can you browse the internet on a smart tv

Heard someone asking, can you browse the internet on a smart TV? The question got me thinking because I wondered why you should browse the internet on your TV, yet you have a phone that can be a better alternative.

However, you may need your TV’s browser in some instances, especially if you want to access the internet. Hence, it is crucial to have a browser on your Smart TV. Read below to know how you can browse the internet on your smart TV.

You must have the correct internet connection if you want to browse the internet on your Smart TV. Besides, your browser should always be up to date to avoid hitches.

Why You Cannot Browse On Your Smart TV

  • You do not have a recommended browser.
  • You have no internet connection on your TV.
  • Your browser is not up to date.
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How Can You Browse The Web On A Smart TV?

how to browse the internet on a smart tv

If you want to browse on your smart TV, you must first run the browser on your device. Below are the steps on how to browse the web on smart TV.

Step #1: Go to your TV’s menu followed by apps or applications.

Step #2: Select the available internet browser

Step #3: Click on the browser to open it.

After opening the browser, you can visit websites or perform other activities as the browser prompts.

How Can You Browse The Internet On A Smart TV Successfully?

If you cannot browse the internet on your smart TV, you may need to fix the issue using these methods.

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Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

You may be unable to browse using your TV because of a poor internet connection.

Check if your device has internet using these steps. (Applicable to Samsung TV)

  1. Using your remote, click the Home button.
  2. Select settings then General Menu.
  3. Click Network, then choose Network settings.

The screen will show you if you have an internet connection or not.

You can try other apps such as YouTube or Netflix on your TV to see if they are working. If they are working, your browser is the issue. If they are not working, your connection is a problem.

You can try to restart the router; remove it from its power source. Let it rest for one minute, then plug back.

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If you still have internet issues, you may need to change the DNS. On your settings, you will need to enter the DNS manually. Provide ‘’, which is the public DNS that google allows to use if the default DNS fails to work.

Method 2: Update your Browser

If your browser is not updated, you may have difficulties browsing. Different TVs have different ways to update browsers.

Use these steps on your Samsung smart TV.

  1. Go to settings, then select Support.
  2. Choose software update then ‘Update Now.’
  3. If there are no available updates, click ok to exit

As long as your device has an internet connection, apps and software can update automatically. Check your settings to see if you have selected the auto-update option.

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Method 3: Clear The Browser

If the browser fails to work on your TV, you can try to clear the browser history to see if it will work. Use these steps.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on ‘Web Browser settings.’
  3. Click on ‘General,’ then select ‘Delete History.’

Method 4: Install Chrome on Your Smart TV

If your TV lacks a browser, you may need to install one. Use these steps to install chrome on your Android TV using voice commands.

Since your android TV does not have a keyboard and a mouse, it has a voice command feature.

  1. Activate the assistant on your TV.
  2. Speak the words, ‘install chrome.’ It will open the Play store.
  3. Install the app using your remote to press confirm.
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You can check the app in your app drawer and use it to browse.

What Else Can I Use Apart From A TV Browser?

The limiting factor with smart TV browsers is that they do not have some features. Besides, they may cause security issues. There have been reports about TV manufacturers selling data from some smart TVs they manufacture to marketing institutions.

The solution might be to uninstall the default browsers. However, it is quite a tedious task. Besides, hacking the browser or trying to replace it with third-party browsers may cause navigation incompatibility.

You can use the following options if you do not wish to use your TV’s browser.

A Media Streaming Device

Media streaming devices like TV fire stick and Apple TV can help you use other capable and better browsers than your TV browser.

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Screen Mirror

Most TVs allow screen mirroring from other devices like a smartphone or a computer. You only need to choose any browser you wish on your phone or computer then project it to your smart TV. You can do this if you prefer typing from your phone or a computer’s keyboard to navigate wherever you wish. However, you must have an internet connection on your TV for this to work.

Risks Associated with Browsing from Smart TV

Since your Smart TV has an internet connection, it is as vulnerable as your smartphone or computer. Anytime your device is online, manufacturers use the data you send online using the default browser to spy on you.

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If you browse from your TV, you should always use a VPN service if you can. In case you log in to any account, be sure to log out.

Limitations of a Smart TV Browser

Smart TV browsers should operate like your phone or computer browsers. Depending on your TV’s operating system and the manufacturer, your TV’s browser may have issues which may include:

  • Inability to download a file from the browser
  • They tend to be slower, unlike a computer and a phone’s browser
  • It may fail to read some website languages like html5 etc
  • It may fail to allow you to scroll using a remote

Web designers put more effort into smartphones’ and computers’ browsers, unlike in smart TVs. They prefer when the browsers are user-friendlier on these devices than on TVs.

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Browsing the internet on smart TV is possible if you have an internet connection. Keeping your browser and device updated should also give you smooth browsing.

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After the reading above, can you browse the internet on a smart TV without any difficulty? Definitely, you should.

Most smart TV’s come with inbuilt browsers. You can use the browser, and if yours does not have one, you can always download it. To ensure it is working properly, always check your internet connection. Also, always make sure the browser is updated.

You can browse the internet on your smart TV if it has the correct internet connection. Always ensure that the browser is up to date if you want smooth browsing.

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