how to put philips hue bulb in pairing mode

Don’t know how to put Philips hue bulb in pairing mode? Stop right here, because we’re about to share everything you need to know about the process.

Sometimes people have struggles pairing their new smart bulb, so today we are here to provide transparency on the topic and share some handy workarounds.

The easiest way to put your Philips hue bulb into pairing mode is to use the dimmer switch. This add-on to your configuration will let you control all lights in your household easily. 

However, most of the new bulbs are already in pairing mode as soon as you turn them on.

With or without Philips dimmer switch, next, you will learn everything about pairing and by the end of the post, you shall have your Philips Hue bulb paired.

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Pairing Philips Hue Process

Before we explain how to put Philips hue bulb into pairing mode you must first learn the fundamentals of pairing.

To get control of your lights remotely, most users prefer a universal smart home device, such as Alexa.

We will make sure to include an explanation, specifically related to Alexa so you could get a better understanding of how to use similar devices.

Let’s start with the basics:

What Is Philips Hue Pairing Mode?

The pairing mode state of the Philips hue bulbs really depends on the type of the device.

The most recent bulbs will be automatically put into a discoverable, pairing mode, as soon as they are turned on.

In the older versions of the Philips hue, you would have to first pair them to your smartphone and then you will be able to remotely control them and tell which devices to discover and connect to.

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Although, using the dimmer switch which we’ve mentioned above could make your pairing experience really easier. You just have to move the switch closer to the bulb and control it from there.

Philips Hue Pairing Mode With Alexa?

If you want to connect your Philips hue to an Alexa device, you have to make both of the devices discoverable.

By discoverable we mean to put them both into pairing mode so they could discover one another whenever you attempt to connect them.

For this purpose, you would require both apps, the Philips and Alexa one. From there, you can either control the devices separately or choose how to pair them from now on.

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The choice is completely up to you and how you want to control your lighting and Alexa.

Keep in mind that Alexa will have access to all customization features, schedules, or settings of your bridge or whatsoever.

If you happen to have a bridge, however, you can pair the bridge itself to Alexa. Whatever commands you usually tell the bridge to perform, you can now order Alexa.

How To Put Philips Hue Bulb Into Pairing Mode?

put philips hue bulb in pairing mode

After getting you familiar with the basics, it is finally time to learn how to put your Philips hue bulb into a pairing mode.

Note: The latest models of Philips hue bulbs will be automatically discoverable when turned on.

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If your bulb is a newer model after 2021, you shouldn’t have issues pairing the bulb with whatever you want.

The guide we’ve established down below is meant for older models of the Philips hue bulb and bulb devices that don’t have automatic pairing mode.

  1. Establish your Philips Hue bulb and make sure everything is turned on and ready to go.
  2. Download the Philips app on your phone and get it ready to discover the device.
  3. Engage the bulb and hold the “on” and “of” buttons until the bulb starts flashing.
  4. The flashing will indicate that the bulb is ready to pair.
  5. (Optional) Grab your phone and use the Philips app, discover the bulb, and pair it with your phone.
Note: Your bulb will be eligible to not only your smartphone but a bridge also. 

You can also pair it with a compatible Zigbee radio if you’re using one for extra comfort and a wide choice of lighting customization.

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How To Put Philips Hue Bulb In Pairing Mode For Alexa?

Now that you learned how to generally put your Philips Hue bulb into discoverable mode, it is time to pair the device with Alexa.

As a setup before the process, you must make sure that both of the devices are up and running and your Alexa has been fully established into your household.

If some of Alexa’s features do not allow pairing by any means, you won’t be able to establish a connection between these two devices.

Without any further ado, here is a guide on how to pair hue bulbs with Alexa.

  • Turn on your Alexa.
  • Grab your smartphone and enter the app store.
  • In the search field type “Alexa” and download Amazon’s app.
  • From there, Alexa should be auto-discoverable to your smartphone.
  • Make sure to pair Alexa with your smartphone.
  • (Optional) Enable the feature that will allow Alexa to discover other devices.
  • Using the Alexa app, check the available devices around Alexa and pair your Philips hue bulb.
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Important: Before getting Alexa to discover your Philips hue bulb, you must execute the steps from the previous guide in the post. 

You must make your Philips hue bulb discoverable again to pair it with Alexa successfully.

To conclude, some of the newer Philips hue bulbs will be automatically discoverable whenever turned on. For the older models, however, you will have to do it manually but either way, you should not have any difficulties.

If however, something goes wrong you can always contact Philips customer service for additional help.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to put Philips hue bulb into pairing mode, you should be able to pair the smart bulb with any supported device.

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Just remember to always check if your smart bulb is installed correctly to avoid unwanted incidents.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with any of our smart home devices, make sure to check our blog where you will definitely find a solution to your issue!

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