ecobee temperature not changing

The Ecobee thermostat is very popular because of its ease of use. You can easily change the room’s temperature to suit your preferences.

However, it might fail to read the temperature. So, is your Ecobee temperature not changing? First, let’s see what is going on.

When the Ecobee temperature doesn’t change, assess its internet connection, turn off the humidity sensor, check the batteries, or power cycle the device.

The issue on your Ecobee is probably fixable within a few minutes. First, however, you have to follow the solutions below to find out what is happening. 

Ecobee Temperature Not Changing – Reasons

reason why the ecobee temperature not changing

Is your Ecobee temperature wrong? There is no need to worry about your device when that happens.

Most of the time, your device’s integrity is fine. Many causes explain the occurrence and are easy to fix.

Let’s see what is behind the problem:

Humidity Setting

When you set the Ecobee to adjust the temperature based on humidity, its value might not correspond to the actual environment’s temperature.

Lost Connection

When the Ecobee loses connection to the internet, its value might stay static for a long time, even when you notice that the room is colder or hotter.

Internal Glitch

Even though it should be rare, Ecobee’s system might glitch, and that will prevent it from updating temperature data.

Worn-Out Batteries

Some Ecobee models have batteries that last less than two years. You might want to check if changing them is necessary.

Fix The Ecobee Temperature Regulation

how fix ecobee temperature

As you can see, the issue on your Ecobee does not indicate a critical failure. Thus, now it is time to check what you can do to fix the problem and prevent it from happening further.

Pay attention to the instructions to solve the issue within minutes.

1. Check The Connection

When your Ecobee displays the wrong temperature, you could assume it has lost its connection to the internet.

In that case, here is what you should do first:

  1. Open the Ecobee’s menu;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Touch on “Wi-Fi”;
  4. Tap “Network”;
  5. Click on “Select Network.”

If that doesn’t work, you must restart your router. Also, restart the thermostat to ensure you have the optimal conditions.

2. Adjust The Settings

adjust ecobee settings

Does your Ecobee support the eco+ feature?

Such a feature comes with plenty of additional options, such as configuring the thermostat to adjust the temperature based on the environment’s humidity.

However, humidity and temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) are not the same.

So do the following:

  1. Check the thermostat’s home screen;
  2. If an icon says “eco+” underneath the temperature reading, you found the culprit;

Here is how you can make your thermostat go back to reading the temperature instead of humidity:

  1. Open the thermostat’s menu;
  2. Navigate to “Settings”;
  3. Click on “eco+”;
  4. Toggle it to “Disabled.”

When you return to the thermostat’s menu, you should see the temperature correctly.

Note: Ensure it is set to the correct measurements you use: Celsius or Fahrenheit.

3. Investigate The Battery

investigate the battery

Is your Ecobee not changing temperature? That could be the sensor’s batteries being too worn out or dead.

Note that the sensor and the thermostat are not the same thing. Thus, the sensor’s battery might be out of energy, but the Ecobee keeps displaying the same temperature.

So let’s check the situation:

  1. Locate the sensor;
  2. Gently pry off the battery cover;
  3. Pop the battery out;
  4. Put a fresh battery in place.

Does that make a difference? Then now you know that in a few years, you will have to change the batteries again.

Standard room sensors use CR-2032 batteries, and Smart Sensors use CR2477 batteries.

Note: Standard sensors have a battery life of up to 2 years, while Smart Sensors have a battery life of up to 5 years.

4. Power Cycle The Ecobee

power cycle your ecobee

If the battery is not the problem, we can assume that the device’s internal system is glitched.

In that case, the first thing you can do is the following:

  1. Remove the Ecobee from the wall so it will shut off;
  2. Wait a minute;
  3. Put the device back in its place;
  4. Turn it on.

Alternatively, you could also find the breaker switch responsible for the Ecobee and turn it off and on again.

5. Correct The Temperature

Fortunately, Ecobee’s system is designed so that you can manually adjust many settings.

The method we will teach you requires a second thermometer that reads the environment correctly.

Also, you will do the steps on your phone’s Ecobee app:

correct the temperature
  1. Open the app;
  2. Select “Settings”;
  3. Choose “Installation Settings”;
  4. Click on “Thresholds”;
  5. Choose “Temperature Correction”;

You will need to inform the correct temperature of the environment, according to your thermometer. 

Note: You can’t use your phone as a thermometer. Even though some apps promise to tell the correct environment’s temperature, most phones do not have a built-in thermometer. Thus, such apps are misleading.

6. Adjust The Placement

Where you put the Ecobee sensor determines the accuracy of the temperature reading.

Nowadays, we have plenty of smart devices or wave-emitting appliances (such as microwaves). They can cause interference.

So here are some guidelines for the correct placement of the Ecobee sensor:

adjust the placement
  • Ensure the sensor stays away from devices that emit electromagnetic waves (microwaves, radios, baby monitors, etc.);
  • Put the sensor far from devices that generate heat or cool air;
  • Don’t put the sensor too close to windows;
  • Don’t put the thermostat and the sensor too far from each other.

Moreover, the thermostat needs to stay flush with the wall. That is necessary because even the littlest gap might allow cool air to slip under, changing the reading.

7. Update The Software

Another possible reason behind Ecobee not updating the temperature is that the software is outdated.

Normally, smart devices update automatically. However, the system glitched and didn’t update.

So here is what you can do:

  1. Access the device’s Menu;
  2. Go to “About”;
  3. Check the Ecobee’s firmware version;
  4. Go to the Ecobee site and check the latest version released.

If the versions don’t match, that means your device is outdated. Unfortunately, there is no way to update manually.

Thus, contact Ecobee support so a technician might push the update online.

8. Reset The Device

reset ecobee device

Finally, if no solution has been considered so far has worked for your Ecobee, your last option is resetting it.

Unfortunately, its settings will return to factory default, meaning you will have to configure your preferences again later. 

  1. Open the Ecobee’s Menu;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Click on “Reset”;
  4. Select “Reset All”;

The resetting process might take a while. When the device turns on again, ensure that you can navigate its menus and set up your preferences.

Its sensor must return to normal and read the room’s temperature correctly.

Note: After resetting the device, it might take between 20 and 30 minutes for it to calibrate again. During that period, it might show the temperature incorrectly. However, after that, it should be reliable.

9. Try A Different Sensor

try new sensor

Since the Ecobee sensor is placed independently of the thermostat, the problem may lie solely with the sensor. In that case, you might want to turn the current sensor off and try a different one.

Here is how to pair a new sensor:

  1. Remove the new sensor’s plastic tab;
  2. Check if there is a message on the Ecobee;
  3. The 4-digit ID must match that on the sensor’s label;
  4. Tap on “Pair now”;
  5. Select a name for the new sensor;
  6. Choose the settings you want;
  7. Finish.

What We Learned

When you find the Ecobee temperature not changing, that certainly indicates a problem.

However, there is no need to worry. Your Ecobee is probably fine, and the issue is very small. We hope that your Ecobee is now reading the temperature correctly.

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Nicole B