how to rearrange channels on roku

How to rearrange channels on Roku remains a frequently asked question and in this post, we will cover everything from moving channels to troubleshooting issues.

Searching the web, you might end up with more channels that you can navigate easily through and luckily there is a way to bring your favorite channels on top.

In order to move channels on Roku, you need to select “Change channel position” from the options and then move the channel to another location in your list.

This action can be done by pressing the Left or Right button once the channel you want to move is highlighted.

In contrast, to remove a channel simply press on “Remove a channel” and then confirm. You can always add channels you’ve removed back from the Roku Channel Store.

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If something is still not clear, now we will go over this in detail.

How to Rearrange Channels on Roku Fast?

As we mentioned in the introduction, moving channels on Roku is pretty simple. Now we will introduce a step-by-step guide following which you cannot go wrong.

Prepare your remote as we are definitely going to need it. You can put the channels in any order you like and here is how to do it on your Roku device.


All that is possible using the mobile application as well. It allows you to use your smartphone just like a Roku remote, over Wi-Fi.

So, if your remote is not working quite well, you can always download the mobile app and just right into our steps.

  • Take your Roku remote and locate the channel you want to move
  • Press the Asterisk button and a prompt with details should appear
  • Select Move channel
  • The navigation arrows that will pop up around the channel icon
  • Use the Arrow buttons on your remote to move the channel
  • Once done, press OK to confirm and save the channel’s new position
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Feel free to repeat the process until you are satisfied with the new channel list arrangement.

If you don’t want to see a certain channel you can simply choose “Remove channel” once the Details prompt appears.

To get a removed channel back navigate to the Roku Channel Store and get the desired channel.

Now when you know how to reorder channels on Roku, let’s see how to do the same on the home screen.

How to Rearrange My Channels on Roku Home Screen?

how to rearrange my channels on roku home screen

We all know that everyone jumping or Roku would like to see his favorite channels upfront so now we will take a look at how to move channels on the Roku home screen.

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If you follow the step-by-step guide below you will avoid any unnecessary complications.

Here is how to change the channel position on the Roku home screen.

  • By using the Arrows on your remote, highlight the channel you would like to move
  • Press Options on your remote (a prompt should appear)
  • To move the channel click “Change channel position
  • By pressing Left or Right you can now move the channel to a new position

Removing a channel remains the same. Simply highlight the channel you would like to remove and press on “Remove channel”.

To get it back you can add it from the Roku Channel Store.

Pro Tip:

We highly recommend restarting your Roku device after you are complete with the channel rearrangement.

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This way you can ensure that all changes are saved and you will prevent rollback upon starting.

Why Can’t I Rearrange Channels on Roku?

If you are having any trouble rearranging the channels on your Roku device, we got you covered.

There are a few occasions in which you might not be able to move channels successfully and now we are going to discuss just that.

Inappropriate Highlight

To move channels on Roku you need to highlight a channel instead of clicking on it. Simply use the arrows on your remote to move your cursor over the channel, and do NOT click on it.

The channel will slightly enlarge in comparison to others when highlighted.

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Once highlighted you can click options and the prompt that will allow you to move the channel will appear.

On the other hand, if you click on the channel and then use the Options button, you will end up getting a different prompt, instead of the one we’re looking for.

Network Lag

Many people reported that even after moving a channel from one position to another after you restart Roku, all previous changes are gone.

The issue was found in a bad network connection, which causes severe lag and the Roku app goes offline.

Before you ask how to reorder channels on Roku, you should ensure that the Wi-Fi your Roku device is using is stable.

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Otherwise, you might experience frustrating rollback when you relaunch your Roku.

Outdated OS Software

We are not aware of all possible issues that could appear, especially if you are using an outdated OS on your Roku device.

If this is your case and you are not able to change the channel’s position for some reason, it is highly possible that the issue is related to the outdated OS.

Here you will learn how to manually check for updates on your Roku device:

  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote
  • Navigate and select Settings
  • Go to System and then press System Update
  • In the System Update menu, the current software build and last updated dated can be seen
  • Press Check Now to check for available updates
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If there are any available updates, your Roku device will download and apply them automatically after which it will restart.

Once back, you can scroll up to our guide on how to move channels on Roku above, and hopefully, it will work now.

How to Add Channels On Roku Device?

Throughout the post, we’ve mentioned a couple of times how you can add channels to your Roku list but here you will be able to follow a step-by-step guide to install new channels.

  1. Press the Home button on your remote
  2. Scroll up or down to select Streaming Channels


To learn more about a certain channel, simply highlight it and press the OK button on your Roku remote.

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Details prompt will appear where you can see a preview of the channel and further information.

  1. If the channel you have chosen is free, simply click on Add Channel
  2. If the channel is paid then you need to select Buy $X,XX to purchase the channel
  3. Enter your Roku PIN (if you have any)

Whenever buying a channel you might stumble upon an error, which is most likely caused because your payment info is outdated.

Simply go to your payment credentials and re-add your card. Once ready try to purchase the channel again.

Bottom Line

We hope that in this post you were able to learn how to rearrange channels on Roku devices and how to avoid unnecessary complications.

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If you still have any issues moving/adding or removing channels we recommend going back and trying our steps again.

On the other hand, if this post were helpful, you can now give your Roku channel list some order.

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