samsung wireless subwoofer keeps losing connection

If your Samsung wireless subwoofer keeps losing connection occasionally, then there is definitely something wrong. There is a wide range of possible causes and in this post, we’ll take all of them. 

The main reason for any wireless subwoofer disconnects is the connection between the device that it is connected to.

Depending on your case and type of connection, this is exactly what you need to address first.

If Samsung wireless subwoofer keeps losing connection, you’ll have to remove any objects of interference and eventually perform some troubleshooting. Next, check your network and even restore the subwoofer to factory default settings if the issue persists.

There is a wide range of possibilities, but luckily there are even more solutions. Let’s have a quick look at all possibilities and then learn how to effectively resolve each of them.

Why Does My Samsung Subwoofer Keeps Disconnecting?

As we’ve already mentioned there could be a wide range of issues, so we made sure to include all of them at your disposal.

We highly recommend taking a look at each so you could have a better understanding of what could be happening to your subwoofer.

1. Interference

Having another electronic device near your subwoofer is vital most of the time. Devices such as routers, transmitters, and computers can severely impact your subwoofer connection and produce drops as a result.

2. External device

The problem could be coming from the device you’re listening to. If the external device itself has a problem, it could be reflected onto your subwoofer.

3. Network outage

If the device you’re subwoofer is connected to requires the internet to play out content, you need to inspect your network for outages.

4. Power issues

The way your subwoofer connects to the power is crucial. There is always the possibility of a faulty cable or wall outlet.

5. Software Problem

If your subwoofer was not set properly, especially in the initial setup, you could have serious issues with its functionality. Moreover, the firmware could be outdated.

6. Hardware Damage

In case your input port where your device is connected gets damaged, it could result in frequent disconnects.

Moreover, if the cable used to establish a connection is damaged or non-working you can’t expect smooth output.

How To Fix Samsung Wireless Subwoofer Keeps Losing Connection?

fix samsung wireless subwoofer keeps losing connection

Whenever your subwoofer is being disconnected, you’ll most probably hear a drop in any current playout audio.

The real deal here is that the problem might not be coming from the Subwoofer, instead, it could be a result of an issue with your 3rd party device.

Before we continue any further our top recommendation would be to perform a power cycle on both your subwoofer and the input device. Simply unplug both from the power supply and wait for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Test again after you’re ready and if the issue is there, let’s start with our first method:

Method #1 Troubleshoot Wiring

We strongly advise applying this method on both your Samsung subwoofer and the devices that it is connected to.

Even if your subwoofer is wireless, the problem could be coming from its power delivery so don’t skip this step!

Simply disconnect ALL cables connected to both your subwoofer and an external device, then wait for a few minutes.

During that time feel free to inspect all cables and ports for hardware damage and remove any power dividers from the wall outlet. Then reconnect everything and plug your subwoofer into a standalone power outlet.

Test if there would be any disconnects now.

Method #2 Remove Interference

Most cases online show that most people having the same issue as yours simply have an object of interference nearby their subwoofer. Samsung advises having your subwoofer in a place where there is no electronic device within 1 meter.

To re-ensure that, our recommendation would be to remove all electronic devices within 2 meters.

We understand that your cable between your subwoofer and 3rd party device would not allow such a thing.

In that case, you must make sure that the device is not above or beneath the subwoofer. Try to place it somewhere on the sides and test if the issue is still there.

Method #3 Re-Pair Your Devices

To perform the pairing process, you would need to press and hold the Pairing button on the back of your subwoofer for at least 5 seconds. You can release it once the front light starts blinking in red and green.

Then disconnect both devices from the power and wait until the lights are completely turned off. Reconnect both devices to the power and they should automatically connect.

Note: If you’ve got more than one network, for example, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, make sure that both devices are using the same one.

Your subwoofer might not support the 5Ghz network and if your device is connected to it you might not be able to establish the pairing.

Method #4 Reset Subwoofer

The next step in case the issue is still there would be to reset your device back to factory default settings.

That would permanently erase all data, forget passwords and previous connections. In that regard, we recommend saving anything you think you might need to restore after the reset is complete.

Once ready, follow the steps below to factory reset your Samsung subwoofer:

  1. Find a sharp object such as a needle or a pencil.
  2. On the back of your subwoofer, locate the pinhole.
  3. Using the sharp object, reach in and hold the button inside the pinhole.
  4. Hold until the Standby light turns off.
  5. Next, press and hold the Mute button on your remote.
  6. Release after a few seconds.

The process might take a while, so you need to be patient. Once ready, carry out the initial setup and you should be ready to test again.

Method #5 Check Network

If you’re still asking “why does my Samsung subwoofer keep cutting out” you might be asking the wrong question. In this method, we’ll check your network and make sure that the issue is not coming from the external device you’re listening to.

If possible, try to play any media that is not internet-dependent. For instance, if you’re having your subwoofer connected to a TV, go to Watch TV and test then.

Computer users can try to play any file that is being kept locally to exclude the possibility of a network outage.

Moreover, you can test your network at any free internet speed test online and find out whether there is an issue or not. If you identify your issue, you have several options:

  • Power cycle your router.
  • Relocate your router closer to the device.
  • Reset router.
  • Switch network.
  • Call your internet supplier.

In case of an issue with your internet, you shall look no further for a solution and fix your network. Your subwoofer should be stable once your internet connection is reliable.

The Samsung wireless subwoofer could be impacted by many things including interference, glitches, and troubling connection.

You can resolve Samsung Wireless Subwoofer connection issues by performing a restart, fixing your network, and discharging both of your devices. You can even perform a factory reset on your subwoofer if it is necessary.

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Last Thoughts

We hope that now you know why your Samsung wireless subwoofer keeps losing connection and most importantly how to fix it.

Even if you were unable to resolve the issue by yourself, you can always reach out to Samsung for another round of troubleshooting.

With a little luck, the problem will turn out to be something really simple that you might have missed.

If you’re interested in more solutions related to Samsung devices, make sure to check our blog, otherwise, you’re missing out!

Nicole B