samsung soundbar not loud enough

Is your Samsung Soundbar not loud enough and you’re not sure what’s causing this to happen?

Do you want to try to resolve it yourself before contacting Samsung’s customer support team?

Fret not, because, in this guide, we will give you a complete walkthrough on how you can louden your Samsung Soundbar!

To make your Samsung Soundbar louder, you need to check the audio settings of the TV, the firmware version of the Samsung Soundbar, and reposition the Soundbar to a better location.

There are a handful of reasons why our Samsung Soundbar isn’t producing loud sounds. In fact, it doesn’t just single out to one reason.

Why is My Samsung Soundbar Not Loud Enough?

Don’t point your finger at the Samsung Soundbar soon enough, that might not be where the problem is.

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Here are some of the common reasons for your soundbar to be not loud enough.

  • Your TV’s audio output settings are incorrect
  • The position of your soundbar is not the most ideal
  • The volume levels on your soundbar are not at maxed out
  • The firmware of your soundbar is not updated

These are just some of the customary causes of your soundbar being quieter than it should.

So, are there ways so that you can make it louder? Or would purchasing an additional or a Samsung TV be the better option to take?

Let’s unravel the ways on how you can make your Samsung Soundbar louder!

Fixing Your Samsung Soundbar That’s Not Loud Enough

fix samsung soundbar not loud enough

This will be a comprehensive process that would tackle all the things you can do to make the audio of your soundbar louder.

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Don’t listen to people who will tell you that the loudness of the Samsung Soundbar depends on what model you are using. You can actually make it louder by doing these things.

So, how do I make my Samsung Soundbar louder?

Step #1: Check the TV’s Audio Output

This may sound silly, but are you sure that you are using your Samsung Soundbar? A lot of people think that plugging the soundbar in is the only step to take.

But, in reality, you actually have to do that within your television’s settings. To check this, go to the Settings of your TV and select the option that will bring you to Sound Output.

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Check and see if the selected device is your Samsung Soundbar. Then, try to adjust the volume of the soundbar – that is also one possible culprit of the issue.

Step #2: Check Your TV’s Audio Settings

The next thing you want to do is to check the audio settings of the TV. You can do this by going into the settings of your TV and selecting the option that says Sound Settings/Audio Settings.

The choices of audio formats will be different from one television to another.

In this case, you want to transfer the “Audio Out” from PCM to another option. The most common would be Dolby Digital.

NOTE: Every television would have it worded differently.

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You simply have to go to the option where you’ll be able to toggle its sound and audio capabilities.

Step #3: Update the Firmware

There’s a huge chance that the firmware of the soundbar is outdated, causing it not to give out the maximum volume that it can.

Here’s how you can update the firmware of your Samsung soundbar:

  1. Ensure that the device is connected to the WiFi network.
  2. Remove the soundbar from power for a minute, then plug it back in again.
  3. On your smartphone, open the SmartThings app and choose the soundbar.
  4. Then, navigate to Information > Firmware Update > Update Now.

You can also update it using a thumb drive or a hard drive. The process looks complicated but still not hard. Here’s the process of doing it this way:

  • Download the latest firmware for your soundbar from the Download Center.
  • Enter the product type and model number for more accurate results.
  • After the download, unzip the file and transfer it to the USB’s root directory.
  • While powered off, plug in the drive to the USB port of the soundbar.
  • Turn the soundbar on and allow the update to take place.
  • Press the Play/Pause button on the remote after the update to restart it.
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Step #4: Remove Items Near the Soundbar

Based on the basic principles of sound, objects that are close to sound can absorb it. So, try to free the space within the soundbar’s vicinity.

Anything like mobile devices, jars, fixtures, and other things that could be near or on top of it could influence the volume.

Step #5: Reposition the Samsung Soundbar

The problem may be with how you position the soundbar. Is it too far from where you are seated when you’re watching TV? Is it overcrowded with many different things?

It’ll also be helpful to try to reposition the soundbar. Make sure that it’s located where the sounds would evenly be distributed.

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That’s it! This 4-step process is more than enough to get your Samsung Soundbar running loud back up again!

My Samsung Soundbar is Still Not Loud, What’s the Next Step?

You did the process religiously and you were able to update your soundbar’s firmware. But, it’s still too quiet!

Perform a Factory Reset

Before contacting Samsung’s support team, you can first try to perform a factory reset.

You can perform a factory reset by turning the soundbar off and by pressing and holding Play/Pause.

Then, you’ll only need to release it when you see it display INIT OK. After that, try to pair and connect your Samsung Soundbar to your television again.

Contact Customer Support

Another thing you can do is ring up Samsung’s client support team. Tell them that you’re experiencing problems with your Samsung Soundbar.

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Furthermore, it’ll also be helpful to let them know of the method that you’ve done. If you already did a factory reset, you can say that, too.

If your Samsung Soundbar is still not loud enough, check the Soundbar’s volume levels, your TV’s audio output setting, and the version of the firmware. It’s also relevant to relocate or reposition it and factory reset it if the problems persist.

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A lot of people easily assume that the Samsung Soundbar is at fault for why it’s too quiet.

So, if your Samsung Soundbar is not loud enough, try this guide out first! The vast majority of users who tried it were able to find success after doing it!

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And the best part about it is that you don’t need to be an expert to do it successfully!

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