how to tell if roomba is charging

Wondering how to tell if Roomba is charging? Let’s find out!

When you’re a new Roomba user, it’s hard to tell whether the device is receiving a charge.

This is absolutely common for newcomers to the smart home Roomba devices and we will do our best to make you capable of telling when the robot is charging.

Let’s learn more!

Your Roomba is charging when the “CLEAN” button’s ‘Aura’ or ring is in blinking white. If the “CLEAN” button’s aura is in red color, it means that the robot is charging, but is at low power and cannot undergo a cleaning session right now.

There’s a lot more to the charging of your iRobot Roomba, so make sure to keep reading!

About Roomba’s Charging!

about the roomba charging

In a quick overview, there are two ways to charge your iRobot Roomba.

The first method is to charge the device with the power supply and the second one is to install a base station and set up the robot to charge there.

Both of the charging methods for Roomba are equally efficient in charging time!

However, most of the users find it far more comfortable for their Roomba to automatically head back to the base station once it finishes cleaning.

You can register the base station in Roomba’s software and have the robot return there to charge its battery for a while.

The traditional way is to charge Roomba with a Power Adapter. All iRobot Roomba devices are being delivered with a power adapter and the base station is an add-on you could acquire.

There is a power port on your Roomba that is used to connect the cable.

Let’s next learn how to tell whether your iRobot Roomba robot is charging!

How to Tell If Roomba Is Charging?

how tell if charging

Although noticing that your Roomba is charging could be really easy, sometimes you just can’t tell.

That’s why we will review both of the charging situations (with power adapter and base station) and let you know when the iRobot Roomba is charging well.

Charging indications are different with the Base Station and the Cable Charger

Let’s jump straight into figuring out if Roomba is charging:

Charging Roomba with a Power Adapter

There is one large LED indicator that will notify you what’s the state of your Roomba’s battery according to the patterns of blinking.

Regardless of whether you’re charging Roomba or not, the indicator will always identify some sort of battery state to let you know.

Here’s how to set up your Roomba’s power adapter charging in easy steps:

  1. Get the Power Adapter that has been supplied with your robot.
  2. Plug the cable into an Electrical Outlet.
  3. Examine your Roomb’s hardware the locate the Power Port.
  4. Connect the other end of the power adapter to your Roomba.

Once your robot has been plugged in, the LED indicator will display the battery state.

How to Know If Roomba is Charging?

how know if roomba is charging

Now that you’ve plugged in your Roomba with the charger, the battery indicator will start tracking the charge status of your Roomba. The indicator of your Roomba’s battery is the round line of the CLEAN button.

Here are the different charging patterns of your iRobot Roomba:

  • Pulsing RED: The robot is charging, too low to start the cleaning session!
  • Pulsing WHITE: The robot is charging, with no interruptions.
Note: If your robot’s CLEAN button is either red or white, your iRobot is receiving a charge.

Charging Roomba with a Base Station

Charging your iRobot Roomba with a base station is similar to the power adapter charging process.

In a matter of fact, the same LED light patterns represent the charging when using a base station, as they do with a power adapter.

charge from the base station

To set up the home base charging of your iRobot Roomba, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Roomba mobile app.
  2. Go to “Add Device”.
  3. Select “Home Base”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the home base to the app.
  5. Include the home base in the cleaning circle of your Roomba device.
  6. Wait for the robot to finish cleaning.
  7. It will then automatically go into the Base Station.

The robot should automatically go into the home base after the cleaning circle is completed.

How to Know If Roomba Is Charing?

Once the robot finishes its circle around your house and delivers to the base station, check the CLEANbutton.

Pulsing read means that the device is charging but the battery is low and pulsing white also means that the robot is receiving charge without interruptions.

When you see White Pusing Light, the robot is charging but ready to clean!

Note: Once the robot connects with the base station, verify that the device has securely gone into the charging ports of the home base.

When Is My Roomba Fully Charged?

In some cases, your Roomba may not be receiving a charge because it is already at full battery capacity.

when roomba is fully charged

If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t worry about charging your robot, at least for the upcoming few cleaning sessions.

If the Clean Button is SOLID WHITE, then the Roomba robot has fully charged.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between the pulsing white, which indicates that the robot is charging, and the solid white.

The solid white means that the robot is already at full battery capacity and no longer needs a charge, while the pulsing while means it’s currently charging.

Tip: If the indicator is solid white, you can unplug Roomba from the power source!

How to Fix When Roomba Isn’t Charing?

Here are a couple of simple solutions for whenever your Roomba refuses to charge:

  1. Press and hold the Power Button to restart your Roomba robot.
  2. Disconnect the battery of the robot for 5 Minutes and then reconnect it.
  3. Press and hold the “SPOT”, “CLEAN” and “HOME” buttons to reset the robot.

If none of these things help fix your robot, then consider contacting Roomba support!

Note: If contacting Roomba’s assistance team, make sure to write a complete overview of the issue with your robot. Include possible causes and what you’ve tried already to fix it.

Other iRobot Roomba Blinking Patterns…

other roomba blinking patterns

There are other blinking patterns on your Roomba that may or may not have anything to do with the battery status.

These patterns may confuse the users, so we’ve prepared a quick list to help you understand ALL your iRobot Roomba indications

Here are other blinking/solid color patterns on your Roomba and what they mean:

  • White color (while cleaning) – I’m awake and everything is normal
  • Red color (while charging/cleaning) – “There’s a problem!
  • Blue color (while cleaning) – “I’m doing something special

If the color of the robot is either white (while cleaning) or blue, then there is nothing to worry about.

If the color is red, however, then you should consider troubleshooting your device.

Need Help?

To acquire professional help with your iRobot Roomba, you can always contact iRobot Customer Care and report your problem.

With a bit of luck, the support team will help you identify the charging problem in no time and help you solve the problem with ease.

Good Luck!

Quick Recap:

The iRobot Roomba is receiving power (charging) when the LED light of the “CLEAN” button is either pulsing WHITE or RED color. If the button is solid white, then it means that the robot is already at full power and won’t change anymore for now!

Last Words:

Here we’ve learned how to tell if Roomba is charging and all there is to the charging sequence of the vacuum cleaner.

We’ve reviewed all of the details about how and when is the robot charging and how to tell if the process is ongoing at the moment.

If you haven’t acquired a Home Base for Your Roomba, you can get one that is compatible with your Roomba model anytime online!

This will make the charing fully automatic, therefore you won’t even notice when Roomba is done cleaning and charged.

Nicole B