can you have 2 roku boxes in one house

Can you have 2 Roku boxes in one house? It’s good that you’re asking before buying!

Generally speaking, there is no limitation to how many Roku devices or TVs you can have at home, but the hurdle comes during the initial setup.

Since we’ve found an exceptional amount of people asking about having multiple Roku’s on their WiFi and account, we’ve created this guide!

You can have up to 20 Roku players in your home, connected to the same WiFi and using the same Roku account.

Also, each Roku box can be linked to an existing account and/or signed to a different account as well as create a new account during the initial setup!

Let’s continue to unwrap questions and provide you with their answers!

How Many Roku Devices Per Account Allowed?

devices per roku account

The limitation is 20 Roku devices on the same Roku account, receiving the same benefits and the same subscription channels.

In addition, you are able to stream simultaneously from different Roku devices, different or the same channels, all from one Roku account.

It’s unclear whether you can stream simultaneously with 20 Roku’s in one home, but if you have 2 or 3 players, yes, it’s proven to work.

Users wonder if they should buy a second Roku for their home and whether they will be able to utilize the streamer the same way as their current Roku!

  • The answer is Yes, you can buy a second Roku and stream simultaneously!

However, that’s not all…

how many roku devices per account allowed

Having Multiple Rokus at Home?

Well, getting the second or third Roku is not the entire process, since every Roku has to be connected to a separate TV/monitor via HDMI cable.

In addition, for the Roku player to work it needs power, which makes one more important connection, which requires an electrical outlet.

Also, the secondary or new Roku in your home needs to be carried through the initial setup, which is identical to all Roku players.

This is where the interesting part comes in – linking the same account on your secondary Roku and how it works. Well, keep reading!

Can You Have 2 Roku Boxes in One House? – Setup Guide!

If you already have one Roku player, whether it’s a TV, TV box, or streaming stick you’re going to need a TV or a monitor with an HDMI input.

That’s not all, you need to also think about the power income, and where, and how your second Roku will be connected to the power.

If you’re unsure, the steps below cover the entire procedure:

1. Verify the Roku Equipment

verify the roku equipment

The very first step upon unboxing your 2nd Roku player is to verify that the equipment needed for the setup is there. Based on the Roku player, identify whether the equipment is available:

  • An HDMI cable, with HDMI connectors on both sides
  • A Roku power adapter + a microUSB to USB cable
  • The Roku device, TV box, streaming stick or streambar
Note: The HDMI cable, power adapter, and microUSB cable are replaceable units!

2. Connect the 2nd Roku Player!

The next step is to prepare a TV or a monitor that supports an HDMI input port, where you can connect the Roku player. For this purpose, you must use the

connect the 2nd roku player

HDMI cable to connect a Roku TV box or simply plug directly the Roku streaming stick into the TV or monitor.

Then, you only need to plug the power adapter into the outlet and connect your Roku to the power by using the microUSB to USB cable. This is everything in regard to hardware setup and it’s now only left to carry out the initial setup.

Reminder: Don’t forget to select the correct Input Source so you can see the Roku setup!

3. Link Roku to Your Account

The very first thing that you would see are on-screen instructions on how to connect your Roku to the internet. So follow the steps on your Roku TV screen, and connect wired or wirelessly.

When your second Roku is connected to the WiFi, follow the steps below:

link roku to your account
  1. Wait if your Roku is performing software updates!
  2. Insert the Email Address of your Roku Account.
  3. Use your phone or computer to access the Inbox.
  4. Select the most recent Roku email that is received.
  5. Tap or click on the Activation Link to activate Roku.
  6. This link will redirect you to the official Roku website.
  7. Sign into your Roku account to link your new Roku.
Alert: You have to complete ALL steps on the Roku website before going back on your Roku device, otherwise it won’t be activated.

4. Understanding the Roku Rules!

When you have more than Roku linked to your Roku account, there are some rules in regard to the content that will be accessible. 

understanding the roku rules
  • Same channels on all linked Roku devices
  • Different Roku settings and video options
  • Separate remote pairing and interaction
  • Account changes apply for all linked Roku’s
  • All Roku players can stream simultaneously

The fundamental rule is that both TV boxes will have access to the same channels, hence if you remote a channel it will disappear from both Roku boxes.

The same goes for adding a channel, from any of your Roku devices or when making changes to your account online!

Syncing Channels on a Secondary Roku Player?

In case you’ve just linked your secondary Roku TV box to an existing Roku account, but not all channels are there, you can check manually.

As we’ve mentioned Roku players automatically check every 24 to 36 hours for updates and for added/removed channels.

syncing channels on a secondary roku player
  • To check manually, go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now!
Note: If you have a set PIN for purchases in your Roku account, the same PIN will be required on all Roku devices that are linked with the account.

Can You Control 2 Roku Boxes With 1 Remote?

The answer is Yes and No. Well, because, theoretically, you can unpair a Roku remote from one Roku Box and pair the remote to the secondary Roku. In that case, yes you can control 2 Roku boxes with 1 remote, but not at all times

The only way to control both your Roku boxes with 1 remote is to get the Roku Simple Remote or any other Roku Universal remote.

can you control 2 roku boxes with 1 remote

These models would work on both Roku’s because it uses an IR (infrared) signal, meaning no pairing required, thus the remote is not tied to one Roku box.

Roku Voice Remote and 2 Roku Boxes?

In contrast, the Roku Voice Remote can be paired to one Roku box at a time, and won’t be able to interfere or control with the other Roku box.

Hence this is a suitable solution when you want to have 2 Roku boxes in one house, even in the same room.

Can You Have 2 Roku Boxes Next to Each Other?

Yes, as long as you have a second TV in the same room, there is absolutely no problem as long as there is an available power outlet, with more than one slot.

Considering that you also need to connect your TV to the power, that makes a total of 4 needed power slots only for your Roku!

  • For 2 Roku Boxes next to each other consider purchasing a power strip!
can you have 2 roku boxes next to each other

In addition, you might also need additional power slots if you have an audio system installed or if any other devices are included in the setup.

Other than this, there are no other limitations.

2 Roku Boxes Connected to the Same TV?

Well, even if completely unnecessary, there is no problem connecting 2 Roku devices via HDMI into 2 different HDMI inputs on the same TV.

However, this wouldn’t allow mountainous streams, instead you would need to switch between sources, to be able to interact with your Roku player!

Need More Help?

If you’re facing issues with linking your second Roku or there are any limitations applied to your Roku account, contact Roku Customer Support for more help.

Good luck!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned can you have 2 Roku boxes in one house and that it’s possible by linking the Roku to an existing Roku account.

You can have up to 20 Roku players linked to the same account as well as you can simply use the 2nd Roku on a separate account. 

We hope that this guide was helpful so follow us for more!

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