samsung subwoofer not working

Samsung subwoofer not working and you’re looking for a quick solution? Luckily for you, there are not many possibilities and there is more than one solution.

Users reporting their subwoofers as not being functional have been exceeding their normal volume recently, so we’ve decided to create this post to clear things up.

A common yet effective way to fix Samuns Subwoofer not working is to unplug the subwoofer then plug it back in. Verify all cables in your configuration and make sure the wall outlet is working too.

As a final thing, you can try to press the ID button at the back of the subwoofer and check if this works.

Once you’re ready with the obvious preparation and the issue is still there, next you shall learn more about the possible causes and how to address each of them.

Why Samsung Subwoofer Stopped Working?

why is samsung subwoofer not working

Before you start troubleshooting it is really important to understand where the issue could be coming from.

It depends on whether your subwoofer is not working at all, or a particular feature is not working as intended.

Let’s find out what might cause your subwoofer not to work properly and then learn how to fix it:

1. Power Malfunction

The most common occurrence with subwoofers is power malfunction. It will most likely go away after a firm restart or power cycle if it is not more complicated or related to hardware failure.

2. A problem in Wiring

Faulty, loose, or not working cable might prevent the subwoofer from starting up. Everything must be established correctly and working.

3. Hardware Issue

If something has stopped working within your subwoofer’s hardware components, you should consider getting in touch with the support crew of your device.

4. Lost Connection

If the subwoofer doesn’t find its way to the soundbar, it will most likely not turn on. You must renew the connection between your subwoofer and soundbar in order for it to work again.

5. Software Incompatibility

Sometimes the connected device might not be supported or you might be having a server software glitch that could be easily resolved by performing a factory reset.

Even though we could have missed something, the problem you’re experiencing is surely related to one of the above-described causes.

Next, we’re going to start introducing a step-by-step tutorial that if you follow in the order you’ll be able to discover and hopefully resolve the problem at home.

How To Fix Samsung Subwoofer Stopped Working?

fix samsung subwoofer not working

Now that you are a little better familiar with what might have been wrong with your subwoofer, troubleshooting should be the easy part.

Make sure not to miss a step as you might miss the chance to properly identify the problem.

Step #1 Make Sure Your Subwoofer Is Getting Electricity

As unbelievable as it may sound, users sometimes forget to supply their subwoofer with an electricity flow. As you probably figured out already, your subwoofer won’t be able to work if it isn’t getting any electricity.

The thing we are going to suggest to you here is to make sure that you’ve plugged the power cable of your subwoofer into the power source.

Note: If your subwoofer is still not working after ensuring its power flow, try to plug the power cable directly into the wall outlet. 

Also, avoid using power adapters and plug your subwoofer in a standalone wall outlet.

If this does not work, it would be great if you can test the power cable on another device.

Possibly acquire a new power cable to check if the issue would persist. Anyway if you cannot locate any power issues, let’s move on.

Step #2 Make Sure Soundbar Is Working

If your soundbar isn’t working, the subwoofer will be disrupted from functionating too.

You can ensure that your soundbar is working by reconnecting its cables, restarting, and trying to interact with it via the remote.

Here is everything you can do before jumping any further:

  • Power cycle soundbar.
  • Disconnect & reconnect all wiring.
  • Check cable functionality.
  • Try different slots.
  • Plug your devices in different wall outlets.

If your Samsung subwoofer is not working even after trying all that, you will take this troubleshooting one step further in our next step.

Step #3 Reset Subwoofer/Soundbar

A great and simple way to approach your sound system is a firm restart/power reset of the whole workflow.

If this does not help, we’re going to perform a factory reset on your soundbar and hopefully get your subwoofer working.

Restart Devices

Let’s start with performing a firm restart of the whole establishment:

  1. Turn off both your subwoofer and soundbar. (Optional) The TV too.
  2. Unplug all cables connected to your devices (including HDMI).
  3. Let your devices discharge any electricity left for around 5 minutes.
  4. Plug all the cables back in and ignore the power strip or dividers for the process.

Reset Soundbar

As you’ve probably figured out already most of the subwoofer issues are coming straight from the soundbar.

In that regard before going any further, you should ensure that the issue is not with it by performing a power reset.

Power reset will permanently erase all contents including settings, configurations, and data from your soundbar for good. 

Any temporary software glitches and issues should be gone after the reset so let’s take a look at how to do it properly:

  1. Regardless of the model, locate where the OFF button is.
  2. Press and hold the OFF button until an INIT OK message appears on the display.
  3. Wait for the soundbar to restore back to normal.
  4. Complete the set-up instructions.

Once you’ve set up everything, check if your subwoofer is now working.

Step #4 Resume Connection With Soundbar

If you’ve come up with the conclusion that your soundbar is fully functional, it may have lost connection to your subwoofer for some instance.

As we’ve already mentioned, if the subwoofer isn’t connected to the soundbar, it won’t be visually functional.

This is exactly why your subwoofer might have stopped working. On your soundbar, check if the subwoofer is connected and active.

If not, you will be certain that this whole inconvenience is caused by a hardware issue and there is nothing further that you can do in order to help it.

Step #5 Check For Hardware Issue

Sometimes a hardware malfunction might disrupt your subwoofer from working. There are just several things you can do at home if you’re not a technician.

Here is how to identify hardware problems:

  • Inspect cables functionality
  • Check for any physical damage.
  • Try different slots to embed connections.
  • Disconnect all devices connected to the Subwoofer and reconnect later.

With all the information you’ve gathered, you can confidently reach out to Samsung support and ask for additional assistance.

Better yet, if your warranty is still active, you can deliver a subwoofer for a repair at the manufacturer’s headquarters.

Keep in mind that for this purpose, the damage must only be internal and not caused by the user.

In conclusion, after going through all of these steps and workarounds, if the issue is bound with a hardware problem, there is nothing you could do but look for someone to help.

On the other hand, inspecting the workflow and performing several restarts might be exactly what you need to get your subwoofer working.

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Bottom Line:

After going through this post, you should be fully capable of dealing with the Samsung subwoofer not working issue all by yourself. Even if you end up unable to fix the problem, you’re now one step closer to resolving the issue once and for all.

In case you’re having other issues with any devices in your smart home, you definitely want to check our technical blog, otherwise, you’re missing out!

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