does nest doorbell work with alexa

To answer the question “does Nest doorbell work with Alexa?”, we would need to explore the Nest doorbell models and how to use Google Nest Skill.

When connecting a Nest doorbell to an Alexa device you will be able to view a live video on Echo Show, Fire tablet, and TV.

In contrast with an Echo dot, you would be able to remotely communicate with visitors in front of the Nest doorbell by using your Alexa device.

The Nest doorbell can be connected to Alexa by using Google Nest Skill, available on the Alexa app. The first-time setup requires some extra steps, but even with an older Nest doorbell, you shouldn’t have issues connecting to any Alexa device.

Let’s now learn more about whether the connection is possible and which devices are supported by Google Nest Skill.

Does Alexa Work With Nest Doorbell?

In 2021, Google released their Nest Doorbell that completely supports the integration with Alexa devices.

The new doorbells only work with the Google Home app, while older Nest doorbells still use the Nest application.

Users with older devices would need to use two applications to connect with Alexa.

Fortunately, all Nest devices are now compatible thanks to a Google Nest Skill that you would need to enable to establish the connection. 

The setup is fairly easy, depending on whether you’ve got a Nest doorbell released after 2021 or an older model which still works with the Nest application.

nest doorbell alexa work

To clarify here are the supported devices:

  • Google Nest with floodlight.
  • Google Nest Doorbell with battery.
  • Indoor Google Nest camera with a battery.
  • Google Nest combined (indoor & outdoor with battery).

By establishing the connection between the Nest doorbell and Alexa you would also be able to receive motion detection alerts on your Echo devices, even with only Echo speakers.

The only importance here is that both devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network.

Note: Migration from Nest account to Google account is mandatory to use these features.

Does Alexa Work With An Old Nest Doorbell?

Yes, the connection is possible but it requires a few more steps. To control the newer Nest doorbell, you will only need the Google Home application.

This is because Google has bought Nest and models released after 2021 are fully compatible with the Google application.

old nest doorbell with alexa

In contrast, the older models still engage with the Nest application and to connect them to Alexa you would need to have both, the Google Home and Nest app.

The way it works is that you need to enable Google Nest Skill on the Alexa app and connect to the Nest App.

Note: The connection is similar for both old and newer Nest doorbell models.

How To Turn ON Google Nest Skill On Alexa?

nest skill with alexa

To answer the question “does Nest doorbell work with Alexa?”, even further, we would need to explore Google Skills.

To enable Google Nest Skill, you would need to have the Alexa application installed and connected to your Echo device, and the Google Home/Nest app, connected to the doorbell.

Follow the instructions below to turn on Google Nest Skill on Alexa:

  1. Open the Alexa application.
  2. Press on More and choose Games & Skills.
  3. Find Google Nest.
  4. Once found, press on Enable For Use.
  5. Log in to the Google Account, associated with the Nest doorbell.
  6. Enable notifications for your Doorbell.
  7. Press on the Nest doorbell and tap on the cogwheel icon.
  8. Select Events and choose Seen Events.
  9. Adjust the notifications that you would like to receive.
For users with older Nest doorbells, you would need to turn on the notifications in the Nest application, instead of in the Google Home app. 

In case you’ve never activated Google Nest Skill before, you will need to complete the steps below.

First Time Setup Completion

use echo dot

In case this is the first time that you’re starting Google Nest Skill and hooking up a Nest doorbell or camera, you would need to take a few extra steps.

These steps involve an online browser, so grab your smartphone and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Google’s Partner Connections.
  2. Log in with the Google Account associated with your Nest.
  3. Choose the Connection to Alexa.
  4. Enable“Allow Alexa to display your camera’s live video”.
  5. Enable Events.
  6. You should receive a notification of a successful connection.

After completing the first-time setup steps, you will now receive notifications of motion detection on your Alexa device as well as the opportunity to communicate remotely.

In case you’re wondering which commands to use and how they work, we’re about to unwrap everything.

Note: The connection between the Nest doorbell and Alexa should now be completed.

How To Control Nest Doorbell With Alexa?

control nest doorbell

Now when Google Nest Skill has been enabled and the Nest doorbell has been linked, you’re ready to test the functionality.

There are various commands you can use and you only need to be close to your Alexa speaker to use them.

Feel free to test one of the commands below:

  • “Alexa, answer the doorbell”.
  • “Alexa, speak to the doorbell”.
  • “Alexa, show front door live view (only on Echo Show, Fire TV, and tablet).
  • “Alexa, stop the front door live feed”.

All of these commands will come in handy, but what’s even better is that you’ll receive great functionality even with a simple Echo speaker.

When the notifications are enabled, Alexa will tell you “There is somebody at the doorbell”, whenever motion detection has been enabled.

Lastly, you’ll be able to view the live feed of the Nest doorbell camera, on the Alexa application, but it would be even better if you utilize the Google Home app.

In there you will also see the recorded clips by the Nest doorbell camera if you have a subscription to Nest Aware.

Note: The commands above are related to the battery-operated Nest doorbell.

Quick Recap:

The Nest doorbell can be connected to Echo speakers, Echo Show, Fire TVs, and Fire tables by using Google Nest Skill on the Alexa app. The Google Skill allows remote communication with people in front of the Nest doorbell, viewing live feed and motion detection recordings.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that you know the answer to the question “does Nest doorbell work with Alexa?”, you can easily connect your devices and explore all functionalities.

Keep in mind that newer Nest doorbells work better, since they only utilize the Google Home application, and the setup is easier.

We hope that this post was helpful and to find more related articles make sure to check our blog and discover the answer to your inquiries.

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