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Wondering how to Honeywell thermostat unlock screen? You’ve come to the right place!

We will go over the complete process of unlocking your thermostat’ screen in easy-to-follow steps.

Here you’ll also find a way to solve a problem in a case where you’re unable to unlock your Honeywell thermostat with the best troubleshooting solutions.

To unlock your Honeywell thermostat’ screen, press and hold the key in the bottom center of the device. Change the digits from the left to the right to “0679” with the assistance of the up and down keys. Change the right digit to “0” and tap “Done”.

In case the described approach above does not work for you and you still can’t unlock your thermostat screen, let’s learn more about how the lock system works.

Difference Between Honeywell Full And Partial Lock

On some Honeywell thermostats, there could be a partial lock on the display, rather than a full lock which will deny all inputs sent from you or other users.

It’s suggested to identify the difference between a partial and full lock so you know what state your thermostat is in.

Honeywell Thermostat ‘Full’ Lock

The full lock setting on your thermostat means that there is a complete lock on the settings of the device, therefore you won’t have access to the device and its options.

You will know that your thermostat is in full lock whenever you’re unable to change the temperature along with all of the settings available on the device.

Honeywell Thermostat ‘Partial’ Lock?

Rather than the full lock, a partial lock lets you change some of the settings of your Honeywell thermostat, even if your device is locked.

You will know that your Honeywell thermostat has been partially locked if you’re able to adjust the temperature in heating or cooling regard.

Note: Regardless of whether your Honeywell thermostat is in a full or partial lock, you will be able to unlock the device in the same way with the instructions below.

How To Unlock Honeywell Thermostat Screen?

unlock honeywell thermostat screen

Before you move on to unlocking your Honeywell thermostat’ screen, there are important steps of preparation you must undertake.

That includes powering on your thermostat, along with the display.

Here’s the step by step guide for unlocking your Honeywell thermostat screen:

Step #1 Ensure Thermostat Is Running

To unlock your thermostat’s display, you must first turn on your Honeywell thermostat if it wasn’t working by now.

The only situation where the thermostat won’t be working is when it has run out of batteries. You must be certain that your Honeywell thermostat’s lock screen is accessible or otherwise change the batteries to make the device active.

Step #2 Access Lock Screen

The next step is to access your thermostat’s lock screen. This can be done by tapping on the screen until the display lights up and requires you to enter the password.

After accessing the lock screen and having your Honeywell thermostat’s model identified, you are almost ready to unlock the screen.

Info: Depending on the type of your thermostat, unlock the screen using the aligning heading in the next step.

Step #3 Unlock Your Thermostat

unlock honeywell thermostat

In this step, we will review the unlocking process for all Honeywell thermostats out there, so you could get the passcode along with the process itself correct.

Without further ado, let’s begin with unlocking the T4 pro series of Honeywell.

Unlocking T4 Pro Programmable Thermostat:

  1. On your thermostat, hit the button labeled with “Unlock” once.
  2. Enter the default password for the thermostat model, which is ‘1234’.
  3. On your thermostat, press the plus and minus keys to change the selected number.
  4. Keep tapping 2 and 3 until you get the combination in the correct order.

Unlocking T6 Pro Series Smart Thermostat:

  1. On your thermostat’ screen, press the lock symbol at the bottom of the page.
  2. Press the plus and the minus buttons to switch across the digits.
  3. Once you’ve gotten a correct digit, hit “Select” to write it down.
  4. The password you must input is again, ‘1234’.

Unlocking Honeywell 8000 Series Thermostat:

  1. On your Honeywell 8000 series, press the “Auto” and“System” buttons together.
  2. Locate and hold the blank key at the bottom until your thermostat’s display changes.
  3. The passcode you must insert into the device is ‘0670’.
  4. Use the up and down arrows to go through the digits until you get the combination in the correct order.
  5. Tap “Done” once the 0670 combinations have been inserted on your screen.
Note: Unlike all other Honeywell thermostats, the 8000 series have a custom password (“0670”) and all of the reset have a default passcode (“1234”).

Unlocking Honeywell T6 Pro Series Z-Wave Thermostat:

  1. On your thermostat, locate the lock symbol on the mid of the screen.
  2. Using the + and the – buttons, write down the default ‘1234’ combination.
  3. If the combination was correctly inputted, your thermostat will automatically unlock.

You won’t have to click anything with the z-wave thermostat after entering the password. If the code is correct.

The device will automatically unlock and you will be able to use the display of your device.

Honeywell Thermostat Unlock Screen Didn’t Work…

thermostat won't unlock

If you couldn’t unlock your thermostat with the guidelines above, then you’re most certainly doing something wrong in the process.

Here’s what to do if you couldn’t unlock your thermostat:

1. Do Correct Password

Only with the 8000s series thermostat, the passcode is ‘0670’ and with the rest of the models is ‘1234’.

2. Replace Thermostat Batteries

When attempting to unlock the screen of your thermostat, the device must have sufficient power, therefore new batteries.

Replace your batteries by ejecting the front panel and switching them.

3. Reset the Thermostat

A reset will most certainly solve the problem. To reset your thermostat, eject the front panel along with the batteries.

Put the batteries in the incorrect position for 60 seconds and then place them in contact with the electricity poles correctly.

In case you’ve attempted everything and the screen of your Honeywell thermostat is still locked, you should consider reaching out to Honeywell customer service.

Feel free to report your problem and ask for professional help since, so far, you’ve attempted everything you could do at home.

Tip: Check if your warranty is still intact to receive a free repair or replacement in case the thermostat is broken.

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Thus, to unlock the Honeywell thermostat screen, press the lock button and do the ‘0670’ passcode for the Honeywell 8000s series or ‘1234’ for the rest of the models. Use arrow, plus, and minus keys to navigate. Once you’re done, tap “Confirm” to unlock your thermostat screen.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know the complete guide for the Honeywell thermostat unlock screen process, use our guide based on your model of Honeywell.

For additional assistance, you can always get in touch with Honeywell to get the problem reviewed and resolved!

If that post was helpful to unlock your Honeywell thermostat screen, make sure to check our online blog for more helpful solutions for your smart home devices.

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