how to clear a fault on a Honeywell

If you don’t know how to clear a fault on a Honeywell alarm then this will be the most important read that will save you a lot of time wondering how to clear the errors.

There are quite a few different types of fault codes on a Honeywell alarm and the best approach is to identify what is causing the problem.

Only then you’ll be able to use the correct steps which you will be able to find in the guide below. Let’s learn more about how codes are cleared.

To clear a fault code on a Honeywell alarm it’s enough to enter your master code and disarm the alarm before arming the device back. In case the error persists you’ll need to power cycle the alarm through the power panel to reset the fault code.

About Honeywell Alarm Fault

the honeywell alarm fault

The primary reason for Honeywell alarm faults is that the system has been activated and the number of the code showcases one of the alarm zones.

You won’t be able to interact with the alarm until you clear or reset the fault code you’re facing.

The fault codes could represent an open zone which can be a door, window, or whatever object your alarm is engaged with. 

By clearing the code you’re basically saying to the alarm:

I know what happened, clear the fault

Let’s next learn how to clear almost any fault code on a Honeywell alarm:

How to Clear Fault Code on Honeywell Alarm?

how to clear fault code

There is an easy way to clear a Honeywell alarm fault.

Since there could be quite a few different fault codes, the method we’re about to learn will most certainly remove any fault and restore your Honeywell alarm to a default operational state.

Here is how to clear a fault code on a Honeywell alarm:

  1. Disconnect the alarm device from the power outlet.
  2. Take out the battery.
  3. Press the “Arming” button and hold for 10 seconds.
  4. Insert the battery back and wait for the alarm to turn on.
That was the arm/disarm method and this should be enough to remove any fault code on a Honeywell alarm.

How To Clear a BAT Fault Code on Honeywell Alarm?

how clear a bat fault code

The BAT error or fault code is a prime indication of a low battery.

This error will occur when the power was out for a few hours during which the alarm was operating due to the backup battery.

The BAT fault code should disappear when the battery recharges – up to 48 hours!

A Walk Test Mode?

In case the “low battery” BAT error is still on the screen and won’t go away you should undertake a Walk Test Mode.

This is a straightforward method to check whether the battery of your Honeywell alarm is performing well and if the device can withstand a huge load.

  • On the keypad press Code + 5 + 0 to enter the walk test mode.

In case everything with the battery is OK, the BAT fault code should disappear after the test is over.

The stress test takes about 10 minutes after which the error code should be gone.

In case the problem persists, users should replace the Honeywell battery to continue normal operation.

Note: To enter the Walk Test Mode on some Honeywell alarm models, you’ll need to remove and re-insert the batteries.

How To Clear Honeywell Alarm “Comm Failure”?

clear honeywell alarm comm failure

The “Comm Failure” or “Com Fail” on your Honeywell keypad represents one thing.

The alarm was unable to transmit a message to the central station.

There are a few things to attempt and solve the fault code:

  1. Inspect the panel-to-keypad wires.
  2. Make sure that ALL cables are secured.
  3. Re-insert and if possible – replace the batteries in the keypad.

In case the problem continues to appear you should reset your Honeywell alarm in the next part of the guide, which should revert your device to a normal operation state.

How To Reset A Fault Code On A Honeywell Alarm?

As the query suggests, to reset a fault code on a Honeywell alarm entirely, you’ll need to reset the alarm.

Since the Honeywell alarm has 2 general sources of power you’ll need to disconnect both for the system to reset, therefore removing any recently appeared fault codes.

Step #1 Stop The Power

stop the power

The first step is to cut the AC line power line to your Honeywell alarm so the backup battery can remain the only source of power.

The AC power line is connecting your Honeywell alarm to the circuit breaker and can be disconnected in two ways:

  • Unscrew and unplug your transformer.
  • Disconnect the power line cable harness from the circuit breaker connector

It does not matter which way you decide to go, the AC power line will be disconnected.

Step #2 Disconnect The Battery

The secondary power source of your Honeywell alarm is the backup battery.

The power source is used when the AC power line is disconnected due to a power outage.

In the current state of your Honeywell alarm, the device should be operating from the backup battery.

disconnect the battery

To disconnect the backup battery on your Honeywell alarm, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Honeywell alarm panel.
  2. The backup battery looks like a black square box.
  3. There should be two wires connected to the battery.
  4. Disconnect the RED wire (positive).

That should be enough to stop the alarm’s operation and the device will turn OFF.

You should allow the alarm panel to completely discharge for at least 3 – 4 minutes before proceeding with the next step.

Step #3 Reconnect The Alarm

The last step that will complete the power circulation and reset ALL fault codes on your Honeywell alarm is to put everything back into place.

In that set of thoughts, plug back in your transformer or connect the AC line to the power panel of your Honeywell alarm.

To complete the reset, reconnect the RED wire to the positive “red” pole on the backup battery and your Honeywell alarm should turn back on.

You should take a look at the keypad to check whether the alarm is not turning back on.

  • On average, it should take about 20 seconds for the alarm to start.
Tip: Make sure to carry out another Walk Test Mode to make sure that no faults will appear.

How to Clear a Fault on A Honeywell Alarm?

how clear the honeywell fire fault

When your Honeywell alarm has been activated due to fire trouble to clear the code you’ll need to take a few extra steps.

You should disarm and arm the alarm twice one after another through the panel or the keypad.

The first disarm will stop the alarm and the second disarm will clear the fire fault.

When you’re ready your Honeywell alarm should no longer display the fire trouble fault and the alarm should no longer be activated.

When speaking of a fire, it’s essential to inspect what the alarm was triggered from and make sure that there is no fire hazard.

Note: The Honeywell alarm power cycle clears both the alarm and the fault code.

Quick Recap:

Hence, to clear a fault code on a Honeywell alarm you’ll need to either clear the error by disarming the alarm or reset the fault by disconnecting the AC line and the backup battery. The fire code and alarm are resolved by disarming the alarm twice.

Wrapping Up:

That was everything about how to clear a fault on a Honeywell alarm and in case your problem persists you might need to contact Honeywell customer service for more help.

Keep in mind that you should inspect whether a certain zone of your alarm is not constantly bringing fault codes before drawing conclusions.

For more related topics make sure to check our tech blog to discover the solution!

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