how to reset ecobee without access code

How to reset Ecobee without access code? Suppose you’ve forgotten your Ecobee access code.

You might think that everything is lost and you won’t be able to access the thermostat’s settings. But that is not the case!

The most assured way to reset your Ecobee without an access code is through the app or the device itself, although via the website is feasible too. Lastly, you must email Ecobee and request a remote reset if everything fails.

Each method of resetting your Ecobee has steps and things you must be careful with.

So hang with us until we clear all the details for you. After that, you will be able to manage your device without worries.

How To Reset Ecobee Without Access Code?

how to reset the ecobee

The Ecobee is a very popular device because of its ease of use, constant brand support, and even the beauty of its design.

But, if you’ve just acquired one or are thinking about doing that, you might have a few questions.

One of those questions might involve Ecobee thermostat reset without code. “What is the purpose of the access code” one might ask.

Simply put, the access code on any device like the Ecobee allows you to lock the configurations you set up. 

But if you haven’t set up a code, it is very easy to reset the thermostat! However, things get a bit complicated if you’ve set up but forgotten it.

But don’t worry.

We will teach you all the methods you can employ to reset the Ecobee without an access code.

Methods To Reset Ecobee Without Access Code

methods to reset ecobee

There are multiple ways of resetting Ecobee without an access code. If you didn’t set up an access code, all of them would work fine.

For example, you won’t find such thing as a hidden access code. However, if you’ve set up an access code but forgotten it, you must check each method below.

You will have to try one that works for your specific model and doesn’t require the access code along the way. 

Since there are different models, we will provide all the known methods, giving you full knowledge of the possibilities. 

Alert: Remember that resetting your device will erase all its data. Before resetting, ensure you have tried other troubleshooting steps. 

Method #1: Reset Through The Website

reset through the website

The first functional method to reset your thermostat without any access code is going to the Ecobee site.

As you can see, the site, app, and devices are fully integrated. That is very convenient in case your phone and/or thermostat can’t work properly.

After all, the site can be accessed from any device. So you don’t need to access it only on your private computer.

However, if you enter your credentials on someone else’s computer or mobile browser, remember to log off afterward!

Without more ado, here are the steps to reset using the website:

  1. Head to
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose Reset Schedule and Preferences
  4. Select a new button saying Reset Schedule and Preference.
  5. Tap the account icon 
  6. Click on My Account
  7. Find Unregister Thermostat.
  8. Select the unit you need to reset 
  9. Choose Unregister
Tip: This method is particularly useful if you’ve sold the thermostat or your house (with the thermostat included) without resetting the device. 

Then you can quickly head to the site and erase all associated data before the new family arrives!

Method #2: Reset On The Device Itself

reset the device istelf

One of the most common ways of resetting the Ecobee is undeniably on the device itself.

However, if it presents some malfunctioning, you will probably want to apply this method.

After all, the malfunction might prevent it from receiving a reset request from external sources.

Note that the code request from the device might vary depending on the model you have and how you’ve set it up in the past.

Anyway, here is how are the steps to reset the Ecobee:

  1. Find the Main Menu
  2. Choose Settings 
  3. Tap Reset
  4. Ensure to choose Reset Schedule and Preferences
  5. Head back to Settings
  6. Choose Reset 
  7. Click on Reset Registration
Note: If you are trying to reset the device because it stopped working, the method above might not work. However, no other method will work too. 

In that case, it is not reset that will help, but a thorough professional examination.

Method #3: Reset Through The App

reset ecobee through the app

We believe that resetting through the app is the most used method. It is also very easy. You must have set the app with the device before you try to reset it.

If the device now has an access code and the app is not linked, resetting it will be a bit difficult.

So, if you are a new Ecobee owner, immediately link it with the app!

Alright, let’s see how the resetting process works:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the thermostat you will reset
  3. Click the three-bar icon
  4. Choose Device Settings
  5. Click to Remove the Device
  6. Confirm by clicking on the button “Remove Device”

As you can see, the method described in the steps is also the most straightforward we’ve taught you.

It doesn’t require an access code, credentials, or anything else that could make the process clunky. Simply go for it!

Tip: The best thing is that this works remotely. Suppose you have some way of tracking your Ecobee’s functioning while you are away and notice it is not working properly. 

In that case, you can reset it via the app. Then, when you get home, the house will be cozy again.

Method #4: Send An Email To Ecobee

The slowest way to reset your thermostat is to email Ecobee support.

You might want to use this method when you cannot reset the device through any of the methods above. 

send an email to ecobee

Here is how to send an email with a reset request:

  1. Start a new email message directed to
  2. Ensure the subject line concerns the reset request
  3. Tell about the issue 
  4. Include important info: address, serial number, and a utility bill 

That’s it! The only con of this method is that it might take a while since this reset is not automatized.

Someone will have to look up your data and request a remote reset.

Alert: It might take up to 24 hours for you to get an answer! In the meantime, ensure you disconnect the thermostat from your house’s network to prevent thermal oddities in the environment. 

Quick Recap

Although the most secure way of handling your Ecobee is by configuring an access code, it is sometimes unnecessary.

When you need to reset the Ecobee without an access code, there are four main ways of doing so. The two easiest ways are on the app and on the device itself.

Those are very practical, but remember that the app must have been set up with your thermostat before attempting a reset.

However, when those options are not available, you have two slower methods.

One of them is heading to Ecobee’s website and requesting a reset. If that does not work, you can also send an email with a reset request. 

Nicole B