honeywell thermostat turns on and off frequently

Whenever the Honeywell thermostat turns on and off frequently the first thing that you should inspect is the power supply.

In case it does not work, here is what the fix includes:

To fix the Honeywell thermostat that turns on and off frequently, first perform a hard reset and replace the batteries if possible. Convert the brightness and flip the breaker. Then you should inspect the device’s sensors and proceed with a factory reset.

Why Is The Honeywell Thermostat Turning On And Off?

The Honeywell thermostat could be turning on and off due to malfunctions with the power supply of the device.

That’s to say, a sudden power outage could both make your thermostat shut down and then turn on again once the electricity’s flow is restored.

Having that in mind, here’s what’s causing your thermostat to shut off and then turn on:

1. Issues with Power

A sudden power outage of your entire household could cause the thermostat to shut off and then turn on again once the power is restored.

2. Battery Problem

Worn-out batteries on the thermostat could be causing power fluctuations with the device, thus, providing a reboot.

3. Temperature Sensor Issue

A problem with the Honeywell thermostat’s temperature sensors could have a negative impact on the device’s power supply.

4. Software Problem

An issue with the interface of the device, more accurately, inappropriate settings, can have something to do with the device’s outages.

5. Hardware Malfunction

Lastly, entire or partial hardware damage to your device or motherboard fault could be the cause of the outages of your thermostat.

Let’s exclude the hardware problems for now and attempt to solve the issue with your thermostat with the best available solutions.

How To Solve When Honeywell Thermostat Turns On And Off Frequently?

fix honeywell thermostat turns on and off

The solutions below are specifically designed to cover a wide range of issues including random restarts.

Keep in mind that for the fixes to be effective, you must make sure to apply them in consecutive order, the way we’ve listed them.

Method #1 Hard Reset Your Thermostat

You should start with a hard reset to fix the issue. This process discharges your thermostat out of any remaining electricity, which will probably resolve the random outages your device is currently going through.

Here is how to do a hard reset of the Honeywell thermostat:

  1. Take out the back panel of your device.
  2. Eject the batteries carefully.
  3. Standby for 5 minutes until the device is discharged.
  4. Re-insert the batteries and close the compartment.
Note: A proper hard reset and power cycle, in general, requires having the power source ejected for at least 5 minutes.

Any lower than that, and your device may not sufficiently discharge, therefore the power cycle will not be complete.

Method #2 Replace Batteries

replace battery

Your thermostat batteries might be getting weak which makes the Honeywell Thermostat switch on and off often.

This is why next you should replace the batteries to fix your thermostat’s random outages.

To learn how to replace your batteries follow the steps below:

  1. Detach the back panel carefully and expose the batteries
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. Place the new batteries.
  4. Re-attach the back panel.
Note: When you place the new batteries, pay attention to the way you’re inserting them so they make good contact with the electricity poles.

Method #3 Flip The HVAC Breaker

Sometimes, the beaker in your HVAC system can get tripped and you’ll need to switch it back on.

Having the switch flipped to the OFF side, might also prevent your thermostat from being turned on, instead of causing it to shut down, although it occurs in rare cases.

You can simply flip the breaker by just pressing the breaker switch to the ON position.

You can locate the breaker switch in the HVAC furnace’s room, over the AC pipe. Ensure it is switched to the left side for your system to function.

Pro Tip: If the circuit breaker switch is ON, we recommend turning it OFF and after a few seconds turning it back ON and testing the display again.

Method #4 Measure Sensor Temperature

maintain temperature

When you apply a temperature, there’s a possibility that the mercury sensor isn’t reading the temperature correctly.

In this case, you can only blame the temperature sensors of your thermostat.

To learn how to check the temperature and troubleshoot sensor issues, apply the following instructions:

  1. Ensure your thermostat heat’s up.
  2. Pick up a thermometer and measure the temperature.
  3. Check if both temperatures align.
Note: If they don’t align, you’ll have to replace the temperature sensors.

If they aren’t replaced immediately, they might cause operational issues and you’ll have to replace the entire thermostat.

Method #5 Factory Reset The Thermostat

Factory reset with Honeywell thermostats is also well-known as “battery flip flop” since it has a direct interaction with the device’s charge.

Resetting your thermostat will also help with the AC issues which we will troubleshoot separately if the reset isn’t working.

Here’s how to execute a factory reset on the Honeywell thermostat:

  1. Open the back panel to find the batteries.
  2. Remove and put them the other way.
  3. Wait for around 5 seconds and remove them again one by one carefully.
  4. Place the batteries back in the right position.
  5. Close the back panel back.
Note: Make sure not to leave the batteries inside the thermostat in the incorrect position and attempt to turn on the device, since it is not going to work.

How To Fix Honeywell Thermostat Turning AC On And OFF Frequently?

fix ac on off

The AC that is wired to your HVAC configuration doesn’t really have something to do with the thermostat and its power supply.

However, issues could occur at given moments that might also cause your AC to shut off along with the thermostat.

Here’s what to do if your AC is shutting off by itself:

1. Reconnect Safe-T-Switch

In your AC’s configuration, there’s a switch that controls the cooling and heating pipes functionally.

Unplug the switch for 5 seconds and plug it back in to prevent your thermostat from turning off. Moreover, if unplugged, the safe-t-switch will cause your AC to shut down with the thermostat.

2. Power Cycle AC

Perform a power cycle on your AC, by unplugging it from the power source for 5 minutes and then connecting it back in.

3. Unclog the Air Filter

If your AC turns off with the thermostat, make sure to unclog the air filter.

When the air filter is clogged, you will notice that your AC will constantly turn on and off to preserve the system from drawing dirty air into your household.

Go over to the air filter and clean it completely, in your HVAC system’s room.

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To fix the Honeywell thermostat from turning on and off randomly, hard reset the thermostat and replace the batteries. Ensure that the HVAC breaker is flipped ON and measure the sensor’s temperature. Lastly, factory reset the Honeywell thermostat.

Bottom Line:

After learning how to fix the Honeywell thermostat turns on and off frequently, you should be capable of fixing the issue without giving it much thought.

If you face any blunder throughout the troubleshooting process, don’t hesitate to contact Honeywell for additional help!

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