does a roku stick work on any tv

Wondering does a Roku stick work on any TV? Well, there are quite a few dependencies in regard to the TV model, available inputs, and other factors.

In this guide, we’ll explore the main TV requirements for Roku stick as well as Roku 4K capabilities and how they work with old TVs.

The Roku stick works on any TV as long as there is an available HDMI input and a remote control or operational buttons.

The Roku 4K stick will work on TVs with lower resolution via HDMI connection, but the 3840 x 2160 pixel (UHDTV) won’t be achieved.

Let’s unwrap more!

Can a Roku stick Work on Any TV?

can a roku stick work on any tv

Generally speaking, the Roku stick should work on any TV that has an available HDMI input, where you can connect the device.

You don’t need a special TV, since even older models have at least one HDMI port on the side or on the back where the Roku stick can be plugged in.

Roku stick – TV Requirements!
HDMI InputRequired✅The TV must have an available HDMI port
Internet Not Required❌Roku stick will work on TVs without internet
4K resolutionNot Required❌It’s not neccecary for the TV to support 4K
Bluetooth – WiFiNot Required❌It’s not necessary for the TV to support 4K
SmartTVNot Required❌The television does not need to be smart

As shown in the table above, your TV doesn’t even need to be smart and be able to connect to the internet since Roku will do this instead.

The TV (monitor) is only needed to transfer the video and audio from your Roku, which should, in addition, be connected to the power source.

Does a 4K Roku Stick Work on Any TV?

does a 4k roku stick work on any tv

Yes, the 4K Roku streaming stick would work on a TV which 4K resolution, and again, the only requirement is the HDMI input on the TV.

However, if the TV does not support 4K (3840 x 2160), users won’t reach and won’t be able to use the ultra high-quality that the Roku stick supports.

This means that the playout of all movies and shows that come in UHD (4K), will be visualized at the maximum supported resolution by the TV.

For example, on HD TV 1080×1920 (1080p), everything on your Roku stick will appear at this resolution maximum.

Roku Streaming Stick HDR Support?

roku streaming stick hdr support

Some TVs come with an HDR (High-Dynamic-Range), and others do not, and it’s all based on the TV model and its functionalities.

This is preset of light and dark tones which is supported by the Roku streaming stick and will be reflected and visualized only on TVs that also support it.

The easiest way to find whether your TV supports HDR or not is by Googling the brand and model of your TV and reading the specifications.

Also, feature support description is also available in the TV user manual so you can consult the documentation as well.

Choosing a TV for Roku Streaming Stick!

When choosing a TV for a Roku streaming stick you need to take into consideration several factors including – resolution, price, and HDR support.

As we’ve previously mentioned, these are only user preferences, considering the Roku stick would work on any TV with HDMI.

choosing a tv for roku streaming stick
Best TVs for Roku Streaming Stick 
Price:$300 $700$150 $600$100 $300$75 $200
HDR Support:✅/❌✅/❌
HDMI Inputs
Smart TV:✅/❌

The resolution is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a TV for the Roku streaming stick.

If you want to utilize and enjoy the 4K resolution in combination with HDR, you would need a high-range TV with might not come cheap if you’re also looking for a big screen.

The Best TV for 4K Roku Is…

The best TV for a 4K Roku streaming stick is a TV that supports 4K resolution but lacks other unneeded features, which saves some money.

For example, you don’t need an Android TV or any other expensive operating system, considering that you’re going to be using your Roku.

Now that we’ve learned does a Roku stick work on any TV, let’s continue unwrapping!

Can Roku be Connected Without HDMI?

can roku be connected without hdmi

Without HDMI, connecting Roku to the TV is a bit challenging but not impossible.

The solution is to use a converter cable, which would be HDMI on one side and a respective video input that your TV actually supports. Simply, check which video source inputs your TV supports!

Without HDMI these are the alternative video transfer ports available:

  • Optical Connection
  • Coaxial Connection
  • Component / RCA 
  • VGA Connection
Info: Based on the cable connection you’ve got available, you’ll need to use a cable adapter that allows the connection between the Roku and no HDMI on your TV.

Connecting Roku to Old TV Without HDMI?

connecting roku to old tv without hdmi

In case you’re having an old Roku TV without HDMI and you’re wondering whether something can be done in order to use your Roku, well, you’re at the right place.

The only way is by using a cable adapter that will convert the HDMI signal from Roku to another video transfer type.

Here are some examples:

  • HDMI to VGA (for TVsand monitors with VGA inputs)
  • HDMI to RCA (for older TVs with RCA input ports)
  • HDMI to Coax (used for older TVs and cable boxes)
Alert: These are HDMI adapters and not extenders since you would need a female HDMI port for the Roku stick to connect.

Roku Not Working on Any TV – Why?

roku not working on any tv

It’s first important to verify the most important factors when connecting Roku to any TV:

  • Connect Roku to TV HDMI

There are quite a few reasons why would your Roku streaming stick refuse to work on your TV, and this is why we’ve prepared a short solution guide.

As you know, the Roku streaming stick has to be connected to the HDMI port of your TV (HDMI 1, 2, 3, or HDMI SIDE).

  • Select the Correct Source

The next step is to select the correct TV source by opening the Source Menu.

On most TVs, there is a “Source” button on the remote but if you can’t find it, go into Settings and locate the Sources tab to select the HDMI where the Roku is connected to.

select the correct source

In case your Roku is not connecting to the TV do the following troubleshooting:

  1. Power cycle the TV and Roku stick by unplugging from power for 30 seconds.
  2. Plug the Roku streaming stick into a different TV HDMI port and select the source.
  3. Reset the internet connection and reconnect the Roku streaming stick to the WiFi.

In case your Roku stick is not connecting to the TV, test with a different monitor or TV and contact Roku Customer Service for more help.

Quick Recap:

We now know does a Roku stick work on any TV and we’ve learned that nothing matters except whether the TV has an HDMI port or not.

In case the TV does not have an HDMI port we can still connect the Roku stick using an HDMI to video conversion adapter. Follow us for more relevant content!

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