sharp tv picture issues

Are you experiencing Sharp TV picture issues? Well, the picture issues are often source of a misconfiguration in the settings or temporal visual glitches.

The solution is to inspect all of the suspects in an individual manner but let’s first unwrap the most important…

Your Sharp TV’s picture could be experiencing issues due to a problem with the power supply or the incorrect adjustment of the display/picture settings.

In addition, any devices connected via HDMI could reflect their issues on the picture of your Sharp TV.

What Causes Sharp TV Screen Problem?

Picture issues on Sharp TV are most often caused by the following things:

  1. A problem with the Sharp TV’s power supply
  2. Incorrect picture settings are selected
  3. A fault with the connected external device
  4. An issue with the TV’s cables and wiring
  5. A hardware malfunction with the Sharp TV
what causes sharp tv screen problem

Signs & Causes of Sharp TV Picture Issues!

Sharp TV Picture:Cause:
Sharp TV picture is black, flickering, or offAn issue with the Sharp TV power supply
Sharp TV screen is making a buzzing noiseDamaged Sharp TV screen/equipment
There are color blocks on the TV pictureFaulty backlight or damaged TV screen
Sharp TV picture has no colors or contrastIncorrect adjustment of the picture settings
The picture is blurry, barely visible, and dimVery lowered Sharp TV brightness settings
Alert: If you’ve spilled water or impacted the TV’s screen the picture might be producing issues due to a hardware issue.

7 Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Sharp TV Picture Issues!

Let’s start with the solutions and troubleshoot the picture of your Sharp TV!

1. Disconnect your TV From Power!

disconnect your tv from power

If the problem is in your Sharp TV’s power supply, there’s an easy way to discharge the current electricity of the device and renew the functionality of the device.

The process is called “power cycle” and it’s the best first step when your TV is having picture issues out of the blue.

Follow these steps to properly unplug and discharge your Sharp TV:

  1. Press the power button to turn off the TV
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the wall.  
  3. Also, unplug the cable from the TV port.
  4. Wait for about 60 seconds to discharge.
  5. Reconnect the TV to the power supply.
Info: It’s recommended to keep the Sharp TV unplugged for longer in order to cool down!

2. Adjust the Sharp TV Picture Settings

adjust the sharp tv picture settings

If there’s an issue with your Sharp TV’s picture contrast, the density of the display, brightness or sharpness, you’re able to adjust these in the settings.

This can improve the quality of your Sharp TV’s picture and hopefully resolve the picture issue you’ve been facing.

How to Reach Sharp TV Picture Settings?

  1. On the remote, press “Settings”.
  2. Press the left arrow on the remote.
  3. Highlight the “Picture” tab and press “OK”.
The Best Sharp TV Picture Settings!
Picture ModeAn avalaible pre-made preset for selectionStandard” or “Movie
BrightnessThe maximum and minimum TV luminanceBest set at 65% – 85%
BacklightThe intensity of the Sharp TV light sourceVery bright at 90%
ContrastThe ratio between the light and dark colorsIncreased to max 100%
SharpnessThe sharpness of all edges and objectsAs sharp as possible 100%
ColorThe intensity of all colors on the Sharp TVBest set at 100%
TemperatureHow warm (yellowish) the picture looksLooks best on “Warm

If adjusting the picture settings didn’t help with your TV, let’s proceed to the next solution!

3. Update the Firmware of your TV

update the firmware of your tv

If you’re able to interact with the TV with the current condition of the picture, you should perform a firmware update to the latest available version.

The Sharp TV might be experiencing bad picture quality or the inability to tweak the settings because of a bug with the operating system.

  • To update your Sharp TV, the device must be connected to the internet!

Here are the simple steps to update a Sharp TV’s firmware:

  1. From the home Sharp TV page, head into Settings.
  2. Press on “Setup” and scroll all the way down in the tab.
  3. Access the “SOFTWARE UPDATE (NET)” tab next.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your TV.
Note: Updating the firmware of your Sharp TV may require a little time but be sure not to press any buttons on the TV until the update is completed.

4. Revert to a Different Input

revert to a different input

If there’s an issue with the physical input on your Sharp TV, the problem will be visible on the respective viewing source.

This only applies when using your Sharp TV to watch the broadcast of a TV box, a gaming console, or perhaps a computer via HDMI or other video transfer cable.

How to Revert to a Different Input?

Unplug the cable of the third-party device (the cable box or gaming console) and search for an alternative input, available on the back of the TV.

Plug the cable of the external device tightly into the new input and select the correct source from the “Source Menu”.

How to Adjust Sharp TV Viewing Source:

  1. Press the Source button on the Sharp TV remote.
  2. Locate the name of the input on the back of the TV.
  3. Example: HDMI 1, 2, or 3Component RCA 
  4. Highlight the source with the remote and press “OK”.
  5. Check if your Sharp TV will still have picture issues.
Tip: You should test out all of the available inputs on your Sharp TV, compatible with the external device’s video/audio cable.

5. Unplug All External Devices

unplug all external devices

If you’re using the Sharp TV to watch the broadcast of an external device, the problem might not be with the TV, but with the third-party device instead.

To test this out, you must unplug all video cables plugged into your TV such as HDMI, coax, or component cables, RCA, and more…

Unplug all of the following devices from your Sharp TV:

  • Gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch)
  • Cable or set-top (satellite) TV boxes
  • Digital antennas or other tuner devices
  • Computers or laptops plugged in with an HDMI
Alert: Keep all of the devices disconnected from your Sharp TV until the end of the guide!

6. Check for TV Overheating!

check for tv overheating

If your Sharp TV’s internal temperatures have been rising for a while, the TV’s picture may start reacting to the heat that’s building up.

The symptoms on the picture as a result of overheating are also known as “ghost spots” and could make your viewing experience terrible.

What Causes a TV to Overheat?

  1. A heat conductor close to the Sharp TV
  2. If your TV has been working for a long time
  3. If there’s direct sunlight shining on the TV
  4. Dirt or debris on the TV’s ventilation vents
  5. Dusty spot or surface that your TV is on
Tip: Check if your Sharp TV’s ventilation vents are completely dust-free, since if the air path is interrupted, there could be severe consequences for the TV due to overheating!

7. Restore the Initial Settings on the TV!

restore the initial settings on the tv

Perhaps, restoring the default settings on your Sharp TV may help with whatever picture problems you’re having.

The “factory reset” is a setting that allows the TV to revert to the default values for all settings by cleanly reinstalling the operating system and updating it.

Follow these steps to factory reset your Sharp TV easily:

  1. Press “Menu” on the Sharp TV remote control.
  2. Navigate to the “Reset” section of the settings.
  3. Press “Yes” on the popup confirmation screen.
  4. Wait for the factory reset on your Sharp TV to start.
Alert: The factory reset erases all content saved on your Sharp TV, including movies, music, data, configured settings, and cache.

Still Need Help?

If you’re still experiencing any type of picture problems with your Sharp TV, the best next step would be to reach out for help on the Sharp TV Contact Page.

Just provide your client info and you will be able to send a contact email to Sharp TV and report the issue you’re facing.

If your Warranty is Active!

You may demand a product repair or replacement, completely free of charge. As long as you can prove that the picture problems were not caused by you, contact the local supplier!

Quick Recap:

To fix Sharp TV picture issues, you must power cycle the TV and update the firmware to the latest one available.

If that didn’t work, follow the guide for the best Sharp TV picture settings and apply them on your TV, before performing the ultimate factory restoration! Follow us for more related content!

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