samsung monitor not turning on

In case your Samsung monitor not turning on, the issue occasionally lies within your remote control and its functionality, therefore we are going to take a firm look at your Samsung monitor’s hardware.

Other than that, you are going to learn how to execute several proven-to-work methods and hopefully get your smart TV monitor working.

Users with the same issue frequently report that most of the time their remote is faulty. You can try turning on Samsung smart TV using the power button located on the TV itself, to determine if the issue is with the remote.

On the other hand, you might be facing issues related to the power, or the TV functionality itself. Either way, we are going to find out!

Before we jump right into the troubleshooting steps, let’s try to identify the issue first.

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Next, we shall reveal most of the possible causes so you can have a better understanding of what you are dealing with.

Why Is My Samsung Smart TV Monitor Not Turning On?

why is my samsung smart tv monitor not turning on

Let’s take a quick look at all possibilities in which your Smart TV monitor will not turn on.

Faulty Remote

If your remote does not transmit IR signals or there is something breaking the line of sign, you might not be able to turn on your TV monitor.

Bad External Device

If there is a device connected to any of your HDMI ports, and this port is selected, in case of any issues with the device you might observe a black screen.

Bad Wiring

In case of any missed connection, you might not be able to turn on your TV or see any output.

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Power Issues

If your Samsung TV monitor’s standby light is flickering it usually indicates a power malfunction or improper bootup.

There is a possibility that there is an issue with your surge protectors or divider, so make sure to check them for malfunctions.

TV Hardware Issue

In case of any hardware malfunction, your TV screen might be internally damaged. Such issues can occur if there was any physical damage or water exposure that could have affected the pixels.

Troubleshooting Preparation

To identify the problem, you would have to check on several things. In that regard, we’ve designed a quick preparation guide so you can confidently apply the steps after.

Your first step would be to check if the standby light is ON. If it is, then you are lucky!

Your Samsung TV’s power flow may not be damaged, and it should be fully functional. 

When the standby light is on but the TV cannot be turned on we can tighten the circle of possibilities down to your remote or TV receiver hardware.

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On the other hand, if the standby light is OFF, this will indicate that your Samsung TV isn’t connected to any power source.

The best you can do in this situation is to perform a power cycle/restart to see if this will light up your standby light.

How To Fix Samsung Monitor Not Turning On?

fix samsung monitor not turning on

After getting to know your issue better, resolving it shouldn’t be that hard. After all, this whole situation could be based on a temporal power outage or a consequence of an improper closure, so don’t get discouraged.

Start applying our steps one by one and make sure not to miss any. With a little luck, your issue will be gone before you reach the last step.

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Step #1 Check Remote

Most of the occasions involving this issue are probably related to the remote delivered with your Samsung TV smart monitor.

This is why our first step is strictly related to inspecting your remote for malfunctions and potential issues.

Here is what to do:

Replace Remote Batteries

Your first step in troubleshooting your remote would be to replace its batteries. Cheaper power sources are well-known to wear out really quicker than the more expensive ones.

If you are occasionally purchasing cheaper batteries for your remote, make sure to change them regularly.

If you abandon a worn-out battery inside the remote’s battery compartment, there might be unwanted complications such as battery leaking.

Our best recommendation is to change the remote battery at least once per two weeks. 

This way you will be certain that the issue isn’t power-related and the power source inside your remote is in a healthy state.

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Check If Remote Works

If the remote is still not working, even after replacing the batteries, there is a pretty nifty way to find out if it is actually working.

Take your smartphone and open your back camera. Place the remote’s “eye”, the red bulb (IR transmitter), in front of the camera and press any button.

Your naked eye would never be able to see the IR light, but through your camera, you should be able to see it pretty clearly.

If there is no light, even when you’re pressing buttons, well your remote might be broken.

Step #2 Use Monitor Power Button

If you’re here we assume that you’ve proven your remote working. In that case, we can conclude that the issue is with the TV and now you are going to learn how to turn it on manually.

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On the left side of your TV monitor panel, you should be able to locate the power button, which should turn on your TV if everything is working properly.

Check if the TV is connected to a power source and push the button. In case it is still not working, unplug the TV from the power source and wait for about 3 minutes.

Then reconnect it to the power and try by pushing the power button again.

Step #3 Check Wiring

Your next step if the Samsung monitor not turning on would be to verify the wiring throughout your workflow.

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Such issues are well-known to occur whenever there is misconfiguration with the wires. 

A faulty HDMI or power cable could significantly harm the functionality of your Samsung monitor and even prevent it from working sometimes.

The best thing you can do is to ensure that all of your cables are fully functional and that there isn’t any loose wiring throughout your Samsung smart TV monitor configuration.

Next, make sure NOT TO USE any power dividers and plug your TV directly into a standalone power source.

Step #4 Remove External Devices

As you probably know, one of the Samsung monitor’s features is to pair up with external devices to broadcast some sort of playback.

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Well sometimes, if there is a malfunction with the external device but your Samsung monitor is still paired up, you won’t even be able to launch your Samsung smart Monitor.

This is why troubleshooting any external device is of great importance during the process of identifying the issue.

Those devices are well-known to have a nasty effect on your Samsung monitor when they aren’t working properly, so make sure to get clear of that.

Simply remove ALL devices connected to your TV, disconnect it from the power source and wait for a few minutes again. Connect only your TV and check if the monitor will output anything at all.

Step #5 Reset Samsung TV

Luckily for you, there is a way to reset your Samsung TV, without actually having access to any menu settings.

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Simply unplug the power cable from the power supply and hold the power button for about 10 seconds.

Once you release the button wait a few seconds and plug the cord back in the power outlet. The indicator light should blink twice as an indication that the reset is complete.

If your standby light does not turn on under any condition, you might be having issues with the TV’s hardware.

In that case, you might want to contact Samsung customer support for additional assistance.

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Final Thoughts

After learning more about why Samsung monitor not turning on, you should be fully capable to resolve the issue yourself.

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We believe that this is everything you can try at home and if your TV monitor is still not turning on, then Samsung support should be able to continue from where we’ve left.

Nicole B