sony bravia tv remote not working

Is your Sony Bravia TV remote not working? You can now relax because after reading below, you can again use your remote. You may need to understand why this issue occurs.

It is also crucial you know how to troubleshoot the problem without requiring an expert to do it for you. Continue reading and get some insights.

If your Sony Bravia TV remote is not working, you can reset the remote or unstick the buttons if they are stuck. You also need to ensure that both the TV and the remote run on the latest firmware.

Reasons For Sony Bravia TV Remote Not Working

If your Sony Bravia TV remote control fails to work, you will need to check it for any of these problems:

  • The batteries are dead
  • The buttons are stuck
  • Liquids spilled on the remote
  • The remote-control software is out of date
  • There are obstacles between the remote and your TV
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Now you know the probable cause of the issue. Let us see below how we can handle each cause.

Note: Your original Sony Bravia TV remote will not switch channels on a third-party Set box or tuner. You will need to use the third-party remote.

How To Fix Your Sony Bravia Remote Control

fix sony bravia tv remote not working

Use the methods below to fix your remote. Ensure that after each, you try using the remote to see if it works.

Method #1: Reset the Remote

If your Sony Bravia TV remote is not working, it may be that its batteries have poor contact or it has static electricity. You can troubleshoot this issue by first removing its batteries.

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Press the power button and release it after three seconds.

Wait for around one minute, then return them. Remember to insert them in the correct polarity, the (-/+).

Try operating the remote to see if it works. If not, continue with the other methods below.

Method #2: Replace the Batteries

The batteries might have worn out. So, replacing them can fix the problem. Ensure that the batteries are the same brand.

Different batteries might not work well together. Also, you should not use a rechargeable battery.

Method #3: Check the TV

Your TV could be the problem and not your remote. Maybe you are trying to power the TV using the remote, but the TV is not responding.

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You will need to power your Sony Bravia manually to see if it will wake up.

If the TV button does not work, confirm if the LED on its bottom is on. If it is not on, you may need to check the TV’s connection to the power outlet and connect it properly.

If the LED light is on, but the TV is not turning on, you will need to power reset the TV. Simply remove the power cord from the wall socket.

Press the TV’s button, then release after a second or two. Wait for about two minutes, then plug in the power cord to the main electrical outlet.

If the TV powers on, your remote is the issue. So, proceed to the next method.

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Method #4: Check the Remote’s Items

Confirm that your remote buttons are not stuck. If stuck, unstuck them and try operating the remote to see if it works.

If it fails, try cleaning the remote terminals because they might be dirty.

Remove the remote’s batteries, then clean the terminals using a cotton swab and some alcohol solution. Return the batteries, then try operating the remote.

Method #4: Update the Remote’s Software

Your remote’s software might be outdated, hence causing the issue. Updating it can solve the problem.

These steps can help you update it:

  1. Go to your TV’s Home menu section.
  2.  Select settings.
  3.  Choose Remote and accessories.
  4. Select remote control, then click software update.

If your remote has an update, you will see the message on your screen asking if you want to update your remote control. Kindly follow the prompts on your screen to update it.

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If your screen says that the remote is up to date but not working, proceed with other solutions below.

Method #5: Point the Remote Well

Your Sony Bravia remote could be infrared. To confirm if it is so, it might have an IR symbol on its face. However, not all remotes may have this symbol but are still infrared.

Locate the IR sensor on your remote, then point it directly to the remote sensor on your device. Ensure that nothing covers the sensor on your TV.

Also, check if any bright light, such as the sunshine or bright bulb, is shining towards the IR sensor on your TV. Bright lights are known to interfere with the sensor; hence, your remote may fail to work.

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Besides, low energy bulbs interfere with remote frequencies. So, if you have any around your TV, you can consider placing it far from your TV as you use your remote control.

Method #6: Confirm That the Remote Is Sending IR Signals

Use your phone’s camera or any digital camera to check the infrared remote control transmission unit. You should be able to see if your remote is sending a signal or not.

Hence, you will know if your remote’s batteries are dead or the remote is damaged.

Note: Your remote control might still show IR signals when damaged by shocks or liquids. However, it sends faulty data to your TV.

Method #7: Register A Wireless Remote

If your TV remote is not infrared, then it is wireless. To use it, you must register it. Use the operation buttons on your Bravia TV to register the remote.

  1. Press the Home button followed by settings on your TV.
  2. Choose System settings followed by Touchpad Remote Control Setup.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen.
  4. Hold the TV’s Volume down key.
  5. Select the Social view button, then release it and the volume down key after 3 seconds.
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You have now registered your wireless remote. Check to see if it works on your TV. Even if you registered it before, try re-registering it to improve it.

Method #8: Check the Way You Press the Remote

If you press two buttons on your remote control, it may fail to work. The remote will not send any IR signal to your TV.

So, only press one button at a time.

Method #9: Update Your TV’s Software

If your TV’s software is not up to date, it may cause the remote to hesitate to work. Updating the TV may improve the remote’s functionality.

Let us see how to go about it using your TV buttons:

  1. Go to your TV’s settings.
  2. Tap customer support followed by product support or Setup.
  3. Tap Software update.
  4. Click on Network (if the option is not there, skip it)
  5. Click Ok or Yes to install the update.
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Remember to set your TV to download updates when connected to the internet automatically.

Method #10: Replace the Remote

It could be that your remote fell or someone sat on it and damaged it. You can check if it has any physical damages.

If so, the remote cannot operate your TV set. The solution is to replace it.

Still Sony Bravia TV Remote Control not Working?

If you have tried the above troubleshooting methods, but your remote control still fails to work, you may need to remove the splitter behind your TV.

It is possible that when the old model splitter leaks the radio waves, they interfere with the waves from the remote control.

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Replace the old model splitter with a newer model. If the issue fails, you may need to contact Sony Support to help you out.

You can fix your Sony Bravia TV remote by resetting the remote. Also, replace the batteries and unstuck any stuck buttons.

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If you’ve been experiencing a Sony Bravia TV remote not working issue, you can now relax and use your remote comfortably again.

The above troubleshooting methods should help you out.

You only need to ensure that your TV is up to date, then try any method, and you will be good to go.

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