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Many people are experiencing Sharp TV picture issues, so don’t fret if you’re one of them. A lot of guides and tutorials online are dedicated to solving these problems but none of them seem to work accurately.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing two (2) of the most common and the most problematic Sharp TV problems – the red shadows and silhouettes and the pitch-black screen with sound.

You can fix these problems and these issues easily, and the solution is simple and straightforward.

Before trying to solve it, it is imperative that you check the batteries of the remote control first.

Then, try and plug the television into another wall outlet or port. The next step is to check and assess all cables and wires on the television.

Lastly, perform a hard reset on your Sharp TV; you can do this by unplugging the TV and pressing + holding the power button.

A lot of people encounter problems with their Sharp TVs often.

And while most of these televisions are high-tech and advanced, it’s still not an indestructible device.

Causes of These Picture Errors and Problems

Have you ever wondered what’s causing these errors and problems in the first place? Did you ever think about what could’ve gotten wrong?

Some of the real causes why you’re experiencing these problems with your Sharp TV include:

1. Damaged Cables and Wires

One of the primary causes of picture issues on your Sharp TV is broken wires and cables. Over time, cables and wires deteriorate; they lose their effectiveness even if you really don’t do anything with them.

Some of the wirings could be twisted and mixed up, causing an error in the output of the wires.

So, one thing to take note of would be the cables and wires that make your television work. 

2. Defective LEDs or Strips

Our televisions have LED strips or LEDs that actually provide the backlight, allowing the display on our screens to be seen.

If these LED strips are damaged and broken, then it could possibly be the reason why you’re seeing a black screen on your television while there’s sound.

To confirm if the problem is with the LEDs or LED strips, you can perform a flashlight check. Point it to an angle of the screen while it’s on.

You should see a shadow of the picture or the image. If it does, then it means that the panel is working, and the problem is with the backlight.

If the problem is with the backlight, then let’s proceed to the next reason, which is…

3. Backlight Problems

Should the backlight of your device be the problem, it could be because of the power supply. For this, you would need to replace the LED backlighting of your television.

The best way is to visit the nearest TV and electronic repair shops from your location.

4. Insufficient Power

Not a lot of people are actually aware of this, but due to insufficient power, the contents of the television could not be displayed properly.

Insufficient power could be because of broken wires and cables; it could also be because of the reduced or the decreased receiving end of the television’s hardware.

Many people report that a few of the most common problems they encounter is that the picture on their Sharp TVs shows red on all the person’s faces.

It’s also one of the most customary picture and video issues of Sharp TV, too!

So, is there a known solution to this problem?

Before you conclude that it is a problem or a dilemma that needs replacement, you can try and follow this step-by-step procedure to troubleshoot the error first.

How to Fix Sharp TV Picture Issues?

Now that you know what the possible causes are, it’s imperative to discuss the complete and comprehensive guide of fixing your Sharp TV’s black screen with sound error, as well as the red tint or hue on the faces of persons.

Step #1: Check Remote Control Batteries

how to fix sharp tv picture issues

The first thing you want to do is to check how the batteries of your remote control are.

More often than not, batteries don’t last as long as how we want them to be. Therefore, we can’t really tell how long it’s still going to last.  

On your end, you can check it by trying it on other appliances that need it like the controller for your heater, your air-conditioning unit, lights, and the like.

Step #2: Restart the Television

After you check the batteries, what you want to do next is to restart your television. You can do this by simply turning the television off and by unplugging it from the wall outlet.

Leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds and plug it back in again.

Step #3: Plug the TV Into a Different Outlet

When you are about to plug it back in again, try plugging it into a different outlet. If you have another option other than the one that’s beside where it was previously plugged, it’ll be better.

There could be something wrong with the outlet in distributing power, making the display or the images do not appear properly.

Step #4: Check and Evaluate All the Cables and Wires

While doing so, evaluate and assess the cables and the wires that are part of the television.

Check for damages, slits, cuts, and other problems that could come up.

Step #5: Perform a Hard Reset

The last thing you want to do is to perform a hard reset of your television. To perform a hard reset, unplug the television while pressing and holding the power button of the TV for about 30 seconds.

What this does is it’ll drain all the power that’s been stored in your TV. It gives you a refreshed state of the device without actually going into the software.

Most, if not all people who were experiencing picture issues with their Sharp TVs reported that this particular method was what solved their dilemmas.

Performing these issues could help you solve the instance of your Sharp TV having a black screen with sound, or if it’s giving you a red-tinted hue on the faces of the people.

These should be enough and sufficient to solve the problem you’re experiencing with your television.

The Picture Issue Still Persists

So, you’ve done and accomplished all of the steps, but unfortunately, you’re still experiencing too few errors and problems with it.

What should you do?

We can’t really come up to the conclusion that the problem is with the LED strips, the backlight, or the board of the television; it’s not up to us to know what it is exactly.

That is why the next best step is to contact an expert that can help you with your picture problems.

If you have a contact from Sharp TV’s team, it’s better – you’ll be able to get better service from more experienced people, and thus, your problems will be solved better, easier, and more efficiently!


Whether you’re trying to get a solution for your Sharp TV’s problem of having a black screen with sound, or if you’re looking to resolve the red hue or tint on the faces of people on the TV, this guide will be all you need!

Many people have reported that this guide was their answer to the Sharp TV picture issues they had.

Regardless of their expertise and experience, they found it simple and easy!

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