samsung soundbar subwoofer quiet

Is your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer quiet to the extent that you’re not hearing the sounds clearly any longer?

Did it just become too quiet all of a sudden? In case you’re not sure what caused this to happen, don’t worry, because, we got you!

For this guide, we’ll not only be pinpointing reasons why the sound of your subwoofer is low.

But, we’ll also give you the permanent fix on how you can make the sound louder and clearer!

If your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer is quiet, make sure that the firmware version is up-to-date, followed by checking the settings of your television’s audio output. Then, perform a hard reset of your Soundbar subwoofer to finalize the process.

Prior to solving the issue, it is imperative to determine what causes this to happen first.

Reasons Why Your Samsung Soundbar Subwoofer is Too Quiet

Don’t immediately think that your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer is damaged or depleted when it’s not at par with the sound levels that you expected.

In fact, there are a couple of reasons that can cause your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer to be very quiet.

The TV’s Audio Settings Are Low

For this dilemma, the Soundbar subwoofer might not be the problem. In fact, the problem could be with how your television’s audio settings are set.

Sometimes, we forget that our Soundbar subwoofer isn’t the only factor at play; it could be with your television instead!

The Firmware is Not Up-to-Date

For sure, a lot of us were not aware that having the firmware of the Soundbar subwoofer actually has an effect on the quality of the sound that it produces.

So, check your subwoofer’s firmware to check and see if that’s the factor that needs tweaking.

You’re Not Using the Soundbar

It may sound absurd but there are times when we don’t notice the device we’re using for the audio output.

To be sure about it, check the audio output you’re using for your television.

Low Woofer or Bass Level

And last, but most definitely not least is the fact that the audio or sound level of your subwoofer or bass is not too loud.

People often forget the fact that the subwoofer needs to be adjusted depending on the user.

These are the common reasons that could lead up to your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer being too quiet.

So, what’s the method to make it louder without the need to purchase a separate device?

Fixing Samsung Soundbar Subwoofer Quiet Problem

fix samsung soundbar subwoofer quiet

Unlike other guides out there, this will be a comprehensive guide that will tackle everything.

We won’t just help you make it louder now, we’ll also assist you in changing some of the settings so you can avoid this problem again in the future.

Step #1: Check The Soundbar’s Volume Level

First and foremost, have you checked the volume level of your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer?

Try to see if it’s within the volume range you want it to be. You can do this by using the Soundbar’s remote control and click on either arrow (left and right) to see where it is.

Step #2: Check What Audio Output Your TV is Using

Then, what you want to do next is to check if what you’re using is the Samsung Soundbar subwoofer.

If you are using a Samsung TV, here’s how you can change it:

Note: The process may be the same with other TV brands, but how it’s worded could be where it’s different.

  1. On your remote, go to [MENU] and navigate to Settings.
  2. From Settings, navigate to Sound > Sound Output.
  3. You’ll see what audio output your television is using.

Note: If you already have the Soundbar subwoofer set up, you can choose it as one of the options.

Step #3: Look at the TV’s Audio Settings

After that, you would need to check the audio settings of the TV. The process is different for different television brands, but it’ll be along the lines of Sound Settings > Output Audio or Digital Audio Out/Output.

Note: If you’re using a Samsung TV, this setting needs to be Dolby Digital to generate the clearest and the neatest sound.

Step #4: Perform a Firmware Update

The next step is to perform a firmware update of your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer.

You can actually check the current version your device is using. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your Soundbar subwoofer
  2. Press the Sound Control button once.
  3. Then, press and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds
  4. The sequence of numbers that come after “B” is the version of the firmware

If you want to perform a firmware update, you can do it by downloading the firmware version and transferring it to your Soundbar (if USB-enabled).

Alternatively, you can also update it through the SmartThings application.

Step #5: Move the Subwoofer Closer to the Soundbar

After ensuring that its firmware version is up-to-date, move the subwoofer closer to your Soundbar. You can also do it the other way around.

With this, you just have to make sure that there isn’t anything between them.

Note: Ensure that they’re not sandwiching highly radioactive appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, etc.

Step #6: Reset the Subwoofer

Wouldn’t it be better to take off on a fresh start? After doing steps 1 to 5, to finalize the process, reset your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer.

To do this, you simply have to press and hold the [POWER] button while pressing the VOL- and Input buttons simultaneously.

Release the buttons when you see RESET on the front panel.

Then, lastly, unplug the subwoofer from power for about 30 to 40 seconds before turning it back on again.

That’s it! That’s how you can make your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer’s volume louder!

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My Soundbar Subwoofer is Still Quiet, What Should I Do?

So, you’ve carefully followed the process, but, unfortunately, nothing changed. What do you do?

If the 6-step process above was not enough to get your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer up to the volume levels you’re looking for, the next best thing to do is to contact their customer support team.

You can choose to send them a message through their 24/7 live support, you can request services, or you can contact their team at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864).

When you contact them, tell them that you’ve done all the necessary things in an attempt to make it louder.

The comprehensive solutions to fixing your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer being too quiet include checking the TV’s audio output, updating the firmware, and lastly, relocating the subwoofer. It’s also imperative to perform a hard reset of the device.


Did you notice that your Samsung Soundbar subwoofer is quiet? Are you not sure what happened to it to the extent that it just happened randomly?

Don’t worry, you can always look back at this guide to try and solve all your problems you’re your device!

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