  4. Select update software.

If your TV is connected to the internet, you can turn on the automatic software update option. Hence, when an update is available, your device will download it automatically.

Note that older Sony TV models do not have the option to update the software. So, this solution may not apply to them.

Fix #7: Check the Connection Between The Display And The Tuner

Some Sony TVs come with a tuner or media box with a separate display. If the cables connecting the display and tuner are not connected firmly, it may cause your TV to blink red six times.

If your TV has these devices, ensure that the cable between them is firm and secure.

If you own a projector or projection TV, you need to ensure that the door of the lamp is secure and closed.

Fix #8: Factory Reset

Before contacting Sony customer support, you can try factory resetting your Sony TV to see if the issue goes away.

Factory resetting fixes several problems that cause hitches on your device. Remember to back up your settings since factory resetting erases all settings.

Here is how you can do it.

  1. Go to your TV’s menu, then select settings.
  2. Click storage and reset.
  3. Tap on Restore to factory settings
  4. Click, erase all data 
  5. Confirm that you want to reset.

This resetting should resolve the issue. If not, do not hesitate to call Sony.

Fix #9: Contact Support

The above troubleshooting techniques should solve this problem. If you have tried all, but nothing works, you may need the help of an expert.

Contact Sony call center, explain the issue and see if they can give you some troubleshooting steps.

Your device could also be having a hardware issue. If you have the Sony Warranty, kindly have it fixed.

If Sony TV blinks red six times, it could be due to dirty vents, a system failure, or a malfunctioning outside device. You can fix the issue by power resetting your TV, upgrading the malfunctioning device, or updating your TV’s software.

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A Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times could be caused by a system failure. Another cause may be the malfunctioning of some device inside or outside your TV.

You should not be worried, use the above methods we have provided and say goodbye to this annoying issue.

Nicole B