philips hue routines not working

If your Philips hue routines not working, stick till the end of this post to learn what could be causing the issue and some proven methods to work with.

There could be many factors behind this issue, but we made sure to include everything you need to know to get the issue solved.

Your Philips hue’s routines could be disturbed if they are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. A major role in this issue could be interference between other devices transmitting signals too. On the other hand, it could be due to software or hardware malfunction.

Before you carry out an inspection we cannot conclude where the problem might be coming from so shall get started?

Why Are My Philips Hue Lights Routines Not Working?

We’ve gathered the most frequent possibilities when it comes down to not working Philips hue routines and here is what we’ve found:

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1. Bulbs Not Connected To The Same Wi-Fi Network

One of the major things that could cause this malfunction is if your bulbs aren’t connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Hue bulbs usually operate and establish routines via Wi-Fi connectivity, so if using different networks, they won’t be able to interact with each other.

2. Possible Interference

It is recommended to check for interference. Sometimes, whenever the time zone isn’t chosen correctly, there could be a signal loss between your bulbs, which may lead to missing estimated routine timing.

3. Outdated Firmware

Sometimes, whenever the firmware of your bulbs is outdated, there could be problems with scheduling routines and timing.

Better yet, if the newest update contains crucial innovations to the routine feature you definitely would need it updated.

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4. Power Problem

The best thing you can do whenever your device is having a temporal power glitch or bug is to perform a clean restart of your whole setup.

This will refresh the electricity of your device and reboot its software clean. It is recommended to perform one of these once in a while.

5. Hardware/Software Problem

If there is something wrong with your hue bulb’s software or hardware, it could sometimes affect the timing and scheduling of your Philips hue bulb routines.

Not much to do here by yourself, but advise your manufacturers and appoint a meeting where the device could be inspected.

Now after you know what the most common issues with your Philips hue routines are, you can start closing the list of possible causes by applying some of our proven methods in the upcoming guideline down below.

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How To Fix Philips Hue Routines Not Working?

fix philips hue routines not working

The only preparation you must do before starting with the methods is to make sure your phone is connected to your bulbs.

Otherwise, half of our recommendations won’t apply to your situation and you probably won’t be able to resolve your issue.

Method #1 Connected To the Same Network

The first thing you can try in your way to resolve the issue is to connect all hue bulbs to the same network if they weren’t until now.

Scheduling and daily routines are well-known to work and perform best whenever the bulbs are connected to the same network.

This is how information is transmitted between the smart bulbs and this is what supports the timing in lighting and dim included in the routine.

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To make sure all of your bulbs are paired with the same Wi-Fi network, you can access your router’s settings, which you can access using your IP and provided by the internet provider name and password.

From there, you can check what devices are paired to your network.

Philips hue bulbs are usually under the name of their model. The model is written underneath the device.

Note: If you’re having a concern that your network might be the problem, feel free to share a hotspot from your mobile just to connect the hue and test.

Method #2 Check For Interference

A method that could also apply whenever the Philips hue wake up routine not working is removing the interference. It is usually caused by things that don’t match all of your hue bulbs.

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The time zones are an excellent example of how one thing doesn’t match on all of your hue bulbs.

Similar interference could also be caused by unmatching or weird routines on all of your hue bulbs and even device positioning. We can advise you to double-check everything by the end of this method to save yourself time worrying later.

Method #3 Check Routines

Sometimes if the routines aren’t working as intended, it could be due to the routines themselves.

If they haven’t been established correctly, there might be a timing discrepancy which can cause full alteration within your lighting.

The thing you should do here is to make sure that all routines make sense. For instance, ensure the timing has been set correctly and matches the timing of other hue bulbs within your households.

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You can also try to make new routines to see if that will help.

Method #4 Restart Philips Hue Bulbs

A common, yet effective method to approach your hue bulbs is a simple restart.

The restart is well-known to be effective in all situations, so we’ve decided to include it because many users mentioned it worked for them.

If you’ve established your mobile app correctly, there should be an executable button that will allow you to restart each bulb individually.

If you want an automatic restart of your whole configuration, you need a dimmer switch. This addon provided by Philips will allow the complete restart of your whole bulb configuration with a simple click.

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You can learn more about the dimmer switch by checking up online on the Philips site or in some of our other posts related to the Philips dimmer switch.

Method #5 Update Firmware

Even though firmware updates are automatically applied, there could be a loss of Wi-Fi connection, preventing your bulb from downloading the newest firmware.

Sometimes a software malfunction could also prevent your bulb from updating, but in most cases, it is slow or non-existed Wi-Fi connectivity.

As in the first method, we advise you to reassure yourself that all of your bulbs are connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

But when it comes down to something wrong with the interface with your bulb, there isn’t much you can do by yourself.

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Philips Hue Routines Still Not Working…

While it is highly unlikely your Philips Hue routines might not be working because of a hardware failure. However, this possibility remains as well as the possibility of a simple logic issue.

At this point before taking any actions against the issue, we recommend reaching out to Philips customer service for another round of troubleshooting.

You can save a lot of time by describing what you’ve tried in this post and how far you’ve come.

In the worst-case scenario, you might have to send your device for a repair, but if your warranty is intact, you might get lucky!

If Philips Hue routines are not working, many things could have happened to your Philips hue bulb. A firm restart, firmware update, Wi-Fi connectivity check, and power diagnostics should be able to fix your issue and make your Philips hue routines work once again.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why is Philips hue routines not working and you should feel more comfortable troubleshooting related issues.

Even if by the end of this post the issue still persists, reaching out for customer support is always an option!

In case you’re having other issues with the devices in your smart home and you still haven’t checked our technical blog, you’re missing out!