how to turn on optical output on sharp tv

Many customers can have issues when it comes to knowing how to turn on Optical Output on Sharp TV.

Today we are going to be getting to the bottom of the issue, and you will be able to learn all of the possible ways to turn on the Optical Output for your Sharp TV and ways to resolve any issues with it not working.

Due to the sleek design of a Sharp TV, it is a very popular brand bought by many, however, this can also have implications when manufacturers are trying to input high-quality speakers within such a thin casing.

To get the most out of the Sharp TV sound quality, the best way forward is to connect it to an external speaker or soundbar system which has an amplifier.

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There are many ways that a Sharp TV Audio system can be set up, using an optical cable is one of the most common ways for this to be done, and making sure that Optical Output is enabled/turned on within the Sharp TV system.

Let us learn how you can turn on the optical output on Sharp TV and further how to connect an external speaker to it.

Reasons why you need to turn on Optical Output

If you are unable to work out how to turn on optical output on Sharp TV and or the speaker/soundbar isn’t working, there are some possible causes below:

  • The optical cable isn’t firmly attached.
  • Your TV isn’t set to a digital channel or playing a video that is encoded in 5.1 audio.
  • The associated third-party soundbar, or home theatre system may not be compatible with your TV.
  • The optical cable may be defective.
  • Your TV isn’t up to date with the latest software version.
  • Check that it is a digital soundbar that has a wired connection.
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How to Turn on the Optical Output for a Sharp TV?

If you are unable to get your Optical Output to work straight away, then this means it needs to be turned on.

Below are the steps on how to achieve this. To turn on the Audio Optical Output Device navigate to:

  • To begin with, we will navigate to Settings
  • Following this, we will now navigate to Sound
  • Our next step will be clicking Advanced Audio Settings
  • This then links into our next option which is, TV Speaker & ARC
  • Now select ARC or External Audio Amplifier.

To turn on the Audio Format navigate to:   

  • First, we are going to Navigate to Settings
  • Proceed to Digital Audio Out
  • Our next step will be going to Advanced Audio Settings
  • Followed by pressing Sound
  • Select RAW (for Dolby Digital)
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Note: These settings can vary depending on the model of your TV.

How To Connect Soundbar To Sharp Aquos TV?

how to connect soundbar to sharp aquos tv

Now that we know how to turn on optical output on Sharp TV let’s start applying the steps below one at a time to connect the external speaker or soundbar.

Before processing any further make sure to unplug all plugs from the sockets to prevent any harm from being caused.

Connecting The Speakers By Optical Digital Output

Step #1 Connect cables to the TV.

On the right-hand side of the TV’s back panel, near the bottom edge, there will be a “Digital Audio Output” area; insert one of the ends of the cable into this.

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The shape of the connection is in the shape of a “D”, it will click into place once oriented correctly. You will be able to feel once it has been inserted correctly, there might be a small click when in place.

Step #2 Establish Power

Now that the cables are connected it will be safe to turn the power back on. Reconnect the power cords to the wall sockets to establish power.

Connecting the Speakers by Audio Jack

Step #1 Unplug the Sharp TV

Make sure the plug to the TV has been disconnected at the wall socket so it is not running the main electricity supply through it.

Step #2 Locate Audio Output

Locate the audio output which can be found on the back of the TV on the right-hand side. Taking the input cable from the speakers, plug one end of this into the TV’s audio output.

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Some speakers are specifically designed for use with a television and will have a cable with a pair of RCA plugs.

Note: This will be a pair of PCA audio jacks. These are labeled “audio out” on a Sharps TV unit.

Step #3 Match The Output And Input Colors Together

Match the colors to the output jack colors, and then insert the plugs into the jacks. There may be a slight click once they are positioned correctly.

Connect the speaker input cable’s opposite end to the jack on the speakers. Depending on the speaker’s brand, this might be an RCA jack or another kind

For example: Put the red plug into the right channel’s input (which may be color-coded red or designated with a “R”), and the black or white plug into the left channel’s input.

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Reconnect the TV to the power supply and turn the speaker’s power on.

Connecting A Digital Soundbar To Use ARC (Audio Return Channel)

If you want to utilize the Audio Return Channel (ARC) capability to send sound from your TV to a digital soundbar through an HDMI connection, make sure the cable is connected to the HDMI / ARC connector.

You may operate the soundbar with your TV remote instead of needing numerous remotes for each device if you use this function.

Using an HDMI cable to connect a digital soundbar:

Step #1 Connect the cable to HDMI

To begin with, you are going to need to Insert the cord from the soundbar to the HDMI / ARC connection on the television, this can be found on the backside of the TV.

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Step #2 Turn on Soundbar

To make sure everything is up and running the soundbar will need to be switched on by pressing/holding down the Power button, a light should turn on making you aware that it is now working.

Step #3 Establish connection via Remote

Press the circle button on your television remote and select the Settings icon, then go to Sound > Speakers and select the ARC (Audio Return Channel) option.

This should have then enabled the use and functionality of the soundbar so that the sound quality and performance are of high quality.

Hence you can control the soundbars functionality from the one singular remote control, making your entertainment system that much easier to control.

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The solution for how to turn on optical output on Sharp TV includes selecting ARC or External Audio Amplifier when navigating through Advanced Audio settings via the Sharp TV remote or Selecting RAW when navigating through Digital Audio Out via the Sharp TV remote.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to turn on optical output on Sharp TV and connect the external speakers following our guide, you shouldn’t have any trouble fixing the issue further.

Furthermore, if you are still having issues, please do reach out to the Sharps dedicated customer support team for even more troubleshooting help!