how to remove old honeywell thermostat from wall

Do you wish to uninstall your thermostat but do not have an idea on how to remove old Honeywell thermostat from wall. It is never difficult, nor does it require too much effort from you, especially if you are a DIY fun.

You may need to remove the old thermostat basically because it is old and is not working.

The steps below will take you through the whole process. So, you can save up those few dollars you wanted to spend on an expert and read on.

First, you will need to check if your circuit breaker is off to avoid shocks. Remove the cover, mark, then disconnect the wires. Remove your old Honeywell thermostat by pulling it and wiggle it if necessary from the wall plate

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What You Should Know Before Uninstalling Your Honeywell Thermostat

Before you start removing your old Honeywell thermostat, you may need to:

Understand The Basic Wiring Of Your Thermostat

Your thermostat has low-voltage wires, and the furnace circuit powers them. Each wire connects to a different part of the HVAC system.

So, you must ensure that you connect each wire to the corresponding part correctly when installing a new Honeywell thermostat.

These industry-standard guides will help you understand where each wire should connect to.

  1. The white wire connects to the heating system.
  2. Yellow wire joins the compressor.
  3. The green wire will connect to the fan.
  4. An orange wire will correspond to the heat pump if you have it.
  5. Blue is the common or C wire.
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While Red (C) ensures there is a constant flow of 24 VAC power to your thermostat. It basically performs the air conditioning function in the thermostat.

So, it only connects to the cooling system. And Red (H) connects your thermostat to the heating system.

How To Remove Old Honeywell Thermostat From Wall

remove old honeywell thermostat from wall

The steps below will help you know where to start and how to remove old Honeywell thermostat from wall.

Step #1: The Circuit Breaker

The circuit is the first and initial thing you should check before doing anything else on your thermostat.

You should shut off the circuit breaker for the whole HVAC system. If you do not shut it off completely, it may cause shocks when reaching the wires. Kindly recheck if it is off.

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Step #2: The Mercury Glass Vial

Your old Honeywell thermostat may not lack a mercury glass vial inside. You should handle it with lots of care because if it falls, the glass may break.

Remember, it is also not wise to toss the equipment in the trash since if the mercury vial breaks, it will contaminate the environment.

It is crucial to comply with your state’s regulations. Also, check with your location’s waste management authority to help you understand how and where you can dispose the thermostat.

Besides, finding the thermostat recycling company can help know if the equipment is recyclable.

Step #3: Remove The Thermostat Cover

Pull off the cover to remove it. Some Honeywell thermostats have clips or tabs that you can push to remove the cover.

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You may only need to pull off the cover if your equipment does not provide this option.

However, you may first need to check if the thermostat provides finger holds or tabs showing how to remove it. If you do it your way, you may break the cover.

You can also check the step-by-step procedure on your browser on how to remove the Honeywell thermostat cover.

You should know your machine’s model number when you search for the steps online. You can find it in front of your thermostat or on the interface of a digital thermostat.

If you see the finger holds, depress them, then pull the cover straight off the wall. 

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Take care that you do not pull the cover at an angle since it will break.  Wiggle it gently as you separate it from the base as need be.

Step #4: Mark The Wires

When you successfully remove the cover, you should see the terminals and wires. If you do not see them but see a plate, unscrew it with a screwdriver, and you will locate the cables.

Before you disconnect anything, check the wiring system and take a photo to help you know how you will reconnect them back. 

Cut small pieces of painter’s or masking tape and label them each corresponding to the terminal it connects to. Hence, it will not be difficult when installing the new thermostat.

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Step #5: Remove The Wires

More often, you will see the wires held by a screw. So, you will need to unscrew them using a screwdriver. Some Honeywell thermostats use push-in-terminals that have a release button.

So, you may only need a sharp tool such as a ballpoint pen or a small screwdriver to push them. Be careful not to remove the wire labels.

Step #6: Remove The Thermostat

Pull the bottom of your Honeywell thermostat to separate it from the wall plate.

Remember to only pull firmly and not so hard to avoid breaking it. The pull should release it from the wall plate.

If your thermostat is screwed, kindly use a screwdriver to remove the plate from the wall.

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Your wall will have patches and marks from the screws. You can repaint it if you wish, remove any old anchors, etc.

Ensure that your thermostat’s circuit breaker is off before removing the Honeywell thermostat from the wall. First, remove the cover. Carefully mark the wires in correspondence to their terminal, then pull the thermostat off the wall plate.


1. How Often Should I Replace My Honeywell Thermostat?

Ans: You may need to replace your thermostat when it has developed issues. However, it is generally recommended you replace it as often as you replace your heater or air conditioner.

2. Is There An Alternative To Removing An Old Honeywell Thermostat?

Ans: Yes. You can find an expert to help you replace the wires or relocate your thermostat to see if it works.

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If you wanted some tips on how to remove old Honeywell thermostat from wall, I hope this piece answers you. It is not a complex process, so anyone can do it so long as you follow the above steps.

You first need to remove the cover. Take care not to touch or disconnect the wires before you mark them or take a photo of them. Unscrew the wires, then remove the thermostat.

Make up for any patches on the wall and install a new Honeywell thermostat. That is all you need.

To remove the old Honeywell thermostat from the wall, you must ensure that the circuit breaker is off to avoid shocks. Remove the cover, mark the wires and pull your thermostat off the wall.

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