roku stick hdcp unauthorized content disabled

Your Roku Stick HDCP unauthorized content disabled and you’re looking for a quick solution?

You have come to the right post!

We have dug deep to find and provide the most efficient solution to the Roku stick unauthorized content issue.

Now, let’s learn what are the most effective methods of troubleshooting your issue.

One of the most efficient approaches in cases like this is to ensure the functionality of the cables within your Roku stick.

If this doesn’t work, try with an alternate HDMI cable or plug the old one into another slot. Also, ensure that your device is directly connected to your TV to avoid possible interference.

Without further ado, let’s see the possible causes of this issue and hopefully learn how to resolve yours.

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Why Is HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled Roku?

Before troubleshooting your issue, it would be appropriate to learn what might interfere with the authorization of your Roku content.

Most of the time, if some of your Roku content is unauthorized, a purple screen might appear.

The purple screen issues might be due to an inappropriate HDMI connection, so take a look at that.

Then make sure that you’re not using any power dividers.

It is recommended to plug the power cable directly into the wall outlet, without anything in-between.

Here are some of the possible causes:

  • Faulty HDMI cable
  • Faulty HDCP cable
  • Power issues
  • TV port issue

Let’s see which of these issues applies to your configuration.

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How To Fix HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled Roku Stick?

The methods below are designed to tighten the circle of possible issues until you find the cause if followed in numerical order.

We recommend checking if your content is authorized after applying each method, to save as much time as possible.

Method #1 Use HDMI Cable

roku use hdmi cable

In case you’re not using an HDMI cable on your Roku device and TV, make sure to get one because Roku compatibility addressing some TV models aligns with HDMI.

Of course, you can always check the compatibility of your Roku when it comes down to using an alternate cable, to see what other people say.

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When you are installing the HDMI cable on Roku, ensure that all the wirings are plugged all the way in to avoid the purple screen issue.

Keep in mind that if your Roku isn’t working well with the HDCP cable, it might be due to the incompatibility of your device.


Older Roku devices are well-known to only work properly with an HDMI cable, so if you are still experiencing troubles, make sure to try with HDMI.

If using HDMI did not help, let’s try with a different slot.

Method #2 Change HDMI Port

Another thing you can try is to change the HDMI port your cable is plugged into.

This way you will be able to evade any malfunctions within the port and hopefully resolve your issues.

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All you have to do is simply unplug the HDMI cable from your Roku device and choose a different port.

This will exclude the possibility of a faulty HDMI port and tighten the circle of possible causes even further.

When you change the HDMI port, you will have to select a different source on your TV.

In other words, if your HDMI cable was plugged into port 1 until now, make sure to check what is the current port and select the corresponding source on your TV.

Still HDCP unauthorized content disabled on Roku streaming stick?

Well, with our next methods we will take the troubleshooting one step further so pay close attention.

Method #3 Power Cycle Roku & TV

power cycle tv

A power cycle is a key method addressing power-related issues and it is highly likely to resolve the unauthorized content issue.

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Roku users admit that after a firm restart of their devices any temporarily unauthorized content issues seems to disappear, so we figured it is worth trying.

Here is how to perform a power cycle on your Roku and hopefully get rid of the issue:

  1. Turn off both of your devices (Roku and TV.
  2. Unplug the power cable and HDMI of your Roku and TV.
  3. Wait for around 3-5 minutes.
  4. Plug the cables back in.
  5. Turn on your Roku.
  6. Check if the issue is still there.

If you still cannot view the content due to its incompatibility, you might have to consider grabbing a new HDCP cable for your Roku.

Such issues are always related to either the HDMI cable or the HDCP cable you are using, so be aware of that as you proceed further in this post.

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Method #4 Use Direct Connection

Another thing that could interfere with your Roku streaming stick’s workability is devices that transmit the connection to your TV.

In other words, we recommend bypassing any transceivers or stereo equipment, as they could also prevent you from viewing the corresponding content.

All you have to do is to connect your Roku streaming stick device directly to your TV.

This way you will be able to determine where the issue is coming from and know what to do if the method doesn’t work.

We recommend disconnecting all devices connected to your TV, connecting only the Roku device, and performing a power cycle.

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Roku Stick HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled Issue Still There…

If none of the methods we have talked about so far didn’t seem to resolve your situation, you might have to contact the support team of Roku for further assistance associated with the issue.

At this point, we guess that the issue comes from the HDCP connection and buying a new cable might get the issue solved.

Where To Purchase New HDCP Cable?

You can find the HDCP cables online for prices starting from $12.

We recommend grabbing a cable shorter than 5 meters for best performance and intermediate level regarding the price.

We assume that you’re familiar with how to connect so the only thing left to do is buying it.

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If you have any concerns that the issue might not be coming from the cable, we recommend contacting the support team first to conclude for sure.

Don’t forget to mention everything you’ve done in this post to save yours and us as their time.


We recommend testing your HDMI cable as well on a separate machine to identify if it is working properly.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you know how to troubleshoot Roku stick HDCP unauthorized content disabled and that you’ve learned something new.

After all, the issue could be because of a faulty cable where a replacement would be necessary.

For similar posts regarding Roku streaming stick, feel free to visit our technical-related blog, where you will definitely find a solution to your issue.

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