no picture from dvd player to tv

If there is no picture from DVD player to TV, then you’re most likely doing something wrong.

In fact, there are a few things that users often get wrong when connecting their DVD player to a TV.

In that regard, we made sure to include many tips and recommendations that if followed, you cannot go wrong!

If there is no picture on your TV even though your DVD player is connected you’ve most likely selected the wrong source. If it is not the source then the wiring somewhere is either faulty or not connected properly.

There is only one exception for no picture would be if your TV or DVD has a hardware failure concerning their inputs and outputs.

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We’ll take a look at that later but first, let’s try to bring the picture to your TV screen.

Why Is My DVD Player Not Showing a Picture On My TV?

Later in the post, we will address each possible cause but first, let’s take a look at them individually:

Wiring Issue

Everything from a wrongfully established connection to a faulty cable is a possible cause for no picture.

Wrong TV Input Source

In case the right input source of your TV is not selected, you won’t be able to see the DVD player output.

Instead, you will be seeing a black screen.

Hardware Problem

There could be a faulty input/output port either on your TV or on your DVD player.

These are the 3 general causes that could be responsible.

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Even if they seem minor, there are a few key moments that you need to pay attention to so keep reading!

Things to Consider While Connecting DVD Player To TV

On the back of your DVD, there should be either a component video cable (RCA) or RF output port.

To find out, take a look at the labels above the output port.

If your DVD supports RCA (3 color cable), you can directly hook it up to your TV RCA input.

But if your DVD player has only RF output, you will need to get an RF to RCA converter in order to be able to connect it to the RCA input of your TV.

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In case your DVD is connected to TV but has no picture then you’ll definitely need some troubleshooting so let’s jump right in!

How To Fix No Picture from DVD Player To TV?

fix no picture from dvd player to tv

When you’re familiar with the causes and the proper way to connect your DVD player to the TV, you’re ready to start applying our solutions.

We’ll start by addressing the most common issues first and progress to more advanced troubleshooting (if necessary).

Note: Test for pictures after you’re ready with a solution to avoid executing unnecessary actions.

Solution #1 Select the Right TV Source

In most cases whenever there is no picture from a DVD to TV, it is simply because the users have not selected the right TV input source.

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If you didn’t know above each of your TV input ports, there is a level.

Take a look and find in which input port your DVD goes in so you can select it from your TV sources.

Once you know which input port you’re looking for, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure both the DVD player and your TV are turned on and working.
  2. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  3. From the Sources Menu choose the source your DVD is connected to.
  4. Check if there is a picture.

What If I Can’t Find My DVD Source?

If the source of your DVD player is connected but the source does NOT appear in the list then it is hidden or renamed.

  • Renamed – If it is renamed then it should appear with your DVD’s device name.
  • Hidden – If it is hidden you can make it visible through the TV input options.
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Solution #2 Re-Connect ALL Cables

Now when you are confident that the right source is selected and there is still no picture from DVD to TV there might be an issue with the wiring.

Ensure that ALL cables are connected all the way in, by disconnecting and plugging everything from scratch.

Moreover, you need to make sure that the cables are not twisted, damaged, or under pressure.

In fact, by disconnecting ALL cables (including the power adapter for both devices) you will also perform the so-called power cycle.

In other words, if there was an issue with the power delivery to the participants in this workflow, it should now be gone.

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Solution #3 Change from Progressive To Interlaced

Some TVs might not be capable of displaying a progressive field type, and you will need to configure your DVD to output an interlaced signal.

To disable the progressive signal and start output interlaced follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Press the PROGRESSIVE button on your DVD Player front panel. The other workaround would be to press the P.SCAN button on your DVD remote.
  • Step 2. Turn off the DVD player and using the remote numbers press 3-6-9.
  • Step 3. Turn on the DVD Player.
  • Step 4. On the back of the DVD player, there should be a switch that you need to put on the INTERLACED position (there are labels).
  • Step 5. Press and hold the PAUSE button on your DVD Player remote for 5 seconds.
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At this point, your TV should start displaying pictures if the issue was related to the type of the fields.

If there is still no picture from DVD to TV, let’s proceed further.

Solution #4 Factory Reset DVD

If you have done everything we’ve recommended so far and there is still no picture reaching your TV, we shall address the DVD player first.

In this step, you will learn how to perform a factory reset which will reset all DVD player menu items to their default.

Follow the steps to perform a factory reset on your DVD player:

  1. Make sure that the DVD player is connected to the power supply and working.
  2. Press the Down or Up Arrow button to reach and select the Setup Icon.
  3. Press the Enter button to enter the Setup.
  4. Use the Up/Down Arrows to highlight RESET.
  5. Press the Enter button to confirm.
  6. Use the Arrows to select YES.
  7. Lastly, press the Enter button again.
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The factory reset process might take a few seconds up to a few minutes on some older models.

Be patient until your DVD player menu items revert to default. Once ready, test if there will be a picture on your TV.

If nothing so far managed to bring up the picture of your DVD onto your TV screen, then you can try to replace the cable in between.

Purchase a new RCA cable as well as RF to RCA modulator and try again.

To receive a signal from a DVD player to a TV you must make sure that ALL cables are connected rightfully, and the right TV source is selected. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the DVD is outputting an interlaced signal and if it does not work, perform a factory default reset.

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Bottom Line

Now when you know why there would be no picture from DVD player to TV you have a really good chance to fix the issue at home.

If nothing works then you should start assuming that there is a hardware failure where the best solution would be a repair.