philips hue not connecting to google home

If you are having a problem with Philips Hue not connecting to Google Home, you are at the right place.

Such cases occur, and you should appreciate that yours is not the first one. Poor connectivity and some minor issues may be the cause, and you can quickly solve them.

Letting google home control your devices is quite a unique experience. What you only need is your voice command, and the device obeys. It is indeed a smart hub.

So, what happens if the Philips Hue refuses to go as per your command due to connectivity issues? This piece takes you through the steps you can use to fix the problem.

If Philips Hue fails to connect to google home, check if you have synced the device. You also need to ensure that the internet is not faulty.

Reasons for Google Home App not connecting to Philips Hue

If you have tried to connect your Philips Hue with Google Home but failed, you can look out for these issues.

  • You have not synced your Philips Hue devices with google home.
  • Your lights have an issue.
  • Your internet connection has a problem.

Note: Google Home is a smart speaker that is designed to carry out voice commands via google assistant.

Google Home always listens, but it does not just pick any spoken words.

It only responds to commands based on its preprogrammed terms. If you want to control your Philips Hue lights, you need to use words like ‘’turn on/off lights,’’ etc.

Why Does Hue Fail to Sync with Google Home?

The possible reasons are that the display/speaker and the Philips Hue Bridge are not connected to the same network.

Also, the google account on your mobile phone could be different from the one on the display or speaker. Ensure that every detail is the same on your devices.

How to Fix the Philips Hue Not Connecting to Google Home Issue

fix philips hue not connecting to google home

Method 1: Check Your Hue Lights

Before proceeding to any setup, you must check your lights to see if they are okay. You must also follow the proper steps when connecting your hue light. These can help:

1.       Ensure you have turned off your lamp or fixture. If there is any bulb, kindly remove it.

2.       Screw your Hue bulb carefully, then turn on the light.

3.       For your light strips, you need to ensure that you have plugged the power cable. Ensure the outlet has power.

4.       Connect the hue bridge to a power outlet using an adapter. Use an Ethernet cable from the Hue Bridge to an Ethernet port.

5.       Before proceeding with your setup, ensure that all the four LEDs in the Hue Bridge are lit.

These hints can help you know what each light indicates:

Note: To ensure power is flowing, check the first LED. If it is not on, check your adapter and connect it securely to a power source.

Check if your Bridge is successfully connected to your home network using the second LED.

The third LED will help you know if the Philips hue is connected to the internet. The center key allows you to sync your devices.

An app can control the lights if you let it by pressing this key. Besides, no one else can manage your devices without you allowing them.

Method 2: Sync your Philips Hue with Google Home

Before trying this method, you must first have the Google Home app on your tablet or smartphone.

After installing the Hue app on your phone, you will first need to set your google home smart speaker and the hue system.

After that, you can use google home to integrate them effortlessly. These steps will help you to sync.

  1. On your phone, open the ‘Google Home’ app.
  2. Scroll at the bottom and select accounts.
  3. Choose either ‘add’ or ‘set up’ followed by works with google.
  4. On the list that appears, click Philips Hue.
  5. Enter the email and a password you usually use on your Philips hue account, then log in or sign in.

Select Yes if Philips Hue asks you whether google should control your Hue lights. Wait for some seconds, and it will be so.

Google will control your lights from your different Google Home speakers and your smartphone.

Method 3: Check Connection

These tips can help you ensure that you have the correct internet connection

The Router

You must ensure that your router is connected to the internet. Check the necessary LED light (at the center).

The Same Network

The Wi-Fi network must be the same on the three devices; your phone, display or speaker, and Hue Bridge.

If you have several Wi-Fi networks in your room, ensure that you do not choose any for any device.

Connecting The Hue Bridge And Router

Remember, since Hue Bridge does not have built-in Wi-Fi, you should connect it directly to your router using an Ethernet cable. The cable should not be faulty.

Philips Hue Still not connecting to Google Home

If you have tried the methods above but still Philips Hue fails to connect to Google Home, you should not give up. Resetting your devices may not help you out.

Hence, the remaining solution is to contact Philips Hue customer support.

You will get the best guidelines on how you can fix the issue. However, you must cooperate with the staff, giving all the necessary information that you will be asked for.

If you follow the guidelines, then Philips Hue should connect to Google Home.

The main solution to Philips Hue is not connecting to Google Home is to sync your Philips device to Google Home. Checking your internet connection may also be necessary.

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Fixing the Philips Hue not connecting to Google Home issue should not trouble you if you have gone through the steps above. Ensure that your internet connection is on point.

Besides, the Wi-Fi network should be the same on all your devices; you should never assume this. And, as long as you link/sync your Philips Hue with Google Home, you should not experience such a problem.

If Philips Hue fails to connect to Google Home, check if you synced your device correctly. You should also ensure that the internet has no fault in its connection.

Nicole B