why does my tv take a long time to turn on

Could you be asking, why does my TV take a long time to turn on? I know this issue should be a concern, especially if you do not want to miss some parts of your favorite show.

If you have never experienced this TV issue before and it just started all of a sudden, it could be worrying for you.

However, you should never panic since you can solve this problem. Read on to understand what could have transpired and how you can fix the issue.

If your TV takes a long time to turn on, you will need to check its power supply. If the accessories have an issue, you may need to change them.

Why Does my TV Take a Long Time to Turn On: Top Reasons

Your TV may take time to load due to various reasons. Below are some of the common causes.

  • Your TV’S power supply has a problem
  • The memory is full or almost full
  • Your TV is running an old firmware/software

Note: TVs are different, and each manufacturer has its own specifications.

Some use higher technologies to manufacture the TVs, while others use the common tech, which might be outdated. Getting a TV that is up to date is one of the best solutions to the many issues such as taking a long time to turn on.

How to Fix a TV Taking Long to Turn On

fix tv take a long time to turn on

If you have been asking yourself why does my TV take forever to turn on? You should be happy because the methods below will help you fix the problem. 

Method 1. Change The Power Supply

Most often, if your TV turns on slowly, the problem is often the power supply accessories. The power unit will need a replacement if you want it to work again.

You may need to open the TV’s back to see if the capacitors are okay; if they are bulging or leaking, an immediate replacement is necessary.

So, you must have some experience in electronic repair. If you do not have the necessary experience, you can have an expert help you out at some cost, hopefully not at more than $200.

Method 2. Discharge or reboot your TV

This method can make your TV start on normally or take a shorter time to respond.

You can reboot it using a remote or without. Check the steps below for a Samsung TV.

Reboot with a Remote

Step #1. Turn on your TV the normal way, then press and hold your Samsung TV’s remote power button. Face the remote towards the TV.

Step #2. Hold the remote’s power button until your TV powers off then on.

This method cold boots your TV. It means that your TV’s memory cache is cleared; hence the TV should turn on normally.

Discharge the TV

Step #1: Turn on your TV.

Step #2: Unplug the TV from its power source, then wait for around 30 seconds.

Step #3: Plug back the TV to its power source, then turn it on.

This method discharges the TV by clearing its memory cache. Your TV should turn on as quickly as it should now.

Method 3. Update Your TV’s Software

No matter the type of TV you have, you must update it to allow it to run on new and latest features.

If not, it will operate on the old version, which will cause it to lag turning on and cause other glitches. Keep in mind that when you update it, your videos and audios might be reset to defaults.

Use these steps to update your Samsung’s software.

Update Over The Internet

  1. Using your Samsung TV remote, go to Settings.
  2. Click ‘Support’ followed by ‘Software Update.’
  3. Choose the option, ‘Update Now.’
  4. CLICK ‘Ok’ to exit if new updates are not available.

Ensure that your TV is ON all through the updating process. If you turn it off, the process will stop, and you will have to start it again.

Update Automatically

Always ensure that your TV has an internet connection if you want it to update its firmware automatically. You can use these steps to let it accept every update available.

Step #1: Go to settings and select Support.

Step #2: Click the option Software Update followed by Auto Update.

Method 4. Remove Or Delete The Apps You Are Not Using

Installing too many apps on your TV eats up resources. Apart from occupying space, they run in the background causing the TV to lag.

If your TV turns on after a long time, you can go through the list of apps on it, select the ones you are not using and delete them. Use these steps to delete unused apps or games on your Android TV.

Step #1: Open your TV’s menu.

Step #2: Navigate to apps.

Step #3: From the list, highlight the app you wish to delete.

Step #4: Press and hold the app. You can also press the Enter button on your remote.

Step #5: Select uninstall followed by Ok to remove the app.

Google Play Store also offers an option to uninstall the app.

  1. Go to My apps (check the left sidebar).
  2. From the list of apps, choose the one to delete.
  3. Click Uninstall.

Why Does My TV Still Take Long to Turn On?

If your TV is still taking a long to turn on even after trying the above processes, you may need to check more things.

You may be having apps that are incompatible with your device even though you need them. You must always ensure that you only install apps that your device can support.

If you cannot delete an app, you can force stop it. Also, ensure that you make use of your TV’s warranty. Contact your service provider since they can help you solve the issue without incurring any cost.

Your TV may take a long time to turn on if your power supply accessories have an issue. Always check them and run a repair to restore your TV.

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I hope you now have an answer to the question about why does my TV take a long time to turn on?

Ensuring that your TV runs on the latest update is often the best solution. Besides, don’t keep apps that you are not using on your TV. Uninstall them to let your TV have enough breathing space.

You must also ensure that you clear your TV’s memory cache. However, never ignore the hardware issue. It should be the first thing to check in case of this issue.

Ensure that your TV’s power supply is always in good condition if your TV takes long to turn on. Run a repair on these accessories before trying other methods.

Nicole B