samsung soundbar display not working

Samsung soundbar display not working and you don’t know how to fix it? Look no further as you’ve just come to the right post.

Here you will learn all the possible reasons for your Samsung soundbar display malfunction and hopefully how to resolve it back to normal.

If your Samsung soundbar’s display isn’t working correctly, it might be because there aren’t any devices connected to it. Cables could be faulty or the display itself might have stopped working due to hardware malfunction.

However, the power in your Samsung soundbar might have gone bad too so before we can make any conclusions we shall take a deep look at the problem.

Why Has Samsung Soundbar Display Stopped Working?

Your soundbar’s display picture might be interrupted by many things. For instance, if there is an inappropriate connection in your soundbar, you won’t be getting any pictures on the display.

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Or if the power supply is not stable or reliable you might no be getting anything onto the display.

Here is everything that could have gone bad and later we’ll check how to address each of these causes:

1. Temporal Power Malfunction

If the power of your soundbar doesn’t reach the hardware, you might be experiencing display issues & outages.

2. Inappropriate Connection

If your device cannot connect with Bluetooth to your TV for some reason, the display won’t work.

3. No Device Connected

The display of your soundbar might not be working if there isn’t an active device connected to your soundbar.

4. Hardware Problem

A simple hardware malfunction could make your soundbar screen go bad.

5. Turned off Soundbar

If your Samsung soundbar isn’t running or has been disabled after a power outage, the display won’t work until further notice.

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In general, there is nothing else that could be preventing the display from working.

Make sure to check the obvious such as if your soundbar is working and it is connected to any device then you can move on.

How To Fix Samsung Soundbar Display Not Working?

how to fix samsung soundbar display not working

After a little tour through the things that might have gone bad in your soundbar, we’ve figured it is time to begin the troubleshooting part of this post.

The methods down below will be designed according to the causes above, so if your issue is one of them you will most likely find the cause.

Method #1 Make Sure Your Soundbar Is Turned On

A common mistake for beginners is that they sometimes forget their soundbar is turned off.

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However, if you happen to disconnect it from your TV for some reason, the display of your soundbar won’t work as it isn’t connected to a source.

If you can’t tell whether your soundbar is running or not by its display malfunction, we advise you to check for any blinking lights throughout the device.

If anything is working, this will mean that your device’s hardware is not damaged, but only the display.

Plug it out of the power supply, try to adjust the cables until you get any sign of life. Then check if the display is working correctly.

Method #2 See If The Bluetooth Is Working

Another cause for your display to not work is if it isn’t connected to any source. After all, the display is meant to show data from the host your soundbar is connected to.

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However, to check if the Bluetooth of your soundbar is working correctly, you would first have to play something from your TV.

If music does play from the soundbar, it will mean that the Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and there is nothing to be afraid of in your soundbar’s wireless technology.

However, this would also mean that the issue is in your display and not that your Bluetooth is not working.

To double-check for Bluetooth connectivity, you can visit your TV’s options. Then, simply navigate throughout the list of devices until you find the connection name of your soundbar.

Method #3 Restart And Power Reset Soundbar

A quick, yet effective solution against the Samsung soundbar front display stopped working issue, is to perform a firm restart and power cycle of the device.

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If you still don’t know what a power cycle is, the power cycle is a way to drain all of the electricity in your soundbar and resolve any temporal power issues with your device.

As you probably know, some Samsung soundbars may be wireless and others not. This is why we will divide this method into two different parts related to each kind of soundbar connectivity.

We will begin with power cycling a Samsung soundbar connected with an Optical cable to your TV.

Power Cycle Wired Soundbar

  1. Turn off your soundbar using the power button or the remote.
  1. If your soundbar is connected with an optical cable to your TV, unplug the cable. Make sure that you unplug the TV for the process too!
  1. Wait for around 5 minutes and plug the optical cable back into your TV.
  1. Connect the power cable of the TV back into the power source and turn it on.
Important: Faulty or not working power strip/divider could cause harm to your devices. 

For the power cycle process, make sure to plug any power cables into a wall outlet to ensure the safety of your devices.

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Power Cycle Wireless Soundbar

The power cycle of the wireless soundbar can be quite easy, as the only available component we can work with is the battery. For the process, you must disconnect your soundbar from your TV.

The only way to power cycle a wireless device is to discharge it and this is done by letting the battery die.

To let the battery of your Samsung soundbar die, you just have to stop charging it for some hours straight.

If the soundbar is connected to the TV and it is charging this way, disconnect the cable and kill the battery. After all of this is finished, charge the battery of your soundbar and see if the display is going to work.

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Method #4 Check HDMI Cable

Another method meant for wired soundbars is to check the HDMI cable of your device.

Sometimes whenever the connection between your TV and soundbar is inaccurate, the display of your device might go off or have constant interruptions.

Our best suggestion when it comes down to wiring is to first make sure that the cable is not loose. If that doesn’t help, ensure that it is not faulty by trying it into another device or soundbar.

Note: The port of your TV might have also gone wrong, so make sure to try with a few different slots to see if that will help.

Method #5 Reset Samsung Soundbar

If nothing so far works, we’re left with the possibility of a hardware problem. Before we jump to conclusions there is one thing left you can try at home.

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You can revert your soundbar to its factory default settings which will permanently erase all contents and settings.

Hopefully, after such a refreshment, your soundbar will now display something, so let’s get started:

Note: You can perform this method even if the display is not working. Simply grab your soundbars remote and follow the steps below.
  1. Ensure that the soundbar remote has charged batteries.
  2. Plug out the soundbar from the power output and plug it back in.
  3. Press and hold the OFF button on your remote for about 30 seconds. For older models, hold until there is a red light blinking.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes for the soundbar to restore.

At this point, you can only observe if something will pop up on the display as an indication that the rest has helped.

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If not, well, there is not much you can do at home but to call Samsung for additional assistance.

To wrap things up, we must admit that the soundbar’s display could go off due to many factors. After trying everything in this post you can check if the remote is capable of interacting with the soundbar to identify a hardware problem with the display.

In case your soundbar is working well, but the display does not show anything you shall start considering a repair.

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Now that you know why is Samsung soundbar display not working, we hope that you managed to resolve the issue and if not at least learn where the problem is coming from.

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If the issue happens to persist, don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from manufacturers and local services.

You can find more helpful guides about smart home devices at our technical blog!

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