is arlo compatible with google home

Is Arlo compatible with Google Home? Good question so let’s answer it. Like other security systems, Arlo also can be controlled by voice assistants.

Regardless of whether you’re targeting a remote interaction with your Arlo cameras or doorbell, in this guide, you’ll learn everything about the connection to a Google Home.

Is it possible?

The Arlo security system uses an application that can be connected to a voice assistant to provide remote control and enhance monitoring. In the Google Home app, you’ll need to select your Arlo camera to find out whether it’s compatible or not.

Unfortunately, not all Arlo devices can be connected to a Google Home Hub device, nor to the Google Assistant application.

Let’s now learn more about the integration between both devices and understand whether your Arlo is compatible with Google Home.

About Arlo Security & Google Assistant

google home arlo compatibility

The main reason why people are attempting to connect their Arlo cameras with a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Home is to receive the functionality of the remote control.

When you’ve got an Arlo camera connected to a Home Hub or Voice Assistant, you’ll receive alerts and be able to view the live feed directly from the application.

When the connection is properly established you would also be able to control some of the Arlo features by using voice commands.

Some of them include changing the live feed video by naming the group or room where your cameras are located.

Other voice commands will allow you to turn ON or OFF the live feed and perform functionality changes.

Note: There is a slight delay when interacting with Arlo cameras, via voice assistant.

Is Arlo Compatible With Google Home?

Unfortunately, not ALL Arlo devices are compatible with Google Home, therefore, with Google Assistant.

You’ll need to have one of the supported devices and below we’ve listed them all so you can understand whether your Arlo system is compatible with Google Home.

  • Arlo Essential Video Doorbell series
  • Arlo Wire-Free
  • Arlo Wire-Free Go
  • Arlo Baby
  • Arlo Baby Q & Plus
  • Arlo Ultra series

The Arlo systems wouldn’t have problems connecting to a Google Home Hub.

You will also be successful when you’ve got a Chromecast device, a media player with Chromecast or a TV that supports Chromecast.

All of them do have a Google Voice Assistant and you’ll be good to go.

Note: You don’t even need a Google Home Hub to connect Arlo. You can only use the mobile application for both iOS and Android.

Is Arlo Pro Compatible With Google Home?

arlo compatible or not

The Arlo Pro models are also compatible with the Google Home Hub as well as any device supporting Chromecast.

With the Pro Arlo security systems, the functionality is taken to the maximum, and support for voice assistants would be expected.

Due to the collaboration between Google and Arlo, you’re now able to connect to any Google Home Hubs including Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Nest Hub.

The connection process remains the same for the regular and Pro Arlo models and everything you’ll need is the Google Home application installed on your source device.

Note: The Google Home app is included for most Android devices, but you can also download it from the Google Play store or the App Store for iOS devices.

How To Connect Arlo System To Google Home?

Now that we’ve answered the question “is my Arlo Pro compatible with Google Home”, you know that it’s possible, and what’s left is to actually establish the connection.

Since with the different Google Home hubs, the process is slightly different, we’ve done our best to provide you with a universal guide.

connect arlo to google home

Here is how to connect the Arlo system to Google Home:

  1. Open the Google Assistant app.
  2. Go to the Home Page.
  3. Press on the “+” icon, which is basically “Add”.
  4. Choose to Set Up Device.
  5. Select the Have Something Already Set Up option.
  6. Find and select your Arlo system (camera or doorbell).
  7. Log in to your Arlo account associated with the installed system.
  8. Your Arlo device would be added to the Google Assistant app.

Since the Google Home Hub is connected to the application, you would now be able to interact with your Arlo devices, via the standalone application or via the Home Hub.

Keep reading to learn what commands you’ll be able to use and how to test whether the connection works.

Note: To control your devices you would need to set up nicknames, or room names.

How To Test Arlo Compatibility With Google Home?

In case that’s the first time that you’re establishing a connection between a security system and a voice assistant, you’re probably wondering what you can do.

To find out whether your Arlo system is connected and working with the Google Home Assistant, you would need to perform a few voice commands to justify the connection.

test arlo compatibility

Here are things you can say to your Google Home to interact with the Arlo:

  • “-Hey Google, show the live feed of [name of room/camera]”.
  • “-Hey Google, stop [name of room/camera] live feed”.
  • “-Hey Google, turn on the lights [name of doorbell]”.
  • “-Hey Google, turn off the lights [name of doorbell]”.

For these functionalities to work, you would need to have your cameras and areas labeled.

Since the Google Home assistant wouldn't know which device you would like to interact with, you need to have set up a name for each of them.

Let’s learn how…

How To Rename Arlo Cameras?

rename arlo cameras

To set an individual name for each of your Arlo cameras, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Arlo application.
  2. Go to the Settings and press on My devices.
  3. Choose the camera that you would like to rename.
  4. Press on the Name field.
  5. Insert an easily pronounceable name.
  6. Click on Save in the top-right corner.

Now you can tell Google Assistant which camera you would like to interact with, by pronouncing its name. You are now ready to head up and test one of the voice commands listed above.

Tip: Most users name their cameras according to the room they are in. For example, front-door camera, yard camera, or living room camera.

Quick Recap:

The Arlo security systems are compatible with voice assistants and Google Home hubs and with the Google Assistant application. To hook both devices up, you would need to discover your Arlo device in the Google Home app and establish the connection.

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Last Thoughts:

That was everything about “Is Arlo compatible with Google Home?”.

Now that we know it’s possible you only need to understand whether you’ve got one of the supported Arlo models and if yes, follow the guide above to establish the connection.

Keep in mind that both devices must be connected to the same WiFi so you can discover the Arlo camera within the Google Assistant application.

Besides that, there is nothing else that could prevent the integration and the remote connection.

Nicole B