sharp roku tv black screen

Can’t quite figure out how to fix the Sharp Roku TV black screen? The black screen issue is prevalent among Roku users, and there are a few solutions we can explore.

We’ll go through what might be causing your Sharp Roku TV to go black and what you can do to fix the problem.

Your Sharp Roku TV screen may be black because your TV set isn’t functioning correctly or because the display is broken. One of the things you may do to fix the black screen problem on your Roku TV is to execute a thorough reset.

To put it another way, power cycle the TV and afterward wait 5-10 minutes.

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If you haven’t previously done any of the above before it can be a little intimidating; so keeping reading to learn how to perform these actions.

Before we look at alternative reset techniques, let’s have a look at what can be causing your Sharp Roku TV to go dark:

Reasons Why Sharp Roku TV Has a Black Screen?

When specific sections of the TV are faulty, it can result in a black screen, let’s explore some reasons for this:

  • If your Roku TV’s power cable fails, your screen will go dark but the audio will continue to play.
  • Another possibility is that your screen’s backlight has failed.
  • The black screen issue can be caused by a momentary Sharp Roku tv bug.
  • Your internet connection is down.
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You couldn’t be too sure where the problem is coming from unless you try to repair it, irrespective of your situation.

In this respect, we’ve developed several methods to assist you in identifying and, hopefully, resolving the problem.

How to Fix Sharp Roku TV Black Screen? Complete Fix Methods

fix sharp roku tv black screen

In between steps, we suggest trying to relaunch the TV to see if the problem has been fixed.

Method #1 Power Cycling your Sharp Roku TV

A good reset on your Sharp Roku TV is one of the most efficient ways in this case. A black screen problem is well-known to occur when the TV is booted incorrectly.

To perform a power reset on your Sharp Roku TV, please follow the steps below in the order listed:

  1. Using your remote, turn off the TV.
  2. Remove the power cord.
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes before reconnecting the power cable.
  4. Check to see whether the problem has been resolved.
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We recommend power cycling your remote in order for the whole troubleshooting approach to take effect.

Follow the steps to perform the needed actions:

  1. Take out the batteries from the back of the remote control.
  2. Press each button several times on the remote.
  3. Launch your Sharp Roku TV using the remote and see.

A power cycle on your remote will clear any defective electricity that could be causing the black screen problem, especially if the problem is with your remote’s power button.

This has been known to fix the issue with a Sharp Roku tv black screen with sound; If the issue is still present, move onto Method #2.

Method #2 How to restart Sharp Roku TV

You can reboot the Sharp Roku TV if necessary. You may get the same result by restarting your Sharp Roku TV, unplugging it, and then reconnecting it.

  1. To perform a restart for the Sharp Roku TV, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select Power.
  4. Move to System Restart.
  5. Select Restart.
  6. Press the OK button to confirm the restart.
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The screen will darken for a few moments whilst the Sharp Roku TV relaunches, then display the starting screen for a few seconds. Once the relaunch process is over, you’ll be greeted by the normal Home screen.

Method #3 Restarting The Sharp Roku TV Using The Remote

The restarting method will help you if your Sharp Roku tv displays a black screen.

This procedure has previously assisted many users in resetting their Sharp Roku televisions with a black screen.

To reset your Sharp Roku television, use the buttons shown below.

  1. Home five times
  2. Up once
  3. Rewind twice
  4. Fast forward twice
  5. Let the reset process complete

Note: This can take anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute. Once that process has finished try to stream something on your tv.

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Method #4 Double-Check Cable Connections

Another reason that could be creating the black screen on your Sharp Roku TV is a partially plugged wire.

If this was the case, you’d notice flashing on the black screen, which indicates you’d be able to see the video for a few seconds before it went black.

Please check the below suggestions to help troubleshoot the issue:

1. Ensure that all of the cables on the back of the Sharp Roku TV are fully inserted.

2.  Check that both the device and the HDMI cable are in good working order if you’re utilizing an external device connected to the TV via HDMI cable.

3. It has been reported that having a defective wire connecting to your Sharp Roku TV will result in a dark screen.

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Method #5 Factory Reset the Whole TV

A thorough factory reset returns your television to its original factory default settings.

After you’ve completed Guided Setup, Reconnect to the Network, re-link your Roku device, and reload any streaming services if necessary.

It’s also a good idea to double-check the setup of your antenna tv and input settings.

To conduct a hard reset, follow the instructions below:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select Factory Reset.
  4. Highlight “Factory Reset everything”.
  5. Make sure to read all the information that will pop up on the display, so that you are aware of what a reset entails.
  6. To continue with a complete factory reset, Three times consecutively, hit Play/Pause.

If none of the approaches in this quick fix guide have worked, there’s a good chance the problem is due to a hardware malfunction, if that is the case you will need to contact Sharp’s manufacturer’s support team.

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The solution for how to fix the issue of Sharp Roku TV black screen is to reset your TV, run through a power cycle on your Sharp Roku tv and remote, and verify cable connections.

If you have found that the issue is hardware-related, we would suggest not trying to fix this yourself as it may cancel out your warranty.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that now that you know how to troubleshoot a black screen problem on your Sharp Roku TV, and that it will no longer be an issue for you.

If you’re still having problems, please contact Sharp’s specialized customer service team for even more troubleshooting tips and techniques!

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