does a roku stick work on any tv

Does a Roku stick work on any TV is a question that most people ask prior to purchasing a Roku stick. It is imperative to know so you can avoid fidgeting and worrying about it not operating and functioning properly.

Roku sticks are streaming sticks and players that can give you access to shows, movies, news, and more!

To answer the question “Does Roku work on any TV,” yes, it can, given the fact that the TV has an HDMI capability.

Therefore, your television doesn’t have to be a smart TV to make it work!

How Does Roku Work?

As simple as it gets, Roku works just like any other streaming device. You just have to plug it into your television via HDMI. Should you be using a Roku stick, you don’t need an HDMI cable.

You’ll easily be able to connect or link directly to the TV. On the other hand, if it were an HDR receiver, you’d have to connect and link it to your TV to access the content.

Roku is a device that you can use to access streaming services like YouTube, Sling TV, Amazon Premiere Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and many more.

You can think of it like a larger-sized smartphone that’s primary purpose is to project the movies, shows, and other content on a bigger screen.

Does Roku Work on Any TV?

does roku work on any tv

To clarify, a Roku device can either be an HDR receiver (Roku Ultra), a Roku streaming stick, or a TLC Roku TV.

As mentioned above, your television does not necessarily have to be a smart TV. As long as it has a port for an HDMI cable – of course, to be able to link and connect the HDR receiver, it will work just fine.

Most televisions today have HDMI ports and connections; so, this should not be a problem for people who are looking to purchase or to get a Roku device or a Roku streaming stick.

Does a Roku Stick Work on Any TV?

This is where most people find using a Roku streaming stick kind of confusing. Contrary to popular belief, the Roku stick is not a device that hosts a USB connection.

It has an HDMI connection instead, and that is the reason why for it to work, your TV needs to have an HDMI port.

And yes, a Roku streaming stick can work on any television that has HDMI.

While this particular device needs to be connected to the internet, your TV doesn’t!

You can imagine it as the TV being the medium for you to be able to stream and watch shows, movies, news, and other online content.

How to Connect Roku to the Television?

Now that we’re able to answer the question of how does Roku work, let us move on to the steps of how you can connect it to your TV.

Follow these steps for you to successfully be able to connect your Roku device to your TV.

Step 1: Unbox Your Roku Device or Streaming Stick

Firstly, you want to make sure that the set you have ordered is complete with the controller, the streaming device (HDR or stick), the guide, (advanced wireless receiver for sticks), and other add-ons that come with it.


Most Roku streaming devices – the Roku Ultra, among others – won’t come with an HDMI cable. So, you need to prepare to have yours.

Step 2: Plug and Connect it to the Television

connect roku stick firestick

For a streaming stick, though, you’ll only need to remove the cover from the connecting port and connect it to your television.

The other end of the stick is a USB jack, where you have to connect the wireless receiver and plug it into the wall or into the USB port of the TV.

For an HDR streaming device, however, take one end of the HDMI cable and insert it into the TV. Take the other end and plug it into the device to link the two (2).

Then, make sure that the receiver has electricity or that it’s plugged into the wall.

Step 3: Prepare the Remote Control

Last but definitely not least is preparing the controller for your device. Simply put in and place batteries on the remote control.

This is for you to be able to set up the Roku streaming stick or the receiver.

Connecting Roku to the Internet

Following the setup of the device to the TV, you now have to connect your streamer to the network or the internet.

Your television should recognize the streaming device and it should bring you to the language setup.

Scroll to see the language that you recognize and that you want to see on your interface.

Then, it shall display the interface where you’ll be able to choose from all the detectable and available wireless networks.

Enter the password and log into your Roku account, and that’s it! Your device will now automatically connect to the internet.

Once you’re done, just wait for the latest software to download and be installed!

After that, you will now be able to start using your Roku streaming stick or your Roku HDR!

What if Roku Stick Does Not Work on My Television?

After you finalize the steps written in this guide and you notice that your Roku stick, unfortunately, is not working on your television, what should you do next?

More often than not, cases like this would be rare. So long as you have a port for an HDMI on your television, any Roku streaming device should work.

If it doesn’t work, contact the brand or the manufacturer of your television. If you choose to call Roku, they’ll just direct you to your TV brand and manufacturer.


So does a Roku stick work on any TV? Unless you’re using older television models that don’t have any special ports like an HDMI, you wouldn’t.

But, if your TV has an HDMI port, regardless if it’s a smart TV or not, you can easily be able to use Roku.

With this guide, you will never have any issues in making sure that your Roku stick or your Roku streaming device works!

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